That’s a Paddlin

That's a PaddlinIt was a fine Spring afternoon and the Smith household was a busy as ever. Mike was away on a business trip for the week and Kyle was busy at school. That left Caiden and Cheryl together most of the week. While Cheryl loves her little cubs to death, they can be a bit of a handful when one parent’s out. Today was no exception.

“Caiden! Come on, it’s time to go to the store to pick up some stuff for Kyle’s party!” shouted Cheryl kindly upstairs to where Caiden was playing.

Caiden came toddling down the stairs in a disposable diaper and green t shirt.

“Caiden Smith! I told you half an hour ago to put some shorts on! You need to listen better honey, we’re running late. We need to get this shopping done before your brother gets out of school.” rushed Cheryl as she grabbed a pair of khaki shorts off of the clean clothes pile on the dryer and helped her 3 and half year old toddler into his shorts.

“But momma….I dun wanna wear shorts…” whined Caiden as his mother continued to pull his shorts on.

“No Caiden, we’re going out in public. You’re going to wear pants and I don’t want to hear another word about it.” stressed Cheryl as she finished putting his pants on and then put his shoes on.

Kyle is having a birthday party this upcoming weekend and Cheryl was way behind on buying gifts and supplies since Mike wasn’t there to watch Kyle while she went shopping. The only time she would do it was when he was a school and that didn’t make it any easier since she had to watch Caiden during that time. Cheryl frantically went around the house grabbing stuff to get ready to leave. She grabbed the car keys, the diaper bag, some more diapers and changing supplies since the bag had to be replenished, and Caiden’s paddle just in case. The paddle has Caiden’s name painted on it, Kyle has one too. The paddles was rarely used on the boys, but it made for a great tool if they started acting up. If one of the boys started acting up all Cheryl had to do was pull the paddle out or mention it and they wised up.

Cheryl collected all of those items and compiled them into the diaper bag. She then went and grabbed Caiden and carried him out to the minivan.

“Mom…Mooser…Mooser…!” whined Caiden about his stuffed moose toy as his mother was strapping him into his carseat.

“*sigh* Let me buckle you in real quick and I’ll run in and grab him.” sighed Cheryl as buckled Caiden and ran inside to find the stuffed moose.

Mooser was a gift from Mike and Cheryl to Caiden last Christmas and now Caiden never leaves home without him. Cheryl looked around the cluttered nursery for a few minutes until she found it inside of a lego castle. She quickly ran downstairs and back to the car. She gave the stuffed animal to Caiden and got into the drivers seat and headed off.

Cheryl started driving down the highway with toddler nursery rhymes blaring on the radio while she was making a mental list of everything she needed for the party.

“Mommy, where’s are we goin’? asked Caiden as he cuddled Mooser.

“We just talked about that this morning Caiden.” explained Cheryl as she continued driving “We’re going to Paw Mart to pick up some supplies for big brothers birthday party this weekend.”

“Oh, otay.” replied Caiden as he shifted in his seat and filled his diaper from breakfast that morning “Can I getta toy today mommy! Can I? Can I?”

“Probably not today honey, we bought you a toy when we were at the store the other day remember?” asked Cheryl
“AWWww….but I wanna toy…” complained Caiden as he started to tear up.

“Ah, ah! Young man, that’s not how big boys act when they don’t get what they want.” lectured Cheryl as she pulled into the parking lot of the store “I’ll tell you what, if you’re good I’ll buy you a sucker before we leave. How’s that sound?”

“Otay mommy, dat sounds good.” replied Caiden as he perked up.

Cheryl parked the van and got out of the car and grabbed a cart. She pulled up to Caiden’s door and opened it and started to unbuckle him. As she was unbuckling him she smelled a foul stench coming from Caiden’s rear end.

“Caiden, did you go poopy in your pants again?” asked Cheryl frustrated as she pulled on the back of his shorts and diaper to confirm her suspicions. “You’re three and a half years old young man, you are more than old enough to tell me when you need to use the potty. *sigh* Come on, let’s get you changed…”

“But momma…I dun wanna wear undies and use da potty…I wike my diapees..” whined Caiden as he was laid down on the floor of the minivan.

“Well that’s too bad because you’re going to have to potty train before you start school soon so one way or another we’ll get you potty trained.” lectured Cheryl as she pulled his shorts down and got the changing supplies out.

“Nah uh, Ima gonna wear diapees for evah!” argued Caiden as he played with Mooser while Cheryl untapped his poopy diaper and stated to wipe him clean.

Cheryl giggled to herself as she realized that it was pointless to argue logic with a three year old. Cheryl finished cleaning him, slid a new diaper under him, powdered him, and taped him up.
“Alright, let’s get this shopping done.” said Cheryl as she stood Caiden up and pulled his shorts up and put him in the cart.

