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Recommended ABDL audio story’s from ageplayaudio.com


I have found some weary good ABDL audio story’s on ageplayaudio.com that i would like to recommend.

The first one is Losing Control by LittleTrip

It is a story about James that get turn into a little baby boy by his girlfriend and get force to use his diaper and sucking on his pacifier. And this is not going to change for a wile James girlfriend wont him to learn to behave.

The other story i wont to recommend is The British Nanny by Belle Newton

It is a story about a British Nanny that have learn over the years that the only things that work when it comes to handle misbehaving young men is to threat them as baby. That means spanking them when they are naughty and force them to wear diapers again.

This is some weary good story’s and you can find some samples of this audio story’s on ageplayaudio.com.

Now have a real good time while listening to the audio files and dont forget to put on a diaper before you start.

Baby boss

Baby boss
Remember when  grandpa  Richard and  the boss turned  Matt into a baby? Then  Matt decided to use his well-known  youth formula and  he threw a few drops into his boss’s coffee before going to bed.The result?The next morning, a beautiful little pup  was lying on the bed!

Matt!:Oh!My baby boss is already awake!You and I will have a day filled with lots of fun,but first your little  blue bottom needs a good bath and  later ,a good and fresh diaper too!Look what I got for you! A good bottle with hot milk!You’ll be in my arms all day! I will kissing  you and cuddle you too!Until tomorrow…you  will be my big boss again!”

Then Matt took the boss in his arms and gave him several  soft pats on his  little ass and headed to the bathroom …while Richard snuggled into his chest!^.^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=681477

Hope he dont end up having a accident now when he is laying on the bed completely naked whiteout a diaper.

Way is everybody think that i have a cute diaper butt?

Way is everybody think that i have a cute diaper butt?Pikachu have heard many times from other than his mom that he has a sweet diaper butt. He wonders why everyone thinks so much about it? Is there something special about a diaper butt?

He decided pretty quickly that this is something that he must check up. He walked over to the mirror in the hallway and turned to see his diaper butt in the mirror. But he noticed no thing special about it.

So what is it then that makes everyone want to pat his diaper covered butt? When it dont seems to be any special about it. And some time they say that he need a diaper change because his diaper seems to be weary wet. How can they know that when they are patting my diaper butt?

Draw by: veemonsito

What happened with the pacifier?

What happened with the pacifier?It was an ordinary day for Pikachu. He enjoyed to suck on his pacifier as all babies do. He decided suddenly that he would check into the diaper to see what he could find there. He had recently watched an episode of Rugrats where Tommy had picked up a screwdriver he had in the diaper. So he wanted to check if he had one to. But just as he began to open the front of the diaper so his pacifier fell down and now it looks like the diaper sucking on the pacifier instead of Pikachu.

Pikachu was so surprised and he did not know immediately what he would do because he was missing his pacifier. But he did not want to take it from the diaper because it is cruel not to share.

So what should Pikachu do now? Should he take the pacifier anyway or let it be? He rally wont to have it back becours he miss it.

Draw by: veemonsito

Pokemon custom diapers

pokemon custom diapersI have traveled across the land searching far and wide. these Pokemon to understand the power thats inside

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14562170/

This costume made diaper is created by StormyStripesTiger.

This is some weary good work wounder how it feels to wear a diaper like this? I bet it should be kind of awesome feeling to do that. Do you dont think so to? Special when the work that StormyStripesTiger made on this custom made diaper look so good.

A Kept Man in Diapers Book 1 by Madeline De Hywis

A Kept Man in Diapers Book 1 by Madeline De HywisAlex, a successful business man, has been falling deeper and deeper under Fran’s spell. After meeting her in a bar over a month ago, she has slowly emasculated him in every way, drawing him into her life, and seducing him. A shaved man, Alex now wears a chastity tube, even his manhood lost to her. Now she has finally convinced him to use some of his vacation time to clean her house. Alex, although realizing his submissive nature, balks when he realizes that she has convinced him to do something else even more humiliating. Not only will he be kept at her home on his vacation cleaning while she’s away at work, but she convinces him to do it wearing diapers…

The first of a new series involving a female led relationship involving a submissive male in diapers.

More fantasy humiliation and femdom fun from Madeline De Hywis

A work of erotic fantasy fiction includes adult diapering, sexual situations, femdom related themes and intense humiliation.

No minors involved.

This is a new ABDL story from Madeline De Hywis

I going to order this book this weekend and read it. I bet it can be weary good and Madeline De Hywis is weary good on creating this storys.