No Where To Run

No Where To RunThe little dragon was drawing at the side of his building just scribbling some drawings until he wet himself. Hew kept drawing until he heard a clicking sound. Corinn looked around as he knew what time it was, it was that time of the day to test a new machine. He saw two robot hands come around the corner as he was scared they could come out here. He didnt know as he screamed, “If your going to use me why not test them all at once!” The next thing he knew 4 robot hands came around holding a paci and new diaper then he saw a was wet and was blushing. He tried running but there was a tall fence behind him. Corinn was scared and nervous about the unknown idea of what all the machines will do. Next then he knew he was against the fence panicking as more robot hands show up with bottles, paddles, toys, and different jars of nasty baby food. The little dragon was still against the fence as he wonder what they will do to him.

The dragon and text by ParadoxDragon

Draw by Tropicana


Aww poor dragon it really seems like the machine have him trap now and its dont seems like he is going to escape what is abut to happen.

Stinky Metal Butt

Stinky Metal ButtYou thought it was Corinn getting all the machines but its Keaden’s turn now as they did not respond well with him being messy.

Keaden and text by ParadoxDragon

Draw by Tropicana


Yes it sure seems like the machine have found out that Keaden have ended up making a stinky in his diaper and i bet it decide that is time to change him into a clean and dry diaper.

I sure love the surprised look that Keaden is having :) It make him look kind of cute.


RegressedLeo Leoben

Corinn ParadoxDragon

Draw by catmonkshiro


Awww looks like this lion soon is going to get a cute little baby dragon to take care off :) It sure looks like he is looking forward to it :)

Babyfur comic: diaper changing machine malfunction

Babyfur comic: diaper changing machine malfunction

Corinn and Sapphire were playing in the draggie’s room as they were having fun until they both wet them self, “Your the stinky puppy!” “No its you soggy hatchy!” “Its you cause yours is sagging more!” “Its not fair that draggies have thicker diapers then puppies!” The two kept going back and forth until the auto changing table smelled the room with its robotic nose and noticed it was them. The hands popped out but more then usual did as it was glitching. The two tryed to run away but the hands grabbed them and placed them on the table as the hands were powdering their faces then lifted their heads on a new diaper. The hands taped Corinn up in a girl puppy diaper while the hands taped Sapphire’s face in a boy dragon diaper. The two were struggling to take it off as they felt a something going in their bum. The hands were forcing baby bottles in their bottoms thinking it was their face. The hands left when the bottles were stuck in their bottles as Corinn and Sapphire untaped their diapers as they were giggling. “That was fun Corinn.” Sapphire laughed as she took of the diaper. “Sure?” Corinn replied back as they both were blushing. “But your still the stinky draggie!” “Am not!”

Corinn and text: ParadoxDragon

Sapphire: bestsage

Order by ParadoxDragon ??

Draw by furrychrome

Poor cubs it sure seems like something is very wrong whit this diaper changing machine. It sure put things int he wrong place. Place a diaper on the top of there head and give there butt the baby bottle :) It sure is crazy and wrong.

Little draggie butt

Little draggie buttCorinn was getting a change from his robotic hands as they were finishing putting him in a Little Paws they lifted him in the air and patted his diaper butt. When they set him down more of the hands when he least expected it took a picture of his pawper butt. When he saw the flash of the camera he looked at them as they went back into the table.

The cute dragon and text by ParadoxDragon

Art by


Aww it looks like the machine would like to have a cute photos of this little dragons diaper (LittlePawz) butt :)

I agree this sure is one cute diaper butt that we have here :)

Snow Days

Snow DaysCorinn was flying out of his crib as he saw white fluffy stuff out the window. “Hey Keaden! What is that?” “Its called snow little hatchie. Why dont you take the the sled in Tyler’s lab and go down the road with it.” “Ok!” Corinn was all excited as he ran down the stairs to the main lobby. He then went into Tyler’s lab really quick. He saw him working on a new machine but Corinn did not want to disturb him. He quickly took the sled and ran out the front door of the building. He placed the sled down and sat on it. The sled went slowly down the snow covered road as it got faster. He went down the road in a very fast pace. He was turning it moving past signs and people that were on the road. Corinn slowly came to the end as he giggled, “That was fun I should do it again but faster!” He took the sled and flew to the top of the road. He sat on the sled again and pushed himself this time. He went very fast down the road as he hitted a speed bump on the road which sent him to the air and he let go of the sled so he was turning on the air. He didnt see the ground and he landed in a snow pile whith his head in the pile and his diaper butt sticking out in the air. “Someone help me!” He tried wiggling out but he wouldn’t budge. The front door of the buliding open as Keaden saw him stuck in the pile. “Dont worry Corinn I am coming!” He ran to him as he tried grabbing him with paws but didnt work. “Keaden im glad your here!” Keaden then grabbed the snow for a grip as his robotic hands came from his back and grabbed Corinn’s diapered butt. “1,2,3!” He pulled the draggie out of the pile and his robot hands placed him on the ground. “What happened!?” “I went faster then I should.” Corinn felt embarrassed as Keaden was scolding him. “Ok what have you learned today?” “Not to go fast.” Keaden rubbed his face to lighted his mood, “Anything else you want to say?” Corinn looked up at him, “Can we do it again?” Keaden smiled as the next thing they knew they were both racing each other to the bottom of the road with sleds as Corinn was not trying to flip again.

Order and text by ParadoxDragon

Draw by SilverC236


Aww poor Corinn it sure seems like he is traped and most of his over buddy is buried in the snow. At least we are able to see his cute diaper butt. Maybe we should wait to dig him out ;)