Bath time and cub care! Part 2

Bath time and cub care! Part 2
Bath time and cub care! Part 2

The boss is always very strict when it’s time to change diapers to his cub!
Diligently, the boss sprinkle baby powder on Matt’s  bottom, to make his pup feel happy,clean and fresh!
When all is ready and  done, the boss gives him a gentle pats on  his  diapered  butt, in sign of approval!

Later, the boss keeps hugging his pup on  his  bed and saying:
“My  big boy,before you go, I will check your diaper to see if everything is in order!By what I see now, everything’s in order,you’re totally clean!Now you will go to your home more relaxed, clean and fragrant!”

Meanwhile, Matt was sucking his finger and he loved to be treated like his pup!

And the boss kept Matt embraced for a long time, until it was time to go home … something that kept him very sad!^^


Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by: nelson88


You can find part 1 here.

It look like Matt have end up whit a bare bottom and a diaper butt at his boss bed again. He dont seems to have any luck this dog. I only hope that his brother or someone else find out about this. That should be weary embarrassing if this get out for Matt. But i love the cute and poofy diaper butt that he have in one of the picture.

Toooo puffy diaper

Toooo puffy diaper
Toooo puffy diaper

Shido really likes the flash so got a costume to play dressup only the measurments dont really take diapers into account LoL.

Cub: Benihime_Shido

Draw and text by: toddlergirl


Yes i can agree that is look like this cloths is not meant to be wearing whit a diaper on. Special that type of poofy diaper that Shido is wearing. But i bet that she needs to wear this type of poofy diaper that can handle the big accidents that she is hawing. Special when she maybe going to be out for a couple of hours. I only hope that she found some other costume that she can play dressup whit. She dont look to happy now and i can understand that. But i hope that she dont take off the poofy diaper that she is wearing.  That should be something really bad and a big mistake. Special if she have an accident and dont wearing that poofy diaper that can handle it.

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Bath time and cub care! Part 1

Bath time and cub care! Part 1
Bath time and cub care! Part 1

Matt  was already out of his work a  friday  on  the  afternoon,he had already finished their working hours and was preparing to leave when someone called him:

“Matt, the boss called by phone and he wants you to bring  him  these important documents to his home!”

Matt:”Yes  and  no  problem!”

Later,arriving  to  the  boss  house, Matt rang the doorbell , and the door opened and Matt said:
“Good afternoon boss!Here I bring the documents, now I’m going home!”

The  boss:”Many  thanx my  boy…Matt…can  ask  you  a  question?”


The  boss:”I think you’re tired and you need a good bath! Definitely you and  your  rear  end needs a good  wash  and soap rubbing!I’m  right?”

Matt:”Well…errr…yes  boss!”

The  boss:”No  more  talking,come  with  me  in  my  special place…and  is  exclusive  for  you!”

Matt:”F-f-f-for  me,boss?”

The  boss:”Yes  for  you  my  boy…Now take off your clothes and I will gonna wash you,from  head  to  toes!”

How good is the boss, he had prepared an special tub  for Matt, he washed him  completely and  he  spent a  long   time  cleaning Matt’s round white bottom!

The  boss:”You will go to your house very clean, but first come with me to my room,  I have other cute things for you…!”

To  be  continued…

Draw and fix by: nelson88


Look like Matt needed a good and big cleaning and like the boss say he was dirty and needed some help to get clean. And i hope he ends up nice and clean from his big and nice bath time that the boss is helping him whit.

Mom I want up

Mom I want up
Mom I want up

tsukikita wanting out of his crib!

Cub: tsukikita

Draw and text by: Wen


I can understand that tsukikita want to get out of the crib and maybe get a change from that wet night diaper. Cannot be that match fun to play in the crib whit a soggy night diaper so i bet he wont to have a clean one before he start playing. Or maybe he is hungry and wont something to eat after the morning change. Hard to tell but i think that he wont to have his bottle and maybe he can drink from his baby bottle meanwhile he gets his diaper changed. That can be something and then he gets some more time to play whit his toys and maybe his teddy bear. I bet he should like to have a long and fun playtime whit his teddy that he maybe love to play whit.

You dont need to be shy or blushing over the wet diaper you have. It is normal for a cub to have a wet diaper in the morning. It is there to help you and it help to keep the crib all dry and warm like you love it. :) It is not so match fun to waking up in a wet and cold crib in the morning. So it is completely normal that tsukikita have a wet diaper in the morning.

You wont to see more drawings from Wen? Click here then.

Proud over my diaper

Proud over my diaper
Proud over my diaper

I am proud over the diaper i wear and use. And i show that to the rest of the world bay only wearing my diaper and stick out my tongue to other furry s that dont understand way i like to wear diapers. I know that i blushing but that is only because i show the rest of the world what kind of furry i am. A diaper wearing furry that is what i am and i am proud over my diaper and i like to use them for what they are made for. And remember to be proud over who you are.

Sketch draw by: chuziku

I know it can be some miss spelling but i hope it is not to hard to read and understand the text.

I don’t have the energy to change

Don't had the power for a diaper change
Don’t had the power for a diaper change

After a long day at the mall i got home kind of late to my favorite pikachu plushy and my diaper was kind if wet so i need to change it before bed time. I walk over to my desk and open a new package of diaper that i had on my desk and walk back to my bed and drop the new diaper on my bed. I toke off my t-shirt and drop my pants so my wet diaper became visible.

But i decide that i need a little power nap so i could get some power to do the change. So I grabbed my Pikachu plushy that i love allot. And in that moment i fall to a deep sleep whit my plushy close to me and my thumb in my mouth.

But the problem is the diaper is going to leak during the night. Because it is weary wet and cannot handle to match more pee.

Draw by: rexam-1

I would like to thank rexam-1 for this wonderful drawing. He inspired me to order this drawing: