Sierra, Blue and Maisy – Laying Eggs

Sierra, Blue and Maisy - Laying EggsHe went and told Maisy about it, but misinterpreted Bwuu’s cute little joke, and now these cute kids think they can get Bwuu to lay a golden goose egg for them…..they’re gonna be a bit disappointed with the result.

Draw and everything by OverFlo207


Yes this two girl sure is going to be disappointed when they found out the truth that he dont can lay any golden egg. The only thing they going to find is some stinky mess.

Should be nice to see there faces when they relies this :)

Fwo and RyeRye-Kins – Lil Stinker

Fwo and RyeRye-Kins - Lil Stinkerhere’s RyeRye, babysitting my little puppy butt. Unfortunetly Fwo got a little greedy during snack time and totally pigged out before his afternoon walk, soooo….he kinda had a little stinky accident in the middle of his walkies. But thankfully babysitter RyeRye came to his rescue, and got Fwo’s stinky booty to a public restroom, where he gave the pup a well-needed diaper change. Needless to say, Fwo was quite embarrassed, but he got to wear his sitter’s crown for a while, so that cheered him up a bit. He was RyeRye’s stinky little princess.

A gift to RyeRye-kins

Draw by OverFlo207


Yes poor little pup it sure looks like she made a big stinky mess in here diaper.

Cez – A Diaper-Load of BlueBerry Pie

Cez - A Diaper-Load of BlueBerry PieRegressed, but still starve’n for his favorite blueberry pie! Cez the weasel has plenty of room for seconds, though he may need another diaper soon, lol.

Order by Weaselhero53

Draw and text by OverFlo207


Yes it sure looks like Cez really love his blueberry pie and now when he have loaded his diaper whit the first one he is ready for some more :)

Morgan and Cindy – UnPrincessly Behavior

Morgan and Cindy - UnPrincessly BehaviorThe adorable little infant Morgan, had a little accident in his princess diapey. So embarrassed, he could cry, but his loving motherly Cindy comforts the little child, assuring the young princess that all is well.

Order by

Draw by OverFlo207


Yes i agree whit here mother Cindy. You are still a little infant Morgan so it is normal for you to have messy accident. At least you are wearing your diaper. I bet you should think it was even more embarrassed to have a messy accident on the floor.

Lynx – Full Cruxette

Lynx - Full CruxetteOrder by OverFlo207

Draw by Lynx189


This is one poofy and thick diaper butt this furry have. It should be so awesome to pat it :)

Cobalt – Fox Bondage (Clean)

Cobalt - Fox Bondage (Clean) Flo isn’t used to getting paid for doing something that brings him pleasure. What can I do with money? I can’t eat it. It smells funny…and not the nice smell, like from a dirty diaper. My momma said I could give the money to her…and I did.

Order by cobaltfox

Draw and text by OverFlo207


Someone understand this story together whit this drawing? This boy sure have a angry look on his face.