Looks like I have a new job role. And I’m only being paid in DIAPERS! GAAAHHH

The cat and text by BabyPandora

Draw by BabyStar

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Aww poor thing it sure seems like she is going to have a new job role in the company but it sure dont seems to like the situation. I sure wounder how she is going to do in here new job situation. She sure seems to be fit for the task but maybe she needs to wear some thicker diaper?

Babyfur Comic: Clownshoes’ Humiliation, Part 1

Babyfur Comic: Clownshoes' Humiliation, Part 1Clownshoes gets babied and laughed at when forced to show off his diaper and suck on a pacifier.

Order by Rogeykun

Draw and text by warpwarp1929

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Aww poor Clownshoes. This bird sure seems to have ended up in a pretty blushing situation here. I sure wounder way he is not crying from all the laughing around him.

Roadtrip Accident

Roadtrip AccidentThis is what happens when Starbuck’s mom forgets to put him in a thicker night diaper before a long car trip…

The poor leaking dragon and text belongs to GibsonScratch

Draw by Blankie

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Aww poor Starbuck but i sure agree whit him that a leaking diaper sure is match worse then a stinky messy diaper. Now his mother going to have allot of cleaning and drying to do :( Maybe she should have put him in some thicker diaper for the car trip? But it sure is to late to do anything about it now.

SURPRISE! Soggy butt!

SURPRISE! Soggy butt!Here we have Doux picking on Cody once again…but this time got Cody off guard in the most embarrassing way this time….a diaper check.

Characters in this drawing belongs to CodyOmega and ZombiNeko

Text by CodyOmega

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Aww poor Cody looks like Doux have discover that Cody have ended up whit a pretty soggy diaper. Poor thing i think that he soon is going to need to have that soggy diaper changed before it start leaking.

He sure have a big blushing face right now.

Hypnotized Messy Sissy

Hypnotized Messy SissyAfter getting ready for her weekend alone wearing only her diaper and a frilly dress, she opened a box on her desk which contained a special pacifier. She didn’t know why it was special but that’s what the box and the description on the internet said. Without thinking she put it in her mouth and began sucking on it. After a minute or two she started to hear a quiet whisper but the brushed it off since noone except her was in the house. Then some minutes later she heard the voice again but this time it was louder and also seemed to control her body. She couldn’t do anything as the pacifier slowly hypnotized her. The pacifier demanded her to fill her diaper and show the world how much she loved her diaper. Since she was hypnotized she couldn’t do anything but whimper as the felt her tail lifting up and her body loosing all control she had over her bodily functions. She just stood ther and felt her diaper grow warmer in the front and heavier in the back. Soon she was standing in a soaked and completly full diaper that sagged nearly to her knees. She didn’t want to admit it but she liked the feeling of her full diaper even after the pacifier stopped to hypnotize her.

Hyena and text belongs to Yuki_Suka-fu

Draw by catmonkshiro

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Yes wearing a well used diaper sure can feel pretty nice and cozy and sometimes you need a little help to make the diaper that way :)

Squishy Diaper Play

Squishy Diaper PlayDraw and everything by ludisluteo

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Aww looks like someone get a very special diaper time here. He sure have one special look in his eyes and face. It sure look pretty cute together whit that pacifier that he is sucking on. Someone sure is going to release one big orgasm into that thick wet diaper :)

This sure is one amazing drawing :)