One super cute Raccoon drawing – PizzaCorg

Aww this sure is one cute Raccoon that we have here. He sure seems to be pretty happy and relax :)

Melissa bad crib moment

Aww poor Melissa looks like its back to wearing diapers again after what Kela and Talia did to her :( Poor thing i wounder how long the effect is going to last?

Thickly Padded Night

Thickly Padded Night

Oh-oh, what do we have here? Seems like fbphox got put to bed (or a crib, to be exact) in quite a predicament! Big, puffy diaper between his legs, soft, baby-blue footies on his feet and a matching pair of VERY thickly padded, slippery mittens encasing his handpaws (which by the way are strapped to the crib, for some additional safety of course!) and a big pacifier in his foxy muzzle to suck on, through the whole, long, thickly padded night!

The cute bandage fox belongs to fbphox.

Draw and text by KaaLover.


Yes it sure seems like fbphox is going to have one special night if he is able to get some sleep. But at least they have force him to wear some thick night diaper that sure going to keep the bed dry and comfy :) That diaper sure can manage multiply rewetting incidents ;)

Someone sure going to be pretty soggy in the morning and maybe a little bit cranky for not getting any sleep.

KennKyubi baby carrots baby bunny 5

KennKyubi baby carrots baby bunny 5
yeeeeeah when you start referring to the thing you loathe as anything endearing… that’s probably a bad sign…

Bunny belongs to KennKyubi

Draw by catmonkshiro


Awww poor bunny. But that look that he is giving that pacifier tells me that he really wont to suck on it but is to embarrassed to do it :( That poor thing i sure think if he start sucking on it everything is going to fell allot better then it do now.

Yizzeo Trapped as a babbeh

Yizzeo Trapped as a babbehsomeone’s in for a VERY long night…

The Hyena belongs to Yizzeo

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes someone sure is going to have one long night and that diaper he is wearing sure is going to be pretty well used. I even think that the buttons on this footed pajamas is going to brake from that super soggy wet and messy diaper. That i sure it going to be in a couple of hours when the medicine have done it work.

I bet he sure is going to be even more blushing when that happens.

Mommy’s Little Zorua Plush

Mommy's Little Zorua Plush

Plumb has found a adorable suit for Chris to wear around. This suit is made to feel and look like a giant plushie! So once Chris was padded up, she puts the suit ontop of Chris, along with the Plushie size diaper for more cuteness. The suit is so poofy, its near to impossible to walk without big waddles. If he falls over, there’s no getting up for him unless someone lifts him up! With that giant diaper along with the suit, he’ll be lucky if he can even take a step!
But now that Chris is cute looking zorua, she’s ready to go for a walk to the park with Plumb as she lets out some very cute yips like a zorua asking for attention.

Everything belongs to tails230


Aww poor Chris he sure going to have a very hard time walking around now and i sure he is going to attract allot of attentions to.