Cheryl grabbed the diaper bag and dirty diaper and closed the car door. The two headed inside as Cheryl tossed the dirty diaper in the trash on the way in. After receiving a warm greeting by the door greeters and Caiden was given a smiley face sticker they headed to the party aisle. Cheryl started to look at the various party decorations and party favors as Caiden played with Mooser in the shopping cart seat. Suddenly a toy airplane caught Caiden’s eye. It was one of the cheap little airplanes that went in a gift bag.

“Oh mommy! Mommmy! Can I pway with dat!?” shouted Caiden excitedly and pointing to the airplane.

“Yes, but we’re NOT buying it. I already told you we’re not buying a toy today. Understand?” asked Cheryl as she grabbed to toy to calm Caiden down.

“Uh huh.” replied Caiden as he grabbed the toy and started playing with it.

Cheryl continued shopping and putting various party items in the cart.

-Bang!- -Bang!-

“Honey, don’t do that. We don’t want to break it.” warned Cheryl nicely to Caiden who was banging the airplane on the cart.

-Bang!- Bang!-

“Caiden! What did I just say?!” said Cheryl a little more sternly “Do that again and I’ll take the toy from you and you wont get a sucker when we’re done shopping.”

Caiden didn’t like being told what to do especially when it came to playing with toys. He waited a few minutes and started again.

-Bang!- -Bang!-

“That’s it Caiden, I warned you.” said Cheryl as she swooped in and took the airplane from his paws “There will be no sucker either since you can’t seem to listen.”

“WAAhhhhh…” cried Caiden

“No sir! Perk up this instance or we’re going to have more problems.” warned Cheryl as she gave him a few minutes to calm himself down while she finished shopping.

A few more moments passed and Caiden was not calming down, but getting worse.

“I wants the airplane! I wants the airplane!…Wwahaaa….” cried caiden as he was starting to draw some stares from other shopers.

“OK, young man. We’re leaving now and when we get home you’re taking an early nap and you lost dessert for tonight as well.” said Cheryl as she headed to the check out line.

Caiden was now screaming his lungs out. Cheryl was so embarrassed, but she needed to get the supplies for Kyle so she stayed in line even with the stares of unsympathetic bystanders. She got to the front of the line and the cashier started to ring up her items. The cashier looked at Caiden and Cheryl and gave them a smile. The older gentleman had obviously either seen this before or had pups of his own and gave an encouraging smile to Cheryl.

After Cheryl paid for the items she headed towards the cart collection point by the restrooms to drop off the cart. Caiden was still wailing and now kicking the cart. The smile that the cashier gave Cheryl brightened her day a little and she felt like she could get through this temper tantrum.

“Alright big guy, let’s get you home for an early nap-EEP!” screeched Cheryl as she started to pick up the toddler when he bit her.

Caiden has had a stretch of biting other cubs recently and was dealt with severely each time so he wouldn’t do it again. Caiden knew that he had messed up as soon as he did it and almost automatically calmed down and gave his best apologetic eyes to his mother who was now furious.

“Im sowwy mommy…I’ll nevah do it’s again…” sniffled Caiden as his tail went between his legs.

“Caiden Alexander Smith, You are in BIG trouble young man.” said Cheryl sternly as she used his full name and grabbed the groceries and diaper bag and brought Caiden into the Family Restroom and locked the door.

Cheryl set Caiden down along with the diaper bag and groceries and sat on the toilet and pulled Caiden’s shorts down.

“Momma…what’s we doin’ here…I dun need tah go potty or a diapee change…” asked Caiden nervously as Cheryl pulled his paddled out of the diaper bag.

“NOOooo…! I dun wanna ‘pankin….Pwease momma! I’m sowwy!” pleaded Caiden as he put his paws on his diapered bum.

“Young man, I told you that you were in big trouble. You knew better than to throw a temper tantrum over a silly toy, and you ABSOLUTELY knew better than to bite. I’m going to tan your hide so you remember that this behavior is NOT acceptable.” lectured Cheryl “Now take off your diaper and come here.”

“No momma pwease…!” cried Caiden

“Caiden, I’m out of patients. If you don’t take your diaper off and come over here this instant, you’re getting double what I’m about to give you.” threatened Cheryl as Caiden reluctantly untapped his disposable diaper and slowly waddled towards Cheryl with his shorts at his ankles.

Cheryl picked up Caiden and laid him over her lap and began to paddle him.

“You *THWACK!* do *THWACK!* not *THWACK!* act up *THWACK!* like this *THWACK!* in public *THWACK!* or anywhere like this! Do you understand!? *THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!*” paddled Cheryl

“OW! OW! WWHAAHahaa…-OWIE! WHahHAhaha…” cried Caiden as his butt was turning fire engine red “I’ll nevah- OW! Doitagain!…WAsasAAghhGGhhh…”

“That’s right you wont *THWACK! THWACK!* and if you ever bite me or anyone else for that matter you can expect to get paddled like this, understand!? *THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!*” continued Cheryl

“WWHAHhaha*sob* OW! EEP! WWHHahh….” cried Caiden as he clutched his stuffed animal “I be goods momma…!!! WWWhhhhaaaAAhh….”

