Foxy on his way to dreamland

Foxy on his way to dreamlandFoxys and his mother have been and shopping for some new diapers to Foxy and when they get home. Foxy decide that he should guard the diaper package from the evil potty monster.

Foxy have heard from some other cub at the kindergarten that the potty monster could steal the cubs diaper so they be force to use the potty or wet there pants. Foxy dont want this to happen so he grab his pacifier and his Pikachu plushy and stay guard for 5 min when he suddenly felt sleepy so he decide to rest on the diaper package becours it was so comfy and soft.

And before he know it he was on his way to the dreamland sleeping on the diaper package express :)

Draw by: zanten94

Babyfur Comic: The three wishes Part 5

The three wishes Part 5Cub: Digitz

Draw by: BabyStar


Aww it look like everything turn out great for Digitz after all. They both look so happy about the situation now special Digitz now when he understand what a little cub he really are deep inside.

Little Foxy is sick! (Gift art)

Little Foxy is sick! (Gift art)Foxy was playing with his Pikachu plushie all morning, but he was feeling slightly sick and he decided to call his mommy and said:

His mother replied:”I’m not feeling well!”

His mother touched his forehead and noticed that Foxy had a slight fever!She took him in her arms and carried him to the crib!There,she kissed him and she let him rest, then left the room and said:
“Love you,my little Foxy!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88 and story by marisolbosques

I would like to thank Victor and nelson88 for this cute gift art. Thanks allot for that it really is something special.

Car Ride

Car RideI love my car naps ^^

Bazel and text by: Bazel

Draw by: wen


Aww Bazel look so cute when he is sleeping in the carseat whit nothing then a diaper and a t-shirt and he even have his pacifier close bay if he need something to suck on when he wakes up. But do he dont have any plushy friend that had tag along? Maybe it have its own carseat or it might have fallen down and is now sleeping or crying on the floor?

Hard to tell but he look weary cute and next time i order something from Wen i need to have something like this it look so cute.

Foxys new friend

Foxys new friendFoxy and his mother was visiting a petting zoo (You know a place where cubs like Foxy learn the right way to treat animals.) The reason way they was visiting the petting zoo this day was that Foxys mother had a little surprise for him when they get back home. So when they get home she told Foxy that he could go to his room and there he should find a surprise. Foxy was happen when he hard that because he thought he should get a new toy care. But when he enter his room he found something else. A cute kitten was waiting for him inside and when the kitten notes Foxy he make a cute little noise and run to Foxy so he could get some nice attention.

Foxy was happy that he had visiting the petting zoo that they now he know what he could do whit this kitten to make him happy. Bay giving him allot of pats something that it seems like this little cute kitten love to get :)

Draw by: Hareluca