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The Foxy brand

The Foxy brand
The Foxy brand.

A new sort of diaper brand that shows Foxys face on the diaper front blushing and sucking on a pacifier thats he loves to do thats way he is blushing that match. That he dont need to do that because it is normal for a baby like he is to love sucking on a pacifier. That makes a baby relax and calm like you wont a baby to be special when it is sleep time. You dont wont to have a crying baby in the middle of the night when you need to sleep and the baby need his sleep to so he can play the next day and the diaper and the pacifier help him get the sleep that he needs to have.

Draw by: aspentree

Digitz diaper change

Digitz diaper change
Digitz diaper change.

Again, this is really just mainly a fantasy pic of mine, so it’s hard for me to come up with a good mini-story that fits in with my characters. In the adult world that I have, I tend to like Michelle and Tony babying Digitz, but in more playful type ways.

But I also really like the idea of forced babying too, and as I’ve said before, I always have a special interest in getting pics like that…but they just don’t fit into the cuddly category of some of my other pics.

That’s what’s so great about this one…it’s a little hard to tell how this pic came about, and that openness makes it fun. The idea is that Digitz and Michelle are both adults, but in this pic Digitz is a little smaller…which really adds onto the vibe that Michelle is totally in control.

But that’s what else is neat….the changing table is more like a real baby changing table instead of an adult one. So it feels like Michelle just took the adult Digitz to a real baby changing table to diaper him, which makes the whole thing seem more powerful to me. Plus the pose looks a lot better than it would for a larger changing table, IMO….I really love how his feet are hanging off of the table.

But all of the little details make this pic awesome too….I love all of the diapering supplies, especially the powder bottles with the cute teddy bear. I love the baby bottles and mix of cloth and disposable diapers. I love the pacifier on the ground and the baby letters on the wall. And I really love the facial expressions and body positions.

The clothing is really nice and babyish too…I love how his shirt is rolled up so she can do all of the diapering that she needs.

But my totally favorite part is the powder. I love how the pic grabs that vibe that she’s just powdered him before pinning on his diaper. The cloud in the air combined with seeing it on his stomach and thigh…it just really adds to the babyish vibe of the pic. Combined with his facial expression, it really creates the vibe that he doesn’t want to be diapered or babied, but that she’s totally in control and is making him as babyish possible.

So yay, another totally awesome pic!

The above story comes from: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11971927/

Cub: Digitz.

Draw by: diapered-buns.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11968749/.

If you remember the early drawing that i post when Digitz was receiving his baby bottle. It look like the liquid that was in that bottle have made it true his system now and end up in his diaper so he need a diaper change. And from the look on his face it dont seems that he likes to get his diaper change bye this girl. And i can understand that it is not so fun to have your pee pee fully expose during the diaper change and beside an adult female knows how a boys privet area look like so you have nothing to worry about even if that sort of thing dont make it any easy. And beside now when see treat you like a baby that include that she handle all your diaper change from now one.

That make me wounder how see is going to handle when it comes to the messy diaper change? That should be something to see. Maybe we a going to do that in the next pic but i dont think that we going to do that. But it should be something to see how he and she react then.

Where’s my candy? Part 1 and 2

Where's  my  candy? Part 1
Where’s my candy? Part 1.

As usual, Remi and Sammy  gets lots of candy from their neighbors  on Halloween night!
But also as usual, Remi has been with more candy and leaving his brother Sammy with less!


Where's my candy? Part 2.
Where’s my candy? Part 2.

And as you see, Remi definitely will  going to get  his  painful reward!
There is no escape, Remi!You’re surrounded!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story  by nelson88.

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=490584&

Yes i agree whit what Sammy have plane to do whit Remi for this. I only hope that he give Rami allot of spanking for this and maybe send out him for some trick or threat when he only wearing a diaper or maybe nothing at all so every one can see what a bad husky he have bean. That is something easy to discover special if you see his toasted but that he is going to have weary soon when Sammy is finish whit it.

naughty baby get a spanking so they learn to behave and that is no exception just because it’s Halloween.

My Adorable Little Baby Bear

My Adorable Little Baby Bear
My Adorable Little Baby Bear.

“What blows me away so much about this piece is Michelle, and how perfectly you drew her, especially her face. You made her look so hot, but at the same time sweet. You made her look in control, but also loving. You made her look cool, but also comforting. And you made her look just devious enough without looking evil or malicious.

And that’s the thing…it’s always a fantasy of mine to be babied by a really sweet, good looking girl fox…and IRL, it seems like girls (or anyone) would never want to baby an adult, especially in an outfit like this. So the idea that someone like Michelle would want to dress a boy character up in an outfit like this…just makes me feel so super happy inside. And that all comes from you drawing her so perfectly.

The rest of it just falls into place. The diaper looks so thick and cuddly. The booties and bonnet make him look so innocent and harmless. And just like before, the bib is just perfect.

And his face is really nice too. He looks so innocent, like he’s completely at her mercy, despite himself.

It’s really the perfect balance of control that I wanted….it’s like she’s totally in control, but it doesn’t feel forced or evil. It’s more like he wants to resist, but just can’t for some reason. Like he wants to make her happy by letting her take care of him.”

So man…I can’t express how totally happy this one makes me.

Order by: Digitz.

Draw by: diapered-buns.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11942441/

Awww so cute and what a nice cloth diaper that he is wearing look weary cute on him. But what a scary face the girl give to Digitz i can understand way he is blushing but it look kind of special and cute when he do that.

Mrfailsalot in Bambino Teddy

Mr.failsalot shed his wuff fur for baby skin bottom…back to the basics
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=899_1378820256#6i21C7CIUmPr7evA.99

Video and text by: buoymarker

What should i say about this video? Wounder if buoymarker have made this strange voice by himself or if someone have help him whit this? It sounds allot like some kind of smurf voice that have bean use in this video. But i most say that he look kind of cute in this Bambino Teddy diaper and that diaper have the right thickness that a baby boy need to have so the parents dont need to worry about any diaper leak for avail and that is always something good.



Regressionary Psychosis represents an event and a time in which an individual is locked into and thus plays out subconsciously during his or her lifetime in many different venues. Anthony’s research in this new field of advanced psychology is remarkable. The act of identifying a complex derivative of Regression and providing an origin for such has long been overdue.
James A. Rivest MA, LLP, CAC-l.

You can check out Artist webpage here if you wont to read more about this book that seems to be some kind of ABDL book.

I would like to thank BabySam that post about this book on Fur Affinity in the first place.