SleepyCoyote by wob

Draw by CuddleHooves


Poor little coyote it seems like she have some sleeping and wont to go and sleep whit here mom and dad. That is so sweet and very normal thing for a cub to do at this age.

I think they are going to say yes to the request that she is having.

Adult Size Safari Family Pacifiers – Rearz

Adult Size Safari Family Pacifiers

Silicone size 6 nipple with Oversized Guards with our adorable characters

These adult pacifiers are larger versions of the ever popular Gerber NUK pacifiers. The shield is approximately 2 5/8 inch wide and 1 7/8 tall. The nipple extends 1 5/8 inch from the shield. The nipple shape is identical to the NUK 5 but just larger. The nipple is all silicone and the pacifier body is strong ABS plastic. Please sanitize your new pacifier with warm water and soap. DO NOT BOIL.

These adorable pacifiers come in 2 vibrant yet sheer colors. The new adult-sized binky features all the baby-like details you would expect from me. Our adult pacifiers feature a large, natural, translucent, soft silicone nipple, similar to those of the popular model NUK 5 but larger, but with exceptional features. The easy-grab handle made with high-quality plastic will make playtime easier and more exciting for any ABDL enthusiasts. The featured adult- sized pacifiers promote and aid customers to have fun, whether at EDC events or during playtime, it’s an added accessory for every type of ABDL fan! Therapeutic trainer for speech therapy and physiotherapy..

Very sought after in the AB community!

You can order the product and find more information about them on company’s website.

ABDLcast episode 10

ABDLcast episode 10

Telling My Wife That I Am An Adult Baby Or Diaper Lover

00:00 – Welcome/Updates
14:30 – Listener Feedback
32:07 – Discussion: Telling My Wife That I Am An ABDL
47:30 – Story Time
49:30 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
54:55 – News and Views
58:30 – Toddy and Sammy Wrap Up

Finely ABDLcast have released a new episode and you can find it on there website and you find a link to it below this text.

My ABDL Life wish you a great them during your time listening to this episode.

One Last Trip to the Beach

One Last Trip to the BeachIt early Autumn and the weather was still warm where the Smith family was living. With colder weather on the horizon, Mike and Cheryl decided that today would be a good day to beach before it got too cold. So Cheryl got the diaper bag and filled it with swim diapers, food, sunscreen, and sippy cups while Mike loaded the cooler with drinks and lunch early Saturday morning. They then went woke up the boys, who were not happy at first to be woken up early on a Saturday. Once Cheryl changed Caiden out of his wet night time diaper and got both grumpy boys downstairs, they announced that they would be taking a trip to the beach. Both boys instantly perked up and they got ready to go to the beach. Mike and Cheryl quickly got them ready with Kyle in his swimtrunks and Caiden in a regular diaper until they got to the beach. They then loaded up everyone into the van and headed off for a fun family day at the beach.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Applepup


I hope they are going to have a fun time at the beach and i bet that they are going to have it to.

Look what I drew!

Look what I drew!Ricky made his first drawing and it looks like its a success! :D

Still adorable as ever wearing his red shoes ;3

Ricky pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90


Looks like Ricky made a good drawing special when this was the first drawing.