CM Life is Strange … for Victoria

CM Life is Strange ... for VictoriaMax tries to undo an embarrassing moment, but instead turns back the clock on Victoria. Max can’t help but give Victoria the baby treatment afterwards while taking some pictures in the process.

Max and Victoria © Dontnod Entertainment.

Order by: InSaneWeTrust.

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas


Looks like Victoria get a chance to relive the childhood.

Another Diaper Change

Another Diaper Change

here is me telling to Ellie i gotta out of diapers soon if she is doing this again :P

David: come on, in a little time you peed one already, and now wets another one?
Ellie: you know Girls need to pee too.

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Looks like Ellie have end up in another wet diaper. Maybe she need to where ticker diaper to avoid this match diaper change.

New baby training

New baby trainingFox: ace_fox84

Draw by BabyStar


Looks like someone have found a new boy to regress back into baby hood. I dont see that this boy have any chance to escape this situation.

Silly Machine!

poor ace_fox84 First this babysitting machine thought he was a baby, and THEN I guess because of his long hair it thought he was a she LOL. How embarrassing for him *giggles*

Fox: ace_fox84

Draw by BabyStar


Looks like this boy get transformed into a sissy boy now. Poor boy wounder what is going to happen next.

Making Stinkies

Making StinkiesCrunch is a notorious stinker, and he’s doing what he does best; filling up his diapers with a sly grin on his face. hopefully he doesn’t mind Mommy and Daddy snapping this picture of him, and hopefully they don’t mind changing that stinky diaper.

Crunch and text by poochyena

Draw by fuzzymcfuzz


Yes it sure look and smell that Crunch have made a big and messy load in his diaper this diaper. Good thing it seems to be handle it pretty good.

The Walk Of Shame

The Walk Of ShameHey you said we could go for a walk I didn’t mean I wanted to go out like this! *cries*

Husky: PamperPitt

Draw by kayote


Poor dog. No when he is wearing a diaper now he could not mark his area any more.