Sleepy time

Sleepy timeSource:

This is one well used diaper that this boy have end up whit. Someone should really change him soon before he starting to leak or develop a diaper rash from wearing that use diaper for to many hours.

The big fight

The big fight
Foxy have end up in a big battle whit the terrifying monsters of all the potty monster. Foxy is going to win the fight to protect all the cubs in the world from the potty monsters horrible grip. He use everything that he have to win this fight and he have his Pikachu plush as backup and cheering partner if something going wrong or that he need some support or cuddling.

Who go you think is going to win this match? Do you think Foxy can defeat the biggest and most evil monsters of them all?

Draw by ZombiNeko

Badge Art Collection #3

Marci have start the pre-order of the third collection of Badge Art.


My third collection of Badge Art features 500 images on a 4GB credit-card sized USB flash drive (which means lots of room to carry around your favourite data. Adorable critters like foxes, felines, rabbits, and more, this collection is all new art June 2014-present, including goodies from my sketchbook (like how-to-draw cubs and expressions).

Pre-Order yours before November 27 and receive a FREE dragon mascot magnet (your choice of front or back pose).

You can place you order here:


Ricky Onesie Tag

Ricky Onesie TagRicky showing his Pokemon pride ^^

Ricky Pichuboy

Draw by TaviMunk


Ricky look super cute in his Pokemon Onesie and it seems to fit pretty good over his bulky and thick diaper that he is wearing below it.

Babyfur Comic: Dr. Snapper page 1 and 2

Dr. Snapper page 1“Go to Dr. Snapper” they said… “He’s the best doctor” they said…

Draw and everything by KaaLover


Dr. Snapper page 2Draw and everything by KaaLover


This was kind of special treatment this two seems to have receive but they looks super cute in there clean thick diapers that the doctor have made them where now.

ABDLcast Episode 11

Today ABDLcast released a new episode 11 and this time the main topic is: Simple Tips For When You Can’t Get ABDL Diapers.

This is a little info about what you are going to here:

00:00 – Intro and Updates
10:20 – Listener Feedback
30:10 – Discussion:
45:20 – Story Time
47:25 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
54:15 – News and Views

You can listening on the episode on

Can be a good thing to listening on before you fall asleep in your bed together whit your favorit plush, pacifier and a thick cozy night time diaper :)