Guys Restroom

Guys RestroomHere is a follow up pic to the restroom pics. Me and my best friends Rolani and Cody are enjoying ourselves on the first day at the comic book convention that we drove ten hours to get to. We were on our way to the dealers den until all of a sudden we had to go use the restroom very badly. So all three of us walk into the restroom, stand in front of the urinals, Rolani and I unbuckled our belts, unbutttoned and unzipped our pants, but Cody pulls his shorts and underwear down to his ankles like a little seven year old would do showing his rear end for everybody in the restroom to look at, stuck our privates out and let the yellow liquid out of our tanks. Rolani and I were in disbelief to see Cody do something like that for a guy of his age, but he says if for cleanliness and better hygene. After we were all done relieving ourselves, Cody pulled his underwear and shorts back up, Rolani and I zipped up, and buttoned up our pants and refastened our belts and we all walked out of the restroom to head to the dealers den. Cody is very health conscience and Rolani and I respect his beliefs, even if it’s not acting your age.

Sultz, Rolani, Cody and text were created by Sultz_Z._Wolf

Draw by doggettdouglasmcdog


Poor Cody looks like the other dont understand that you wont to use the urinal this way.

artie pampered and proud

artie pampered and proudhe’s got the right idea.

Artie the diaperd fox Artie

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes i sure agree whit Arties decision it is match more easy to wear thick and poofy diaper whiteout any pants on and beside no pants in the world can cower up this type of thick diapers any way. Now he can focus on relaxing and be a happy diaperd foxartie pampered and proud.

“Training Pants” in Adult Sizes Post 2


Some new photos that show the new training pants that i mention in a early blog post that you could be part of the pre-order to cover the shipping cost and it seems like they have make the goal to :)–2#/

Pants Come Off!

Pants Come Off!“Bullies Get Beat” Part Four: Pants Come Off!

The bathroom was a single toilet bathroom with a changing table for the smaller cubs. Cheryl set down the diaper bag on the ground next to the toilet and sat down. She then pulled Kyle over her lap to much of his protest.

“No mommy! Let me leave my pants on!…” whined Kyle as his mother started to slip his shots and underwear off.

“Yes Kyle. You know that you always get spanked on the bare bottom.” Explained Cheryl as she set his pants and underwear on the ground and grabbed a furbrush out of the diaper bag “You, me, and Mr. Furbrush are going to have a LONG chat about your bullying habit.”

“Noo! Not the furbrush!” shouted Kyle as his mother pinned him down and raised the furbrush.

-End Part 4

Kyle, Caiden, Cheryl and the story belongs to tugscarebear

Art and Mamoo belong to tato


Looks like the spanking is almost here. This is going to hurt allot on this cute little bum.

CM- Worthless effort

CM- Worthless effort

We all now how this is going to end… x3

Fox artie

Draw and text by CuddleHooves


Poor Foxy boy this pants that you are trying to put on over your big poofy diaper butt is to small for you. You are going to need some bigger pants if you wont to fit them over this bulky diaper that you are wearing now :)