Not Now

Not NowThe little hatchling stormed into the room as he was depressed and angry. He was waddling due to his wet diaper over to the changing table. “How could they say that to me? I am one of the more important people here.” He started to mimic a voice he heard downstairs in an annoying way, “Your nothing more then a diaper baby that does nothing but wets them self.” I will show that guy a thing by putting a diaper on him. He got over to the changing table as the robotic hands lifted him and began to change his diaper. The hands felt his sadness and know that Corinn liked his thick diapers and padded pats so that what the hands did. They put him in a thick diaper with extra powder then after it was done the hands put him down then started to pat his diapered butt. Corinn looked around as it was not helping him like it normally does. The hands went to the ceiling as they were finished. The little hatchling waddled over to the dresser where he grabbed the remote controls to the robotic hands. “Ok lets see how this guy likes being treated like a baby!” Corinn flew outside and heard a few robotic sounds, “Hey Corinn what is with the hands!?”

Text and cute dragon ParadoxDragon

Draw by Pidgopidgey


Aww look like we dont have a happy dragon anymore now when the robot arm making some of the baby powder escape the diaper.

This sure is one cute drawing and a cute story to it.

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