Little wet diaper boy – pascoe73



Here we have a wet little diaper boy but it seems like he need a diaper change now. The diaper look to be kind of wet.

Good Thing They’re In Diapers

Good Thing They're In DiapersImagine if they were wearing their daytime pullups!

Yes, they do wear pullups. For the most part, Damien just diapers them so he doesn’t have to spend too much. He does get them pullups some time later which they wear during the daytime. Nighttime is diaper time though, no exceptions, because of stuff like this.

Draw and text bolzan_the_twilight_guardian

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I think if they had where there pullups now i think it maybe should have leak the diaper look to be pretty wet.

I hope they have some sweet dreams.

New Warp My Mind audio files 2015-05 and 06

Diaper File – Hypnotic Blitz
Description:This is the corresponding background loop that belongs to the Diaper File. It can be listened to separately and the combination of both has the best results. See also, the forum post //

ocntrl – Diaper File
Description:This file was created based on the request below: “I would like to increase my desire to wear diapers at any time, not just at night (not a curse, but more of a growing desire so the choice is still mine but helping me to choose to wear during the day too.) I would like to freely urinate without thinking/knowing when wearing a diaper. I would like to wet whenever I sleep (nap during the day, at night, etc.) as long as I’m wearing a diaper. I would like to accept diapers as normal as underwear, recognizing they offer protection and comfort.” This is de induction and set of suggestion to make that happen. Another file (ocntrl – Diaper File – Hypnotic Blitz) is an addition you can use as a background loop without the need for trance. See also, the forum post //

A Proper Child
Description:This file is pretty direct compared to most of my work which uses more indirect suggestions. This one gets right to the point, you will wet like a proper child who is still in diapers or else you’ll be in big trouble. Hope you like it.

You can’t move
Description:after listening to this file, your arms and legs are just too relaxed to move them. you cant move them until you empty your bladder completely…

SOS Bathroom
Description:like the name said it , you probably understood what kind of file is it , it’s a bedweting file , listen to it with a stereo headphone in a loop while you sleep.

Curse Full Diapers
Description:This curse file doesn’t make you wear diapers. There is no compulsion to put them on unless someone offers to do so. But, once they are on this curse kicks in. Once diapered, there is NO way for you to remove them until they are heavy and full, you simply will not be able to get them off no matter what you try. So if you wear diapers, be prepared to fill them until they are sagging, heavy, and full because they won’t come off until then.

Permanent Bladder and Bowel Incontinence
Description:Listening to this file will result in permanent incontinence of both bladder and bowel. Wetting and messing will happen whenever and wherever you are so be ready to wear your diapers forever.

Soggy diaper butt – natesweet312


This girl dont seems to be ready for the school yet not whit that soggy diaper butt. She need to have that change before she go so she dont end up leaking in the school.

Alessi’s Priorities

Alessi's Prioritiesshe loves to read fantasy books and will not let anything get in the way of her reading time.

so her parents just gave up on potty training her and lets her stay in diapers especially when shes reading.

Alessi and text by RayKamiya

Draw by toddlergirl

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Looks like the parents have made a good choice here. She really looks to really need this padding when she is reading.