“Good, now you go and put your nose in that corner over there and think about what you‘ve done” pointed Cheryl as she pointed to the corner of the room and stood Caiden up.

Caiden waddled to the corner wailing and rubbing his throbbing bottom while cheryl put the paddle away and waited five minutes. After five minutes passed she called Caiden back over and put his diaper back on and pulled his shorts back up. She picked him up and sat him in her lap and he dug his face into her shoulder still sobbing.

“I’m sowwy *hic* momma….*sob* I’ll be a g-g-ood boy…*hic**sniffle*” cried Caiden

“Shhh…Shh…it’s alright baby…I forgive you…Just calm down…” soothed Cheryl as she rubbed his back.

Caiden calmed himself down to just sniffles.

“There you go, that’s better. Caiden, I love you and I don’t like to punish you or spank you, but you need to learn to behave. I know that you’re a good, sweet, little man. Now, let’s go home and put you down for a nap.” said Cheryl calmly as she gathered everything and carried Caiden in her arms out of the bathroom and headed to the car.

“But momma *yawns* I’m not tired…” sniffled Caiden as he laid his head on her shoulder.

“I’m sure you’re not sweety.” said Cheryl as Caiden had fallen asleep in her arms before they even got to the car.


Draw by: paddedringtail

Caiden and story: tugscarebear


This was a weary nice story.

Some cubs just never learn…

Some cubs just never learn...It was a nice Summer morning, young Caiden was a bit cheerier than usual when his mother came to wake him up this morning.

“Wakey, wakey baby.” cooed Cheryl as she shook Caiden awake to get ready for the day.

Caiden sat up and stretched a little in his crib. He didn’t like getting woke up by anyone, but everyone else was already awake. Klye was getting ready for school, while their mom and dad were helping move everything along.

“Goo’ mornin’ mommy!” exclaimed Caiden as he popped up in his crib and extended his arms to be picked up.

“My, my someones in a good mood this morning aren’t they?” said Cheryl a bit surprised as she picked Caiden up and check his diaper

“Yep yep! I happy cause mah best buddy, Dex, is comin over today!” shouted Caiden

“Oh yea…you have a good memory.” said Cheryl as she tickled Caiden’s belly “but first thing’s first. Let’s get you out of these jamies and into a clean diaper.

Cheryl carried Caiden to the other side of the room and sat him down on the changing table. She then went to the closet and grabbed a red, blue, and green t shirt. She grabbed no pants because they weren’t going anywhere today and he wouldn’t wear them in the house anyway.

“Ok big guy, which tshirt do you want to wear today?” asked Cheryl as she held up the shirts

“Da blue one!” exclaimed Caiden as he pointed to the green one

“You mean the GREEN one.” responded Cheryl as she put the other shirts away and returned to the changing table

“Oh yea, da gween one.” repeated Caiden

Once Cheryl returned to the changing table she set the green shirt down and started to undress Caiden. She took off his pajamas top and bottoms and threw them in the dirty clothes hamper in the corner of the room. This left Caiden in just a wet diaper from the night prior.

“OK Caiden lay down so we can get a clean diaper on you.” instructed Cheryl as she got a fresh diaper and the changing supplies ready.
Caiden laid down and waited. His mom untapped his wet diaper and grabbed some wet wipes.

“Mommy” asked the naked cub on the changing table

“Yes dear.” replied Cheryl as she began to wipe Caiden’s front side and butt clean

“weregonnahavesomuchfuntodayDexandmewe’regonnapwaydinosaursactionfiguresrunaroundeatcandyandumandum….” rambled Caiden as his mother finished wiping and threw the wipes and wet diaper in the dirty diaper hamper

“I’m sure you two will sweety.” answered his mother as she only caught maybe a quater of what he was saying
Caiden’s mother then slipped the new diaper under him, powdered his bum, and taped him up. She then put the green t shirt on Caiden and set him on the ground.

“There, all ready for the day. Now go downstairs and eat breakfast. Your father and brother are already down there.” said Cheryl

“Ok mommy!” said Caiden as he rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy guess what!” exclaimed Caiden as he pounced at his father who was sitting at the table in his work clothes drinking coffee

“Oof! Good morning to you too big guy! I don’t know, tell me.” asked Mike as he sat Caiden on his lap.

