Unboxing video of my order from nappiesrus.co.uk 9/8-2016

A little unboxing video of my order from nappiesrus.co.uk. I kind of like the package design on this product and in the same time feel one of the 15 diapers that is resting inside and waiting for me to use it :)

Like you can see this package contains 3 diaper bags of the product Drylife Slip Super.

Case of Cushies Unboxing With Somthing Extra

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text and video created and uploaded by Pup’s Diapers

Looks like someone decided to do some restocking of there diaper supply :)

Unboxing Tenabutiken order 2/8-2016

This is my first order that i have made from the Swedish diaper shop TENAbutiken.se I know this is not an exciting unboxing video. But i lest you get to see my order that was included this two Tena products:

TENA Slip Active Fit Plus 3 diaper package which is included 3*30 = 90 diapers

TENA Slip Super 3 diaper package which is included 3*28 = 84

So this order include 174 new diapers :)

Unboxing: Wearing Clouds – isidetape

Video uploaded by isidetape

Looks like this diaper boy dont know all the diaper. The diaper that he think is a new version of Rearz Safari is instead the new version of the Crinklz diaper.