Lunch time

Lunch timedon’t worry everyone, Argi is still alive after this! he might not want to be but he is :3c

Order by Not_original77

Draw by operationfluff


It sure dont looks like Argi is on a nice trip this time poor Raccoon.

He sure is going to ended up at some point inside this thick soggy Abri Form X-Plus diaper butt.

There is no key

There is no key - Clean version
My chastity was always going to be permanent but Mistress sure like to rub it in sometimes. She gets to rub it in but I can never rub one out.

Mistress: citrinetopaz

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by operationfluff


Poor wolf it dont seems like he is going to be allow to touch his male part for a very long time and its is not going to be able to grow either when it is inside that chastity cage. It seems like he dont even can feel it inside that thick abri form x-plus diaper that he is forced to wear.

There is no key - Messy versionThere is no key - Wet version


My Empty Bottle

My Empty Bottle
Well Char had been drinking the bottle and looks like all the juice had to go somewhere.

Order and text by The_Char_Char

Draw by operationfluff


Yes it sure looks like the juice had a very big hurry to end up inside this thick diaper :)

cray cray

cray crayThe weary messy fox: theanon

Draw by operationfluff


Looks like this Fox have ended up whit a weary soggy messy diaper here. This Fox really seems to like wearing his thick diapers and use it.

Don’t change my diaper her mom

Don't change my diaper her mom (Clean Version)
Don’t change my diaper her mom (Clean Version)
Don't change my diaper her mom (Wet Version)
Don’t change my diaper her mom (Wet Version)
Don't change my diaper her mom (Messy Version)
Don’t change my diaper her mom (Messy Version)

Shopping trips can always be fun…Except when you’re thickly padded.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘How could this possibly get any worse?’ right?

Public diaper changes can always get a bouncy, happy fox like Dakota into a blushing ball of fluff with tucked back ears in an instant.

Art © operationfluff

Cub: DakotaLyrac


I can understand that DakotaLyrac think this should not be the right place where his mother should change his diaper. But he cannot walk around whit that messy and wet diaper because if he do that he can get some nasty and bad diaper rash and that is not good. And for the second that is no way that he can hide this bad smell from his wet and messy diaper so outer furrys should find out on that way that he wears diaper. But i hope that DakotaLyrac mother make a quick diaper change so he dont need to show to match furry that he needs and still wears diaper. That should be the best for DakotaLyrac right now.

I can understand that he dont wont his diaper to be change on a public bench but like i have mention before he cannot walk around whit this messy and wet diaper.


You Cannot Deny That You Love Diapers


Draw by: operationfluff


Yes i can agree to the pitcher that you dont can deny that you like to wear your diapers and use them like the are made for. You need to accept that you are a diaper wetting lover and you dont can deny what you like to wear and use. That is only bad and hard for you to stop wear them. You are going to miss you diapers allot. I know i have bean there my self. But i have learn over time to accept my diaper and dont deny any more that i like to wear and use them.