Cobalt – Fox Bondage (Clean)

Cobalt - Fox Bondage (Clean) Flo isn’t used to getting paid for doing something that brings him pleasure. What can I do with money? I can’t eat it. It smells funny…and not the nice smell, like from a dirty diaper. My momma said I could give the money to her…and I did.

Order by cobaltfox

Draw and text by OverFlo207


Someone understand this story together whit this drawing? This boy sure have a angry look on his face.

Flo and Baby Flo – Reference Sheet

Flo and Baby Flo - Reference SheetHeres adult Flo, whose hungry for battle, and baby Flo, whose hungry for breastfeeding from any girl who’ll give it to him. Silly puppy doesn’t know any better, at age 2, baby Flo (we’ll just call him Fwo to distinguish him from his adult counterpart) he is kind of a klutz…and very very stinky.
Finally got a reference sheet built for both his forms, enjoy.

Draw and everything by OverFlo207


Yes it sure looks like one of this furrys is in need of a diaper change. Look how soggy and messy his diaper looks like. It really seems to be close to it breaking points by now.

Megaman ZX – Cedre and Rose Under Attack

Megaman ZX - Cedre and Rose Under Attack‘Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.’

How many times had she heard that phrase? Regardless, it seemed to finally be biting her on the ass.

It had started a few days ago, another boring day where the kick ass and beautiful guardian Cedre was stuck doing inventory and selling E-Tanks to other members, instead of being out in the field showing everyone how it’s done! The E-tanks were great for super charging a person’s regenerative nanites when damaged, and giving a small boost of energy when otherwise healthy. While it wasn’t the job she wanted, Cedre recognized the importance of it and thus gave it her all.

Seeming out of nowhere Cedre had suddenly doubled over, her abdomen feeling like it was on fire. She had been vaguely aware, and heavily embarrassed, when she felt her bladder and bowels release on their own accord. Despite the pain, Cedre had tried to stop, but the puddle around her feet continued to grow the same as the load in her pants. The door to the room opening was the last thing she’d seen before mercifully blacking out.

Coming too later, Cedre found herself in a bed in the base’s medical center. Gone was her guardian uniform, replaced with a hospital gown and, to her humiliation, a heavily soiled adult diaper. Keeping the bed sheets over herself, she examined the room around her, finding a number of beds occupied. To her horror, the top field officer and chosen one, Aile, occupied the bed next to her.

Cedre recognized every person in a bed; she had sold E-tanks to each of them that day or just the day prior! Each guardian in a bed were also clad in hospital gowns and a diaper, the state varying from person to person. Putting the pieces together, Cedre found two emotions quickly dominating her; rage and shame. She had been in charge of E-tanks on the ship, and while it wasn’t her preferred duty she’d still taken it seriously. And failed.

But she’d make it right. Sliding out of bed, she grabbed a pair of hospital pants and the open package of diapers next to her bed, albeit reluctantly, and left the medical center. Rushing to her room, she grabbed her side arm, her trusted rocket launcher, several carry bags for ammunition, and her uniform. Quickly changing into her uniform and a clean diaper, Cedre ran to the trans server room and warped out of the base.

It had taken her just over a day of detective work to track down the source of the corrupted E-tanks. Scoping out the shipping plant she’d determined was the source of the corrupted E-tanks, she found it swarmed with mercenaries and maverick guard mechaniloids; it was a grim realization that she hadn’t over reacted by grabbing her rocket launcher.

After navigating her way through the shipping plant and taking down any hired mercs or guards unfortunate enough to get in her way, Cedre reached the control room and began hacking her way through the system. It was there she confirmed what she’d begun to suspect; the E-tanks sent to the guardian HQ were intentionally corrupted! Digging deeper, she discovered that the corrupted E-tanks were shipped out to the other Guardian bases, not just the HQ!

In a stroke of luck, Cedre found a data file explaining how the E-tanks were sabotaged and the method to fix the issues they’d caused, which was personally good for Cedre since she was down to her last few diapers. Calling all the guardian bases, including the airship, she warned them of the dangers of future E-tank contamination as well as transmitting the cure data. Downing a dose of the cure herself and stocking up a number of E-tanks cures for immediate consumption for her friends back at HQ, Cedre took the in base trans server and warped back to the guardian airship, intent on getting some well deserved sleep.

It was not to be however, as the airship was under siege by enemy forces! Taken by surprise by enemies in the server room, she suffered heavy damage before managing to put them down. An E-tank helped deal with the worst of the damage, but it seemed the cure working through her system was reducing the usual effects of the tank.

If that weren’t enough, her uniform had been badly damaged from the enemy’s plasma guns; patches of her sleeves were gone, the front of her chest and right shoulder burned through and missing, revealing what remained of the hospital gown she’d kept on underneath. Her pants had so many holes in them that it was a struggle to keep them up, so with great reluctance she shed them, leaving her diaper exposed to the world.

Once she felt recovered enough, Cedre exited the server room. Her first destination was clear; she needed to get to the medical center, both to defend it and get the cure into the system of the other guardians, especially Aile! Progress was quick thanks to her trusted rocket launcher, which she’d only used having known the insides of the ship was just as heavily reinforced on the inside as the outside, and she soon found herself at the medical center.