“Dex isa comin over today!” exclaimed Caiden to his father

“Oh joy” said Mike sarcastically as he sat Caiden in his booster seat and got up to finish cooking breakfast

“yep yep yep! I’m hungwy daddy.” said Caiden as his father’s sarcasm went over his head

“ok son here you are.” said Mike as he put a plate of sausage and eggs in front of Caiden

Mike then sat down at the table with Caiden and shortly after he sat down Kyle, Caiden’s older brother, came downstairs to eat before he had to run to school. Cheryl came down shortly after him to eat as well.

What the boys didn’t know and why Mike was annoyed that Dex was coming over was that Mike didn’t have to go to work that day. Earlier that morning, after Mike had got all dressed for work, he got a call saying that there was a power outage. Since Mike’s job is all computer based he was told to just standby until the issue is fixed. So he just stayed in his work clothes and decided to help Cheryl with Caiden and the neighbor boy.

Not it’s not like Mike or Cheryl didn’t like Dex or his family. After all they are great neighbors who constantly offer to babysit for them. In return the Smiths watch Dex occasionally. The bad thing is that Dex can be a little…strong spirited. Again, it’s not that Dex is a bad kid, but he defiantly has his moments. Like Caiden, Dex never quite outgrew his ‘Terrible Twos’ occasionally has melt downs, arguments, profanity, and selfishness just to name a few. Fortunately, since the two family’s are so close they don’t mind the other family dishing out some punishment if needed. There has been more than one occasion in which one of the boys has been spanked by the other family’s parents. Kyle included. Mike was just hoping that it didn’t have to come to that today since Caiden and Dex together tend to get into more trouble than when they’re not as well as Mike already had to spank his other son earlier this week for breaking a window.

“Guess what boys?” asked Mike as he put down the paper

“What?” said the boys in unison

“There’s some power issues at work right now so I’ll be staying home today. So i’ll be here with Caiden, mom, and Dexter. I’ll also be home when you get home from school Kyle.” explained Mike

“Sweet! Can we go for a bike ride after school!” asked Kyle

“Sure, I don’t see why not. That sounds like fun.” replied Mike

“Yipee! Daddys stayin home!” exclaimed Caiden

“I sure am big guy.” said Mike as he ruffled the fur on top of Caiden’s head

After they all finished their breakfast Kyle got up from the table to finish getting his stuff ready for school. Mike, Cheryl, and Caiden got up shortly after Kyle did. Mike and Cheryl cleaned the kitchen while Caiden went to go see what his big brother was up to. Caiden found Kyle in his room with his jeans, red t shirt, and backpack on trying to tie his shoes.

“Whatcha doin Kyle?” asked Caiden as he sat next to Kyle

“Just trying to tie my shoes. What do you want?” asked Kyle kind of harshly thinking that Caiden was wanting to play with his stuff

“Nuffin…I’s just gonna miss you an wanted ta see what big kid stuff yous was doin…” said Caiden sadly as his lip quivered. Caiden was still not used to his brother being at school most of the day.

Kyle felt kind of bad for what he said, “Ah cheer up dude. It’s only for a little bit, then I’ll be home. Tell you what, since I got an ‘A’ on my spelling test earlier this week I’ll get some candy from my teacher. I’ll probably get a sucker or two. Do you want me to bring you back one?”

“Yea! Dat would be awesome!” shouted Caiden as he instantly perked up

“I might even teach you how to tie your shoes.” added Kyle as he finished tying his.

“Kyle! Time to go to the bus stop!” shouted Cheryl from downstairs

“Gotta go stinkybutt!” teased Kyle as he patted his brothers head and marched downstairs “-And don’t touch my stuff either!”

After Kyle left Caiden went downstairs to watch TV until Dex arrived. After watching one episode of Power Rangers the doorbell rang.

“Dex is here! Dex is here!” shouted Caiden as he ran to the door and trying to open it but he was too small.

“Alright, alright. hold your horses.” said Mike as he opened the door

“Caiden!” “Dex!” shouted the toddlers to each other as they went up and hugged each other

“Aw, how nice.” commented Dex’s father as he turned to Mike, “Hey Mike how you doing?”

“Doing well, can’t complain. Got the day off. So far so good.” replied Mike

“Well, that’s great! Sorry that you’re stuck here with this stinkerhead.” said Dex’s father as he ruffled his sons fur, “The wife and I really do appreciate it though.”

“Oh it’s not issue, and your cub is welcome here anytime. Besides we drop Kyle and Caiden on you all the time.” assured Mike

“Yea, well I guess that you do owe us then.” joked Dex’s father as he turned to Dex

“Now Dex, you be good for Mr. Mike and Mrs. Cheryl OK?” instructed Dex’s father

“OK daddy I will.” said Dex who was wearing khaki shorts and a brown tshirt

“Good, also play nice with Caiden, use your manners, and tell Mr. Mike or Mrs. Cheryl if you need to you use the potty so they can help you.” added Dex’s father

“OK, ok…Can you go now?” asked Dex who was ready to go play

“Fine, come here.” said Dex’s father as he gave him a hug “Go on now.”

