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Coren and Duffy leaking diapers

Coren and Duffy leaking diapers
Coren and Duffy leaking diapers

On the first day of middle school, Coren and Duffy’s history teacher assigned them a book report. These two preteens are showing their dislike of book reports in their own special way, on the bus ride home from school. Sure, they’ll get a week of detention for this, but they’ll be the coolest kids in school, even if they’re still peeing in pink diapers at this age. That seat’s going to smell like cat pee for a while too… The moral of the story is… book reports are like bathrooms… best to ignore them unless you have to pee and your diaper is about to leak.

Art & Rex © rexam-1
Coren © Coren
Duffy © duffy

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10951465/

It seams that Coren and Duffy have found there own way to deal whit this book report they have got from there teacher. They fix it whit help of there diapers. If you wet a diaper to match it going to leak at one point and it seems that this two kids make a weary big flood in there diaper that i dont could handle. So the diaper leak all over the seat and the floor where the book was. I bet the bus driver dont going to like this when he or she found out about this. Bet he or she is going to let this two kids clean up this mess there leaking diaper have create. Or what do you think? I think they deserve it.

KINS Hook and Loop Cotton Adult Cloth Diaper

The 10500 is the ultimate adjustable cloth diaper. This diaper features a frontal hook and loop system that extends from left to right. If you need a little more room or want a snugger fit then all you have to do is reposition the side flaps. The adjustability of this diaper makes it a great option for anyone who wishes to add absorbent inserts. Give them a try!

KINS Hook and Loop Cotton Adult Cloth Diaper

KINS Hook and Loop Cotton Adult Cloth Diaper Description

100% cotton flannelette with an easily-adjusted hook and loop; closure at waist & leg. Easily doubled or even tripled with inserts – two layers of flannel sandwich a five-layer absorbent panel. Easier to change than a disposable! This diaper has a hip-hugger fit with a low waist. Works best with our KINS Onezie T-Shirt ORIGINAL 12000 and our KINS Adult Polyurethane Pull-On Pant 10300PUL. For extra absorbency you can add our KINS Absorbent Inserts 10400.

Please note: SM & SL Briefs available in white or print only.

KINS Hook and Loop Cotton Adult Cloth Diaper Size Chart.

Max Hip Width36″40″44″48″52″
Side Seam6″6.5″7″7.5″8″
Crotch Width9″9.5″10″10.5″11″
Leg Width12-26″14-28.5″16-31″18-33.5″20-36″

Are available in the following colors.

  • White.
  • Blue.
  • Pink.
  • Yellow.
  • Boy print.
  • Girl print.
  • Neutral print.

Price: dont seems they have add any price info on the shop yet.

Link: http://www.babykins.com/store/adult-cloth-diapers/kins-hook-and-loop-cotton-adult-cloth-diaper/

This Cloth diaper sounds like they are very special and a good par to :) special if you read the description about them.

Receive my first order from Babykins

Receive my first order from Babykins

Today i receive my first order from Babykins. This is the first time i have order any thing from this company and a think every thing turn out very good. Like you can see on the picture they use plain shipping bag and on the info about the content it say clothing. so it is nothing to worry about this ABDL company is very discrete. No one can get a clue about what it is inside the bag.

The plastic on this plastic pants is very soft. I think i would say the softest plastic pants that i have try and like you can see on the picture the pants have some cute baby prints on it. On the info it say this plastic pants works great whit disposable diapers and smaller cloths diaper. So it should be nice to try out how well they work because the only thing i wear is disposable diaper.

If you wont to know more about this pants you can visit the company’s website or check out this post: KINS Vinyl Pants Lowriders Medium Weight

I can really recommend this plastic pants and you can newer have to match good plastic pants at home.

If you have any questions please comment below or send me a email.

Stumbling steps

Stumbling steps
Stumbling steps

i was tired of the way i was drawing diapers so i did an update to them, made them more poofy and cute lil designs ^^ However it also made it a lot harder to walk in >:(

Draw and character: Hitnrun17

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10916867/

Seams that we have a cub that try to understand and learn how to walk. But like we all know it takes some time to understand and learn how to walk. And this poofy thick diaper dont make it to a easy task. But like we all know a cub needs to have a thick and poofy diaper that can handle allot of accidents and if he falls on the butt he is going to land on something soft and that is good. at least he is not going to hurt himself or something during this learning time if he wear this thick diaper that protect his butt if he falls like we know that he going to do allot of time before he have learned to walk. And i hope that someone can help him to achieve that goal.

I don’t want to wear girl diapers!

I don't want to wear girl diapers!
I don’t want to wear girl diapers!

When i was on the changing table the last time the caretaker put me in the wrong type of diapers. Instead of my boy blue diaper whit truck and digger print i get this pink diaper whit butterflies on the taping zone. And this is nothing i wont to show up in at the daycare. But the caretaker dont going to change me because she put the wrong diaper type on. A diaper is a diaper even if the color dont fit so good to boys. So here I am standing whit my boy diaper in my paws blushing and dont know what to do. Soon its going to be off to the daycare center. What should i do? The other boys is going to make fun off my diaper now.

Draw by: lalobo-zorro

  • Pretty girl (myabdllife.com)

Timothy’s Training Pants

Timothy's Training Pants
Timothy’s Training Pants.

So here’s an adult version of my fursona (Friendly the Fox) with 3 year-old Timothy the raccoon. Timothy’s mom wants him to start wearing training pants and be a big boy – but he hasn’t quite got the hang of them yet and he’s a little frustrated that he can’t feel he has to go until it’s too late, sighing “I’ll never learn…” while on the verge of tears. Friendly then gives the raccoon a hug to comfort him, saying “It’s okay Timothy, don’t cry” .

Fox, order and text by: Foxfan1992.

Draw by: wen.

Nothing to worry about Timothy. It is always hard at the beginning to understand how this thing whit the potty work. But before you know it you are going to master the potty and dont need to wear diapers or training pants any more. You can see training pants like something that is between diapers and big boys underwear that you are going to wear some days. Before you know it you are not going to have accidents any more and then you are a big boy :) But the road to that can some time be long so you need to fight right now like a good boy :) And i know you going to master it soon :).

I would like to thank wen for all the wonderful drawing that she draws :) I hope see keep up the good work and newer stop doing what she is doing. And i hope that we going to see lots of lovely drawings from wen for a long time.