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Buntewindel have made improvements on Fabine Exclusive

I recently get this information from Buntewindel about the Fabine Exclusive and here is what they say.

We have improved the moisture distribution system, so that the moisture even faster and more evenly distributed in the diaper, besides the Fabine has become a little thicker which is because of our new moisture distribution system.
We hope to have met their customers’ wishes and look forward to further constructive suggestions to the Fabine continue to improve. So that they can continue to be the world number one. Some of our customers also asked, if we could start a pre sale for this delivery, of course, if our customers want this we will make it.

Pre sale:

you can buy from us the Fabine you like, but the delivery is from the beginning of August, as soon the diapers are back in stock.


The order must be paid after the order confirmation. All orders that are not paid within ten days will be canceled to get the goods for free for customers who really want to have the goods. As a thank you to the customers who buy the Fabine in advance from us, and take the long wait until August to get the Fabine, they will get a special price, instead of 14.99 Euro only 11.99 Euro per pack (with eight pieces in the pack).

This pre sale ends, when the diapers are back in stock. Than the normal price will be again 14,99 Euro.
Your’s Buntewindel Team.

This sounds amazing. To bad i have a big size problem whit this kind of diaper like i have whit most ABDL diaper. The wings on the medium diaper is kind of small and the large is to big for me to get a nice and good fit that i wont to have from a diaper. But i maybe going to order it any way so i can try this new improvement on the diaper. Wounder how tick the diaper is now?

What do you think? are you going to pre-order the diaper?

Don’t change my diaper her mom

Don't change my diaper her mom (Clean Version)
Don’t change my diaper her mom (Clean Version)
Don't change my diaper her mom (Wet Version)
Don’t change my diaper her mom (Wet Version)
Don't change my diaper her mom (Messy Version)
Don’t change my diaper her mom (Messy Version)

Shopping trips can always be fun…Except when you’re thickly padded.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘How could this possibly get any worse?’ right?

Public diaper changes can always get a bouncy, happy fox like Dakota into a blushing ball of fluff with tucked back ears in an instant.

Art © operationfluff

Cub: DakotaLyrac

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11034691/

I can understand that DakotaLyrac think this should not be the right place where his mother should change his diaper. But he cannot walk around whit that messy and wet diaper because if he do that he can get some nasty and bad diaper rash and that is not good. And for the second that is no way that he can hide this bad smell from his wet and messy diaper so outer furrys should find out on that way that he wears diaper. But i hope that DakotaLyrac mother make a quick diaper change so he dont need to show to match furry that he needs and still wears diaper. That should be the best for DakotaLyrac right now.

I can understand that he dont wont his diaper to be change on a public bench but like i have mention before he cannot walk around whit this messy and wet diaper.


All in one For my pups…too!

All in one For  my  pups...too!

As seen around lately, some  cubs (including Matt) have tried the “all in one” machine …well it”s time that my pups pass through those mechanical  hands too!

The second drawing the pups are  already spanked   by  the  machine!

Matt:”Ok my pups, bathing time to go!”

But as always, the twins did a great tantrum for not going straight to the bathroom!

Matt:”Okay,  tough pups … well, for that reason and for moments like these I bought this machine called “All in one”,and she will do the job for me! Have fun my pups! “* CLICK *

All  in  one machine:”Warning!Warning! I detected  two stinking bottoms that need a good bath!”

Who would  want a machine like that?Me?Definitely!^^

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by: nelson88

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=436854&page=1 another version of the drawing whit red spanked butts like bad dogs have: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=436854&page=2

It seems that allot of cubs have end up whit this all in one machine and now have Sammy and Remi this machine to. And like you can see they dont seems to like it but they newer seems to learn to behave.

Sad little Foxy

Sad little Foxy
Sad little Foxy

Like we all know after a spanking like that your bottom is going to hurt some time even if you have a cozy and soft diaper on. The diaper dont cure the pain that foxy have it is there to remind you how bad your have bean and that your should learn so you dont do it again. If you do something like that again your only going to end up whit a red and hurting butt again and that is not fun. The only thing you can do to avoid something like that is to follow the rules and be a good and nice cub from now one. So you dont end up whit a hurting butt again like a naught cub have and the only thing to avoid that sort of thing is to be a nice and good cub.

Do you think that foxy have learn that he should use his diaper instead of the potty?

Draw by: LtSmiley on IB.

Ronald Give Foxy A Spanking

Ronald Give Foxy a Spanking
Ronald Give Foxy a Spanking

Ronald have wounder the last couple of days way Foxys diaper is always dry. The only things it seams to be is messy some time. Ronald thinks that Foxy use the potty instead of his diaper like a good cub should. So Ronald decide that he need to setup a trap for Foxy so he can take him in the act when he use the potty. And Ronald dont need not wait so long to get the proof he needed. And you know what happen whit bad cubs? Yes they get spanked and Ronald decide that foxy needed allot of spanking for this over his lap where he easy can make Foxys butt red like all naughty cubs have. Ronald hope that this spanking learn Foxy that he should use his diaper like a good cub should. That is what it is made for after all. And that is what Ronald wont Foxy to use. Potty is for big boys and Ronald dont think that Foxy is there yet.

Ronald still believes that is a potty monster that live in the potty and he dont wont this monster to take Foxy. So that way he should use his diaper so he dont need to be worry about losing his best friend to this monster.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by: LtSmiley on IB


Jim’s all in one machine! By: Nelson

Jim's all in one machine! By: Nelson
Jim’s all in one machine!

“All in one” machine!^^

Here’s the pic 4U, and this is a little story behind the artwork:
“Jim’s mom: “Jim, it’s time to change your nappy and I’ve prepared for you a bottle with milk!”

Jim: “Not yet, mom! I’m in the middle of a video game and I have the highest punctuation!”

Suddenly, little Jim heard a “click” in his room… and as expected… the “All in one” machine was purchased by his mom too!

*The spanking paddle is for little cubs that say no!*”

Artwork by: Victor and story/colored by: nelson88

Cub: Jimfox1985

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=438247

it looks like allot of cubs have ended up in this all in one machine and it can be a good machine to have id you dont wont to stop playing whit your video game. And it even help you whit your baby bottle when your are to busy playing :) It even have his fox plushy if he feels that he need to have something to hug. This was the cutes all in one machine drawing i have seen. I wish that was me in that drawing.