“Yipee!” exclaimed Dex as he grabbed Caiden’s paw started leading him upstairs “Let’s go play in your room!”
Caiden followed after Dex.

Dex’s father turned back to Mike, “Well, I’m sure Dex won’t tell you about needing to use the potty so, he’s in a diaper and here’s his diaper bag.” said Dex’s father as he handed Mike the bag

“Also if he starts acting up, feel free to punish him like you would Caiden or Kyle. Don’t let him get away with anything. We left him at his grandparents the other week and we had a hard time keeping him in line after they spoiled him rotten.” reminded Dex’s dad

“Thanks. We’ve been trying to potty train Caiden lately, but he has no interest so he’s in diapers too if you didn’t notice when you first saw him.” laughed Mike “I’m sure that we’ll have no issues with Dex, but we’ll keep him in line if we need to.”


“oop. That sounds like the Misses. I gotta go. Thanks again man and we’ll be back later.” said Dex’s father as he left for his car

“No problem! Have fun!” shouted Mike as he closed the door and set the diaper bag down

Meanwhile upstairs in Caiden’s room/playroom….

“C’mon Caiden! Wet’s build a tower! Da biggest one evah!” shouted Dex as he ran and grabbed the bucket of blocks from the corner of the room and dumped them all over the floor.

“Yea wet’s do it!” agreed Caiden as he started to build the tower with Dex
Block by block they continued to build as they towers got super tall…or at least as tall as the two toddlers were.

“Wow, dose are huge towers.” admired Caiden “Let’s build a big wall around da tower nows!”

“No! Wet’s knock dem over!” shouted Dex as he ran through the blocks knocking all the towers over

“Aw man….no fair….I wanted to build more.” complained Caiden

“Well too bad cause Im almost dis many an ima in charge!” said Dex matter-of-factly as he held up four fingers

“Hmp! Meanie head!” said Caiden

“Poopy Mcstuffin doody caca head!” retaliated Dex who was a master at the naughty words and comebacks
Right as the boys were calling each other names Cheryl walked upstairs and into Caiden’s room.

“Boys, is eveything alright? I heard some loud bangs from downstairs.” asked Cheryl who didn’t hear the profanity moments ago

“Dex knocked down my tower…” tattled Caiden

“NAH-UH…Caiden knocked down my towers….” argued Dex

“Boys, boys. I don’t care who knocked down who’s towers, nor does it matter. Just be careful and play nice with each other ok?” instructed Cheryl

“Yes ma’am” “Yes, mommy” replied the boys as Cheryl headed downstairs

“Otay! New game! Wets pway hide an seek.” suggested Caiden

“Yea, yous hide an i count!” suggested Dex

“Otay, you stay here and count an ill go hide.” said Caiden as he ran out of the room and Dex went to the corner and started to count

“1…2…3…7…18…12….6….eleventy-six…” counted Dex as Caiden ran downstairs to look for a place to hide.
Caiden looked around all downstairs and finally found a spot in the den where his mommy and daddy were. He hid behind the couch that was against the wall.

“Shhh…” whispered Caiden to his parents “We’re pwayin hide an seek and ima hindin.”

“Oh, ok.” said Mike who was sitting on the couch that Caiden was hiding behind as he touched his finger to his lips.

“…24….97….72…10! Ready or nots here I comes!” shouted Dex as he started to look around.

Dex started by tearing apart the nursery and pouring boxes of toys out on the floor. After he couldn’t find Caiden in there he decided to head downstairs. Meanwhile, Caiden was still hiding and snickering behind the couch. While he was there he also filled the back of his diaper from last nights dinner. Dex came downstairs and went into the den.

“Mr. Mike, Mrs. Cheryl, have you seen Caiden ?” asked Dex

They looked at each other and smiled. “Nope, we sure haven’t sweety.” said Cheryl

Caiden then snickered a little louder than he should have and Dex went right to the spot.

“Found you!” exclaimed Dex as he jumped up and down

“Aw nuts!” said Caiden as he crawled out from behind the couch. “OK you founds me, now it’s my turn ta count-”

“Wait just a minuet there young man.” said Mike as he reached down and pulled the back of Cadien’s diaper “Yep, just as I suspected. Do you need a diaper change too Dexter?”
Mike pulled on the back of Dex’s shorts and diaper and saw that it was clean. He felt the front and noticed that it was sagging and in need of a change.
“Cheryl, both boys need a diaper change. I’ll take Dex.” decided Mike as he picked up Dex and Dex’s diaper bag and started to head upstairs

“How chivalrous of you to leave me with the poopy diaper.” teased Cheryl as she picked up Caiden and headed upstairs “I get the changing table since you’ve got the easy one.”