To her surprise, the wing was half empty and showed signs of combat. A quick conversation with the head nurse Muguet filled her in on the situation; the enemy attacking was Slither Inc., a serum had been developed to temporarily reduce the effects of the corrupted E-tanks enough to allow Aile and other field agents to operate again, and Aile was heading down to the airship’s power core where the enemy was. Having gotten what she could, Cedre exchanged the actual E-tank cure for some bandages and left the center, determined to help Aile and her fellow guardians beat back these mavericks!

That plan was quickly tossed out the window when hordes of enemies swarmed the hallway. A few shots from her rocket launcher helped thin out the horde, but Cedre could see more coming from around the corner. Knowing the medical center was defenseless, she bunkered down and continued firing her rockets and side arm.

Minutes felt like hours to Cedre as she fought; plasma rounds and rockets soared down the hallway both ways, mavericks and guardians alike taking heavy damage. With help from Muguet and her assistant Rose, they’d managed to pull some of the injured guardians back into the med center for protection, when a sudden burst of gunfire and rockets came from the enemy forces.

Cedre managed to lessen the damage by countering with her own rockets, but a lot still got through. A rocket managed to bring down parts of the ceiling, including over the med center’s doorway sealing it off, while the gunfire had downed nearly all the remaining guardians in the hallway, including Rose. Firing the last of her rockets back, Cedre saw the last of the enemy forces blow up, allowing a small reprieve in combat.

Groaning to herself, she managed to shift her fellow guardians behind cover, the cave in from the ceiling having provided such an advantage. Once done with that, she collapsed against a wall with another groan, feeling exhausted. Still she persisted, despite barely being able to stand, and began trying to fix the bandages on her arm that had loosened during the fight. Cedre idly noted in her current position, her currently soaked diaper was just inches away from an unconscious Rose’s face. Before she could fix that however, a hum filled the air from down the hallway.

A figure appeared from around the corner, two small sentinels hovering just over their head. As Cedre’s vision became more clear, so did the details of this person. Clearly a woman, she wore armor with a blue, black, and white colored scheme, and wielded a staff of all things. The hum filling the air was traced to the two sentinels floating above the woman’s head, one charging electrical energy, the other shimmering with icy energy.

All colored drained from Cedre’s face as she realized what and who she was facing. Known as ‘The Witch’ to most, the woman’s true name was Pandora and she was a trained killer capable of defeating even the chosen ones with biometals! With over five hundred confirmed kills and another few hundred rumored, fact that she rarely talked or showed emotion just made her all the more scary.

Pandora’s red eyes fell on Cedre, the woman remaining silent, however a small smile graced her face. Cedre gulped but brought up her rocket launcher; it was a bluff as she’d used all her ammunition already, but it was all she could do against this mass murderer. Her eyes suddenly widened and she felt blood rush to her cheeks as a loud and rude noise filled the air.

The smile on Pandora’s face grew wider and amusement filled her eyes as Cedre’s bowels noisily released. Cedre didn’t know if her accident was caused by any lingering effects from the corrupt E-tanks or if it was from sheer fear at the woman before her, but it really didn’t matter at this point; something had to happen in the next few seconds or else her name was about to be added to the long list of The Witch’s victims!

Draw and everything by OverFlo207


A kind of nice story to this drawing.

FennecBunny – A Tense Moment

FennecBunny - A Tense MomentAn internal battle

After a proper feeding, parents can do no more than to watch and wait, nervously staring as their pwecious baby begins its preparations for it’s daily battle routine. When at last the moment arrives, the moment a baby realizes it has to stop what its doing and start pushing…the battle has begun. Now within her stomach, the food makes its attack, and with maximum effort, baby fights this internal beast raging inside, trying to force out the evil that dwells within her. She puts on her warrior’s face and begins baring down on the poopy monster. First from a standing position, she then lowers to a squatted crouch when she truly means business. With cute squeaks, grunts and farts, she composes the war-music, and fights for all she’s worth. But baby’s battle is never done, not until she’s conquered the stinky, not until she basks in the aroma of her fallen adversary, can she stand again to receive the welcoming embrace of a fresh diaper from her parents. And so she lets out her war cry; a strenuous series of grunts and huffing and puffing. Her enemy bulges up into a smelly mass behind her, pushed against her padded bottom. Eventually the cursed beast is expelled into the diaper, it’s new prison. And if the baby should choose to have no mercy for her defeated nemesis, she may fall back on her diapered bum to finish it off, as punishment for the unpleasant ordeal it’s put her through. But eventually she is washed of the stink of battle, as her enemy is rolled up into a padded ball and cast into the trash. With a nice clean diaper around her waist, she walks into the sunset to play and have fun once again, enjoying the small break from battle. But the war is never done…

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Draw and story by OverFlo207


Wow this sort of text and pose in the drawing really explain in a special way the fight the little baby have when she or he is producing a massive stinky diaper.

This was a awesome drawing.