Nothing bad happens when you use a good diaper-littlediaperboy24

Nothing bad can happen when you wearing a thick and good diaper like Abri Form X-Plus.

Still Dry! I Think…

Still Dry! I Think...
I am a big boy so there is no way my pants are ever wet right? …right?

Draw and everything by Erin-Cloverfox


Awww cute little thing. No your diaper sure look pretty well used so it seems like you have a long way to go before you are a big boy.

Getting help whit the diaper change – boybabysteven

It sure is kind of nice to have some help when it comes to diaper change. And it seems like this diaper boy have found another diaper boy that can help him whit that :)

The diaper you can see in this video is Bambino Classico and Bambino Teddy.

Button Popping

Button PoppingThe blushing wolf sparkypup

Draw by ludisluteo


Poor sparkypup looks like he making such a big mess in his diaper. So his button on his Onesie detaches and expose his super messy diaper. Poor boy maybe his tummy is a little bit sick that make him do such a big mess in his diaper?

But he sure looks super cute in this pose :)

Fab Sense | DIAPER REVIEW – Back In Diapers

This diaper review is created and uploaded to YouTube by Back In Diapers

The diapers can be order from or from Amazon.

Soggy Sailor

Soggy SailorSailor Outfit raises wetings skills by 50%

Draw and everything by Wob


It sure seems like this Sailor have ended up whit one super soggy diaper here :)

That diaper sure most be super squishy now.