Surprise over the wet diaper

Surprise over the wet diaper pic 1Order by: Rogeykun

Draw by tato


This is one way to make sure that you diaper buddy wake up whit a wet diaper.

Surprise over the wet diaper pic 2Order by: Rogeykun

Draw by tato


Looks like someone is really surprised over the wet diaper and have no clue how it get so soggy. But we and his friends know how how his diaper get that wet.

Baby chu’s poofy diaper

Baby chu's poofy diaperThere’s nothing wrong with to much poof on the rear. .3.
But I don’t think storm is comfortable with you looking at him.
Hes so shy. Poor little guy.

Draw, text and owner by Oshawott222


This is one poofy diaper butt this little blushing Pichu is having. It is hard to not notes a cute diaper butt like he have. This poofy diaper is going to keep him dry for some time before he need a change.

Padded strip tease – subbysootherbo


This is one super cute onesie this adult baby boy is wearing. Wounder who have made that one?

Dancing Cheetah Cub

Dancing Cheetah CubDraw and Cheetah by CyberPikachu

Source: and

What a nice drawing this is a very cute Cheetah and he looks so cute in his diaper dancing around.

If you wont you can support CyberPikachu.

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Diaper Whimsicott Clean, Wet And Messy

Diaper Whimsicott Clean

Whimsicott wore diaper and one-piece dress.
…Your diaper is showing :D

Text, Draw and order by wwa


Yes your cute little diaper is showing for everyone that wont to see it.

Diaper Whimsicott Wet

Awww… She has done peeing in diaper :3

Text, Draw and order by wwa


Looks like Whimsicott dont like to show the diaper now any more when it is wet. But Whimsicott you dont need to blushing because you have a wet diaper at least it keep your fluffy stuff dry.

Diaper Whimsicott MessyDraw and order by wwa


Good thing you have you diaper on now that could handle that messy accident from the fluffy stuff.