Bedtime story

Bedtime storyThe cute little wolf sparkypup

Draw by Onzeno

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Aww it looks like this cute little wolf is ready for his bedtime story before he is going to sleep.

This is one happy cub that we have here and it is always nice to here a little story before you are going to sleep.

Night time diaper check

Night time diaper check
Night time diaper check

Ronald like to checks his friends diaper in the night when he sleep all nice and happy. Ronald can get up 5 times in one night only to make sure that his best friends diaper is enough dry so it dont should like in the bed. He dont wont his best friend to walk up in a cold wet bed. Or that his favorite plushy should be wet from his leaking diaper. He know how sad he should be if that happens. So he do the best he can bay checking his diaper when he sleep.

This is proof of a relay good and awesome friends that love to do the night time diaper check on his friend. :)

Cubs in the drawing:



Draw by: onzeno

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Balloon Cowboy

Balloonie Cowboy
Balloonie Cowboy

Kenny is enjoying today’s playtime! He loves blowing up balloons and riding his pretty inflatable purple pony like a good cub!

Artwork by: onzeno

Character: kennykitsune

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

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Seams like Kenny have a very fun time playing on his horse. I can understand that it is a fun thing to do and he have his diaper on if he need to go potty. I hope he stop to blow the balloon son it can pop if he continues.