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Babyfur Comic: Everyone’s a critic

Babyfur Comic: Everyone's a criticPetie and chester, with chester offering some unwanted constructive criticism LOL! Bet he wont do that again.

Order by: The_Lost_One

Draw by: toddlergirl

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14829879/

This comic look weary cute but from the look on Peties face he dont like to be at level one where he start at the nursery and dont wear anything else then a diaper. Maybe he should draw a own comic now when Chester have run away there he could put him on level one instead.

3 Diaper icons (Wet,Messy and Clean)


This three diaper icons have i order from Murreki and as you can see it is one dry version, One wet version and one wet and messy version. This is the stage that a cubs diaper can be.

Foxy is trying to learn a somersault

Foxy is trying to learn a somersaultFoxy and his cub friends at the kindergarten is trying to learn there first somersault. But it dont workout so good for Foxy he get stuck in the starting position whit his diaper butt in the air for fully view.

But when he look between his paws he notes a new world. Everything look kind of strange when you see it upside down like this.

So Foxy decide to do this then learning the somersault that he have forgot all about at this time.

Draw by: takottah

I really love a cute diaper butt it is something special about that.

Car Ride

Car RideI love my car naps ^^

Bazel and text by: Bazel

Draw by: wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14802417/

Aww Bazel look so cute when he is sleeping in the carseat whit nothing then a diaper and a t-shirt and he even have his pacifier close bay if he need something to suck on when he wakes up. But do he dont have any plushy friend that had tag along? Maybe it have its own carseat or it might have fallen down and is now sleeping or crying on the floor?

Hard to tell but he look weary cute and next time i order something from Wen i need to have something like this it look so cute.

Pokemon Comic: Diapered Little Lucario

Pokemon Comic: Diapered Little LucarioWell, Lucario was babysitting me for two months, mostly just changing my diapers. When I was occupied watching TV, he snuck into my room and grabbed one of my diapers and put it on. He didn’t realize me open the door. I was going to ask him for a change, and then I saw he was wearing my diapers. He saw me and made a terrified/ nervous look. I smiled, and started friendly teasing him about it. He tried to explain but couldn’t make anything up. Well, turns out he’s not that good at holding his stuff in when he’s nervous, because he made a huge warm mess into his diaper. He looked down to his super messy diaper, then to me. “You totally like it.”
He blushed and looked away, “Shut up…”.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14716797/

Text and drawing bay: Poke-anima

Yes it really look that way that Lucario enjoy wearing diapers to and he seems to use them weary well to like his friend Pikachu do. Now them bout need to have a clean diaper before they starting to leak.

Aqua Grunt: Fang

Aqua Grunt: FangAqua Grunt: Fang challenges you to a battle! And if you loose you must swab the poop deck!

I decided to go ahead and make one of the YCH’s I currently have going on to show people what the finished product would look like, there was quite a bit that was uncertain like the background here. I like how it turned out though and I think something like this is worth $25… right?
Anyway, if you want to go pick one up go check out the YCH here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14691651/ just keep in mind it ends at midnight on 10/10/2014.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14700468/

Text and drawing by: Fangthefox

aww this is a weary cute version of one of the members in Team Aqua.

I have pick up a version my self but i decide to go whit the Team Magma instead. I hope that one ends up cute to :)

Fangthefox is really good when it comes to cute drawings :)