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Coming home Wet

Coming home Wet
Coming home Wet.

Beto: “I need a new diaper! :c”

Mom: “ok, sweetie. come to the living room and lay down on the sofa after I get an underpad on it.”

betowolf has moved out of his crib but he still falls behind on potty training, at least for his bladder he has a hard time keeping his pants dry. one beautiful afternoon he was playing in the sandbox with his favorite Tonka trucks role-playing an excavation project when he got carried away with his roleplay. about an our into his play he felt his pants swell and started feeling cold. he thought it wasn’t much until he saw a small leak stain in his jeans. he picked up his tonka toys and came back to the door and dropped his pants calling for his mom to change him.

poor betowolf. it may be a while before he can advance to pullups :<

Characters: betowolf.

art by: wen.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12040257/

Yes i have to agree whit mom that it going take some time before Beto can advance to  pullups. He needs to have more control over his bladder before he can do that. I only hop that Betos mom is not so hard on him for this. Some boys need to have some more time before they can control there bladders and know when they need to use the potty.

It was a super cute story that betowolf add to this picture. :)

Some mornings are awesome

Some mornings are so awesome to wake up to. Special dose morning when you wake up whit a soggy night diaper and a weary soft and cozy plushy that wont to you to stay in bed so he can cuddling whit you. I love those kind of mornings they make me fell so happy and calm and make me sad at the same time because i fell so lucky over to have a nice and cozy plushy that like to cuddling. And when i wearing a diaper i dont need to stop cuddling if i need to use the potty because the diaper is my potty and they are made to help me keep my bed all dry. So i can focus on some more imported thing like cuddling whit my Pikachu pluhy that i like to do.

That type of morning really make the life worth to live when you have something soft and cozy to hug and kiss.

Confusing the baby

Confusing the baby
Confusing the baby.

Nicole had some of her friends round for coffee one morning, Gem was playing quietly at her Mamas feet not really paying attention to what the adults were saying for she was far to busy collecting bits of fluff in the carpet. She sucked on her pacifier quietly as she worked, her small eyebrows furrowed with concentration at the task.
“Gem? Gem sweetie?”
Gems ears perked up at her mummys voice and she looked up to see her mummy beaming a smile down on her, Gem immediately reflected the smile. Nicole turned to her two friends the humour in her voice evident as she spoke.
“Watch this, it’s so funny”
The adult red panda picked up her laptop which had been laying nearby, booting up the machine and quickly locating a photo she had taken of gem crying after being told off for something. She gently put the laptop infront of the baby squirrel.
“Look Gem. Look. Whats that?”
Gem looked at her mummys paws and pointed at her paw.
“No sweetie, on the screen, whats on the screen”
Gem realised her mummy was pointing at the picture and gem focused on it, seeing the picture of the little baby crying, she pointed at the picture.
“….baybe” she spoke softly, behind her pacifier. She saw that the baby on the screen was crying and without another thought pulled her pacifier from her mouth and tried to put it in the babys mouth on the screen, , she didnt realise the picture was of her, but she did know that the baby was crying and her pacifier always stopped her crying.
Her mummy and two friends started chuckling. Gem didnt understand what was so funny, but her mama scooped her up suddenly and gave her a really big hug, making gem giggle happily.

Cub and draw by: toddlergirl.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12026060/.

Aww this is a super cute drawing that toddlergirl have draw and what a cute story that fit good to the picture.

Baby-Stus new SuperTed T-shirt

Baby-Stus new SuperTed T-shirt
Baby-Stus new SuperTed T-shirt.

This is my new awesome super ted tshirt. Wearing a cuddlz that my big bro JJ changed me into (Thanks JJ for always looking after me and changing my nappies).

Text and photo by Baby-Stu: http://baby-stu.tumblr.com/post/64280332363/200-followers-now-thank-you-everyone-this-is

If you click on the link above you can find more nice photos that he show his diaper and his new SuperTed t-shirt. And i most say that this T-shirt is a good combination whit the diaper that he is wearing :)

Wounder where he have order this t-shirt?

Yummy candy fills my tummy

Yummy candy fills my tummy
Yummy candy fills my tummy.

My chu polished off his Halloween candy and is very satisfyed and happy about it. Patting his chubby little tummy :).

Pichu: Pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12010234/

Yes it look like this Pichu have eat allot of his Halloween candy and maybe it is all of the candy that he recive during his trick or threat walk. But i think that he have eat to match candy and that is going to leave him whit a big stomachache lather and maybe a messy diaper to. I hope he have a good rest now after all this candy and i hope that he dont ends up whit to match stomachache. That should be something weary sad and bad if that happens whit this cute pichu. But sadly that is something that i bet is going to happen now when he have eat this match candy. And one other thing he is dont going to have any room left in his tummy now for the baby bottle now when it is loaded whit all this candy that he have eating instead.

Teddy is mean!

Teddy is mean!
Teddy is mean!.

I just found it in the grass and wanted to return it to the owner.

I guess it finds its own owners.

Marksy: Marksy.

Draw by: Kalida

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12016322/

Awww this is so cute and i guess thats Marksy have right the Teddy bear have found a new owner that he have turn into a new baby and i think it is sweet. I should love to find a teddy like that and i think other whit me think the same way. Marksy look so cute when he try to hide the face behind the teddy bear that he have in his arms the only thing that he need right now to spice things up is a pacifier that should make him even more sweet. And i dont think this is a mean teddy bear only a weary lonely one that wont to find a cub that he can cuddling whit. That is what teddy bears like to do and that is what a cub like to do when they found something soft and cozy.

What do you think? Is this a mean teddy or a nice teddy?