“Yes dear.” said Mike as he grabbed the changing pad out of the diaper bag and laid it on the ground in the nursery

“Hey Mr. Mike guess what?” asked Dex as Mike laid him down and pulled off his shorts.

“What?” replied Mike as he grabbed the wipes, powder and a new diaper.

“I super strong and a super big kid.” announced Dex as Mike untapped his diaper

“Yea, I’m much smarter and much betterer dan da wittle poopy head babies at daycare.” said Dex proudly as Mike started to wipe his butt

“Don’t say ‘poopy’, it’s not a nice word.” explained Mike as he wiped the front side of Dex.

“I can say what I want cause Ima almost four an big kids can say whatevah dey want.” said Dex sharply as the wet diaper was pulled out from underneath him and tossed aside.

“Well since you’re such a big kid I guess that you’ll need to get spanked with the paddle for not listening to adults and saying bad words then huh?” threatened Mike although he would never paddle a toddler.

“*gulp* I-I mean I’m still a little bit of a wittle kid…” said Dex nervously as he was powdered and the new designer Pawpers diaper was slid under him.

“That’s what I thought.” said Mike as he tapped up Dex’s diaper.

“No, Mr. Mike I dun want my shorts back on. I wanna be in my shirt and diapee wike Caiden.” said Dex as he pushed his shorts away

“OK, that’s fine but you will put them back on before you leave ok?” said Mike

“Yes sir.” replied Dex

“Good, now go play.” said Mike as he stood Dex up and patted his diapered bum and sent him on his way
A few minets later Cadien was finished getting his diaper changed as well and was sent on his way.

“Hey! Yous got no pants on wike me!” noticed Caiden as he saw the designer diaper “Wow, you’s got some cool diapees, mine are jus pwain.”

“Yea dey are pretty cools. Hey, wet’s go pway with deh actoin figures.” suggested Dex

“Yea, and may-” said Caiden as her was interrupted by Cheryl

“Hey before you two get anything else out, clean up the mess in here.” said Cheryl referring to the blocks and various other toys that wrer dumped during hide and seek.

“AAAaaWWww…. I dun wanna cwean….” whined Dex

“Yea! cweaning is dumb.” complained Cadien

“Dex, that’s just too bad because you’re not getting anything else out until you clean this room. And Caiden you know that’s a bad word. I don’t want to hear you say it again. Understand?” said Cheryl sternly

“Yes ma’am…” said the boys in unison.

“Good now start cleaning.” commanded Cheryl as she stayed in the room to make sure that they did it.
The boys were not happy that they had to clean the room so both Caiden and Dex were having an attitude about it and started working slowly and slamming the toys in the boxes. Cheryl noticed this and let them take their time cleaning. After about 20 minuets, which is 10 minuets longer than it should have taken, then finished.

“Their, done.” said Dex with an attitude

“Yea.” followed Caiden

“See was that so hard? Well I guess it was since it took you two a long time. But since you both are decideing to have an attitude I guess you need a 5 minets time out in the naughty corner.

“NNooo…!” whined Caiden and Dex

“Yes, now Caiden go and sit in the naughty corner in your room. Dexter you’ll come with me and sit in the corner in the den.” demanded Cheryl as she grabbed Dex’s paw and lead him downstairs.
Caiden knew better than to cross his mom so he went straight to the corner.

“B-but Mrs. Smith. I’ll be good. I wont has an attitude again. Pwease wet me off dis time.” pleaded Dex as he was lead to the corner.

“Sorry Dexter, but you know better than that. Now sit here and think about what you did.” said Cheryl as she sat Dex on a stool in the corner of the room.

Dex was not happy but sat there anyway and took his punishment. After the five minuets was up Cheryl collected the boys and brought them to the couch in the den and sat them down.

“Now, we don’t want to have anymore trouble the rest of the day ok? Another outburst like that from either of you and you’ll find yourself over our knees. Understand?” explained cheryl

“Yes ma’am.” gulped both boys

“Good boys, now be good and go play.” said Cheryl as she released them.

The boys ran off to the playroom to go play while Cheryl went and joined her husband in the kitchen where Mike was working on his laptop trying to get some work done. After about an hour of good will and peace in the house Cheryl decided to start rearranging the upstairs guest bedroom like she had been wanting to for the last few months while Mike started lunch for the boys.

“Caiden, Dexter! Lunch time!” shouted Mike as the boys ran downstairs to the kitchen.

“What’s for lunch Mr. Mike?” asked Dex as he pulled a chair out and sat at the table

“Mac and Cheese for lunch today boys!” said Mike as he pulled the food out of the microwave and onto the table

“Yippee!” shouted Caiden and Dex as Caiden also sat at the table.

Mike served both of the boys their food as well as himself some and sat back down to work on his laptop.

“Rarw! Ima hungwy dinosaur!” growled Caiden as he dug into his mac and cheese face-first.

