The Final Frontier

The Final FrontierThese are the voyages of the starship Crinklebutt!

Husky and text: ScienceDogFurry

Draw by cuddlehooves

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I hope the starship Crinklebutt have a nice and fun trip in the space.

Bed time for pups

Bed time for pupsLittle Inu is all ready for bed with his Pika Plush and Paw Patrol Sleeper! I love this piece, it’s exactly what I wanted <3

Little Inu and text by rockman222

Draw by cuddlehooves

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Yes Little Inu its looks like you are all ready for bedtime i hope you going to have a some nice dream together whit your Pikachu plush and dont be afraid for the monster under the crib. Your Pikachu are going to protect you from them.

Is a big boy!

Is a big boy!
Just make it to the potty in time.
Apparently he forgot to worry about something else? I really don’t know what…

Draw, Cat and text by vitriolink

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The cat maybe made it to the potty in time to pee but it seems like he needed to do more then that. but he dont need to worry his pull-ups is going to handle the messy stuff.

Teasing and Crinkling (Diapers)

Teasing and Crinkling (Diapers)ChocolateKit and kitkiama

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Looks like this red panda having a nice and cozy time when this diaper girl is rubbing the front off his diaper.

Pie Padding

Pie PaddingKnew when Riley visited he’d probably get curious about the padding and eventually try one out for himself…so rigging one up with a hidden compartment filled with whip cream seemed a good prank :P


He’s never gonna wear one again after this pfft

Riley by splat

Draw and text by poofy-shark

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Poor Riley this dosent look like some good diaper to wear when it is loaded whit whip cream.