Tuckered Out

Tuckered OutFor once, a playdate with Kyle, Caiden, and Dexter was going smoothly with no arguments, fights, or spankings. In fact, it went so well that after playing Super Hero’s/Cowboys/Knights all three boys crashed for a good nap after a long afternoon of playing.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Dexter belongs to Paddedringtail

Draw by Tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19379987/

Yes it sure looks like this three boys have had a wonderful and fun playdate this afternoon. They look so cute when they are sleeping so deep on the floor in this cute positions.

Talk After the Movie

Talk After the Movie
*SLAM* Went the car door Dexter got out.

Caiden and Dexter had just got back Cadien’s to the house from seeing Star Wars Episode VII at the movie theater. The movie was great and both of them enjoyed it very much. Well it seemed that way for Caiden at least. Dexter was not so pleased for some reason. Ever since the movie ended Dexter had this scowl and quiet look on his face. Caiden could not help but think that Dex was mad at him, but he was not sure why. Perhaps it had something to do with how obnoxious Caiden was during the film. While Dexter liked to sit and quietly watch a movie, Caiden was the opposite. Caiden (mostly wrapped up in more nostalgia than anything) was hyper, squealing, nudging Dexter throughout the entire movie even after he was asked not to do that many times.

“Is everything ok?” asked Caiden as he followed Dexter out of the car.

“Go into the living room and get ready for a change.” ordered Dex with little emotion

“Ok….” obeyed Caiden as he went inside, took off his pants, and got the changing supplies ready.

Dexter was playing Caiden’s “Big Brother” for the weekend so he was in charge…sort of. While Dex made the rules and whatnot he, as well as Caiden, were both diapered. Caiden wore his favorite Cuddlez diapers while Dexter wore the ABU Space diapers. After watching a two hour movie they were both in need of a change.

*rip* *rip* went both tabs as Dexter untaped Caiden’s soaked diaper.

“I am not very happy with you Caiden.” announced Dexter as he started to clean Caiden

“I’m sowwy…what’s I do?” asked Caiden in a cub voice as his diaper area was wiped and powdered.

“I asked you many times before and during the movie to be quiet and settle down didn’t I?” asked Dexter as he taped up the new Cuddlz diaper and Caiden quietly nodded “I asked you many times and you ignored me each and every time. Since you didn’t listen to me I’m afraid that you have to be punished. Now, go upstairs and wait in your room. I’ll be there after I change myself.”

Caiden whimpered as he went upstairs and sat on his bed. He waited there thinking about how naughty he was during the movie. He fidgeted as he wondered what his punishment would be. Time-out? Grounding? Extra chores? Spanking? Mouth Soaping? No Deserts?

After five minutes Dexter came upstairs and entered the room and closed the door. He walked in and stood in front of Caiden with his paws on his hips.

“You know why I’m upset?” glared Dexter to Caiden

“‘Cause I was naughty and talked during da movie…” replied Caiden somberly

“It wasn’t just that. It was because you disobeyed me. Not once, not twice, but THREE times. I know you were excited about the movie, but that does not excuse disobedience.” lectured Dexter as he pulled a paddle from his back jean pocket “You’re going to get a spanking Caiden. Then an early bedtime.”

“NNoo!!….” whined Caiden as Dexter sat down and Caiden stood up “I’ll be a good boy! I’ll never disobey you agains…”

“I’m sorry Caiden, but you know better that to disobey me.” replied Dexter as he pulled Caiden’s diaper down exposing his bare bottom

“Pwease! I’ll be goods!” pleaded Cadien as he was bent over Dex’s lap.


“I know you will and this spanking will be a reminder to you the next time you think about disobeying me!” lectured Dex as he spanked Caiden 20 more times on the bare behind leaving him a bawling mess.

Once the punishment was over, Dex let Caiden up and sat him on his lap. Caiden cried into Dex’s shoulder while Dex soothed him by gently rubbing his butt. After a few minutes Caiden had calmed down. Dexter pulled Caiden’s diaper up and tucked him into bed.

“Nite nite big bwother.” sniffled Caiden as Dexter was leaving the room.

“Goodnite little guy.” answered Dexter


Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by paddedringtail

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19006722/

Yes that butt sure look quite red now after that 20 spanking his butt received from that paddle.

A little help here?

A little help here?Looks like someone is in dire need of a change…

Wolf Toyapup

Draw and text by PaddedRingtail

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18719975/

Yes it sure locks like this wolf have end up whit a stinky load in his diaper and really need a change now. It sure locks like the diaper stinks allot right now.

Diapers Go On BUTTS!

Diapers Go On BUTTS!Poor Dex. You see, the bear didn’t have a diaper. So why not diaper up the bear? Who cares if it was already a little wet. I mean, the sitter has more diapers in her diaper bag, so he can just ask for one later, right? :D

Well. no. You get a spankin’ for walkin’ around without one in the park. :C Sad times.
RUN, SNELL, RUN! Or you’re next!

Of course, Caiden points and laughs. SOOOO innocent?
…nah, he gave Dex the idea.
UnU Poor thing. XD

Draw by Kay

Dex: paddedringtail

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16881493/

Poor Dex it looks like his butt is starting to get very toasted now.

When You Play With Fire

When You Play With Fire
Looks like Caiden, Dex, and Kyle are in for a nasty surprise when they turn around.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Dex: paddedringtail

Kyle: ?

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16346409/

Yes this three cubs look like to be in a very bad situation now when they have decide to play whit fire. The parents dont looks so happy about this situation and it is good that they find out about this naughty cubs beauvoir so they can put a end to it before something bad is happen.

But it is not going to end so well for the cubs butts. They are going to receive allot of spanking now on there bare bottoms.


StinkerLooks like I’m not quite ready for undies….or even Pull-Ups for that matter. Having the nickname ‘Stinker’ has a dual meaning with me.

This is paddedringtail ‘s depiction of me in my third poopy diaper. This is all before afternoon nap as well. Seems like a few too many stinky diapers, but I did have a lot of bacon and eggs for breakfast…

Caiden and text: tugscarebear

Draw by paddedringtail

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16774874/

Yes if this is his third messy diaper today i dont think that Caiden tummy like the bacon and eggs that hi had for breakfast. Maybe his tummy is not ready for that sort of food yet.

  • Pooping in my diaper-inside view series 3 (dppmdt0yack.blogspot.com)