“Oh yea-…well….ima….hungwy…octapus!” shouted Dex trying to play along with his best friend as he dug his fingers all into his food and at the noodles off of his fingers.

Mike was thinking of stopping it before it got too messy, but he figured they were having too much fun as it was and it was probably already too late. After the boys finished the food like the animals they were Mike got up and started to clean them off and the area around them.
“Wow you were some hungry animals.” said Mike as he cleaned the Mac and cheese off of them “Maybe you’re too full for some chocolate cake?”

“No!” shouted the boys

“OK ok, I guess you can have some.” said Mike as he cut them a small slice and served it.
The two boys chowed down on the cake as well and were equally as messy. Mike repeated the process of cleaning them and sent them to the den to watch some TV.

“Alright boys, you can watch TV for 30 minuets and then it’s naptime ok?” said dad

“OK” “Yes, daddy” replied the boys as Mike went back to his laptop and the boys watched Pokemon.

About ten minuets later…”Mike! I need your help moving some furniture!” shouted Cheryl from the upstairs
Mike closed his laptop and headed for the stairs, “Boys, I’ve got to help Cheryl. Y’all stay in here and watch TV. Don’t make a mess and don’t touch my laptop. Got it?”

“OK daddy.” “Will do Mr. Smith” said the boys from the couch as Mike disappeared upstairs.

Another 10 minuets passed and the boys were getting bored.

“My daddy wooks busy on his ‘puter. Maybe we’s can help him gets his works done.” suggested Caiden to Dex

“Yea, he would wike dat. Wet’s go.” said Dex as they got up and went to the kitchen.
They both got up on the chair and opened the laptop. They both started to pound away on the keyboard and hitting random buttons. Eventually the document that Mike was on closed out.

“Uh ohs…where’d it goes?” asked Dex as he dragged the computer closer to him and the edge.

“Maybe it wents over here.” pointed Caiden as he pulled the computer closer to him and the edge.

“Hey, gives it back! I was wooking.” said Dex as he quickly pulled it back.

“No I was wooking !” argued Caiden as he took hold of one side.
Dex then took hold of the other side and they started tug o war with the laptop. All of a sudden, in-between the pulling the computer hit the back of the chair and forced the cubs grips open and the computer fell to the ground with a solid crunch. The boys were now petrified that they just broke the computer and started to head for the den when they ran into Mike.

“What happened here?! My laptop!” exclaimed Mike as he went over to it, only to find that it was completely broken.

“What happened?” asked Mike very sternly to the boys

“W-w-we were watchin’ tv an da ‘puter fell. Musta been da wind…” lied Caiden

“Yea, it just slid off by itself.” lied Dex

“Oh really? So you’re both telling me that the wind knocked it off of the table while you were watching tv?” asked Mike

“Yes daddy” “yes sir” lied the boys

“So the wind blew while all of the windows were closed and you were watching tv in the kitchen…where there is no tv?” interrogated Mike
The boys were speechless and looked down in guilt.

“The truth boys. Now!” said Mike

“Ok, so we was watchin tv…”

“…an we wanted ta help you withs your works stuff…”

“….So we’s came in heres and started typing and helping…”

“…Den we’s wost da paper on da scween…”

“…an den we fighted over who was gonna fix it…”

“…den it fell on da floor.” explained the boys.

“That’s what I thought. Boys, what did I tell you before going upstairs?” asked Mike

“Ta not touch your ‘puter…” answered Dex

“Exactly, and what did you two do?” asked Mike

“touch it.” replied Caiden

“Precisely. And why did I not want you to touch it?” asked Mike

“Cause we could bweak it.” said Dex

“Yep, and you both did it anyways. Not only did you do that, but you both lied about it…twice! What do you have to say for youselfs?” demanded Mike

“We’re sorry Mr. Mike…” “Yea, we’re sowwy daddy…” apologized the boys

“Apology accepted boys, but you’re still going to be punished. Now disobeying an adult, breaking an expensive item, and lying twice. What do you think should happen?” asked Mike already knowing the answer.

“A weally wong time out…?” asked Caiden already knowing the answer.

“How about a really long spanking?” answered Mike as he grabbed both of their paws and started to lead them upstairs to the nursery.

“NNNooOO daddy….! We’ll nevah do it again! We’ll be goods! We pwomise!” pleaded Cadien

“Yea! It was his fault anyways! He started it! Jus put me in time out an ‘pank him!” pleaded Dex

“It’s your fault too stinkyhead!” Shouted Caiden

“Enough! Now Caiden you go stand in the corner and wait your turn. Dex your first since your older. Come here!” said Mike as they arrived in the nursery and Mike grabbed Dex’s arm and led him to the chair by the changing table.

