PandasitterIt seems Panda is not really happy with his sitter and Taronin (who is always wearing just a shirt) has not really good intentions.

Characters in the drawing toranin and Panda.

Draw and text by pacopanda


Poor Panda he sure seems to be stuck in a place he dont wont to be in. Wounder what its going to happen? He sure seems to be pretty worry about the situation he have ended up in.

This sure looks like a nice drawing that levees allot to the viewers imagination.

Ice Bear has had enough of your crap

Ice Bear has had enough of your crapDraw and everything by Spanking649


Looks like this panda ais going to end up whit a bear bottom spanking from this polar bear. Wounder what sort of naughty things he have been up to?

Bottle feeding

Bottle feeding.

Pandr getting a nice warm bottle of formula after getting his diaper changed by the Boss.

The cute Panda cub: Pandr.

Draw and fix by nelson88 and his friend.


Look like Panr have a nice and cozy time when he lying down in the boss lap and sucking on his baby bottle. It is good that he have something to drink so he dont need to be hungry and if he needs to go potty during the bottle feeding he can only use his diaper because after all that is what it is made for. And we all know that this cute little Panda is to young to know about this bad things like he should visit the bathroom when he need to pee. So instead he can use his diaper like a cute little baby Panda and we all know that is more cozy to wet or mess in a diaper then use the potty like big cubs do.


What are you laughing at?

What are you laughing at?
What are you laughing at?

one afternoon Rob came over to Pandr’s house to have a play date after playing for while both of these cubs needed to be changed, so Pandr’s dad put Pandr into one of his pretty dresses, and Rob thought it was so funny he started laughing but got a big surprise when Pandr’s dad said “what are you laughing at? Your next.”

Artwork by © masterlupus

characters include © masterlupus and pandr


Yes i can agree that masterlupus should not laugh at pandr you newer know that is going to happen.

An embarrassing bet

An embarrassing betSammy, Rudy  Raccoon  and Remi were discussing a matter in  which of  them was more  faster in the track  and  field.

Sammy  boasted:”Definitely, I’m faster than both  of you!”

Remi:”Oh yeah? So let’s make a bet!”

Rudy:”Excellent idea! But what will be the bet?”

Remi:”The bet is simple,will  happen  only  to  whoever loses the race!The loser will have to drop their pants and show everyone his diapered  butt ! This only happens to anyone who comes third in the race! ”

Sammy  and  Rudy:”We agree!”

Then the race began!And the results were: Remi First, second  place  for Rudy and third place… for poor Sammy!

Remi:”We  win Sammy , and  you  lose! Come on, a group of cubs are waiting to see your beautiful diaper!”

Sammy dropped his pants and bent over to show to all  , his  diapered  butt!

And Rudy grabbed Sammy  by his  waist and said:
“Look everyone! Sammy is wearing the new diaper called “Tushie”!
How cute! Has little  rockets everywhere!”

But what a  moment so embarrassing for  poor  little Sammy!
Next time Sammy, do  not  make more bets!

Sighing many times the little otter said:”I want one of those diapers!My diaper is old and out of fashion!”

Artwork  by  my  cousin  and  story/colors  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


Yes this is some blushing thing. But i only wish that i wash the one the lost the bets. That should be something to see that. And he have some very cute diaper butt. Do you dont think so to?