“You can’t ‘pank me cause youre not my mommy or daddy and ima almost four and dey dun get ‘pankin’s.” resisted Dex

“You know very well that we’re allowed to spank you and just because you’re almost four doesn’t mean you still can’t get spanked.” explained Mike as he pulled down Dex’s diaper and pulled him over his lap.
*SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* “Young man*SLAP**SLAP* , you absolutely know better than to lie and disobey an adult!*SLAP* ” lectured Mike as he spanked Dex’s bare bottom
“OW! OW! *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* “WWHAAAaaAAA….!” *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* “I’m sowwy! Im sowwy! Ow! *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* WhaaHAahaA…!” *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* Cried Dex as he was getting his bottom tanned.
After ten more solid swats Mike let him up and stood him on the ground. Dex was rubbing his bright red butt with his diaper at his knee
“Caiden, come over here!” demanded Mike as Caiden rushed over

“No daddy pweas…” pleaded Caiden as his diaper was pulled down.
“You should have though of that before tou disobeyed me and lied to me…twice.” explained Mike as he laid Caiden over his lap
*SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* “Caiden*SLAP**SLAP* , I know that I raised you better than this*SLAP* Don’t you ever lie to me again boy do you understand me?” *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* lectured Mike as he spanked Caiden’s bare bottom
“OW! OW! *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* “WWHAAAaaAAA….!” *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* “Yes daddy! yes daddy! I wont do it again! Ow! *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* WhaaHAahaA…!” *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* Cried Caiden as he was getting his butt whooped.
After ten more solid spanks Mike let him up and stood him on the ground. Caiden too was rubbing his fire engine red butt with his diaper at his ankles.
“Now you two go stand in different corners for ten minuets and think about what you did.” instructed Mike as the boys toddled away with their diapers at their feet and their red butts facing out.

After ten minuets passed the boys were still crying and rubbing their freshly spanked butts.

“OK boys you can come out now. Now come here.” said Mike gingerly as the boys toddled over.
Mike carefully pulled up their diapers and sat them on his lap as the winced and were sniffling.
“Now you two know that I don’t like to spank you right?” asked Mike as he was rubbing their backs

The boys nodded in agreement.

“I do it because I love you and I want you to grow up to be good boys and even better men. Besides either of you could have got hurt had that computer fell on either of you.” lectured Mike softly

“W-we’re s-sor-r-r-ry….” huffed Dex.

“Yea….w-weal-l-l sowwy…” sniffled Caiden.

“Apology accepted boys” said Mike as he hugged them and picked them both up. “Now It’s time for naptime for two very busy boys.”
The boys nodded in agreement as they both laid their heads on his shoulder. Mike brought them into the master bedroom and took off both of their shirts and tucked them in side by side.

Dex was the first cub to wake up and right before his father was there to pick up him. Mr. Mike changed Dex’s wet diaper and dressed Dex back up. Once Dex’s father arrived Mike explained everything that happened with the computer. Dex’s dad was very apologetic and offered to pay for the laptop. Mike denied his offer saying that Caiden was just as guilty. Dex’s dad apologized once again and thanked him for watching his kid. Dex’s dad assured Mike that they would deal with Dex’s disobeying and lying problem as soon as they got home.

An hour later Caiden awoke to find his friend had already left. Caiden’s mom changed his wet diaper and Caiden watched TV on his belly until his brother got home.

“Hey, brother. How was the playdate with the neighbor kid?” asked Kyle as he set his bag down.

“Fine till da end.” grumbled Caiden

“Oh, did you two get in trouble again?” inquired Kyle
Caiden just pointed to his butt in which Kyle pulled Cadien’s diaper back to see the damage.

“Oooo….You gotta big whoopin. I might just have something to help with that.” said Kyle as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a sucker.

Caiden’s face lit up as he had forgotten all about the sucker that his brother promised earlier.
“Thanks big bro!” pounced Cadien as he gave his brother a big hug.

“Anytime stinkybutt.” said Kyle as he hugged back.


Caiden and story: tugscarebear

Dex and draw by: PaddedRingTail


Yes it look like some cub have hard to learn what is right and wrong in life.

Comfy cushy couch

Comfy cushy couch

Me sleeping on the couch after gaming all night.

German Shepherd Dog: ethan86

Draw by: PaddedRingtail


It look like ethan86 is a weary sleepy dog right now after stay up all night and play some game. Good thing that he fall asleep wearing some thick and comfy diapers. I love the cute blue diaper butt that he have right now. He look so cute and sweet right now when he is sleeping on the couch whit his cute diaper butt fully expose. I bet he can sleep weary deep right now and if he have an accident in his sleep his thick diaper can handle it weary well. Do you dont think so? It should be weary cute and weary embarrassing now if some one walk into the room and decide to give his cute diaper butt a pat. Wounder if he should wake up then?

I wish that he have a nice and calm sleep :)