Playing whit a soggy diaper – adiaperloversblog

It sure looks like someone likes to play whit his soggy wet diaper :) It sure is nice to hear the crinkle sound that get released from the diaper when is playing whit it.

Soggy and squishy Little Pawz diaper – onlydiapervideos

It sure seems like this diaper boy have ended up whit one squishy Little Pawz diaper.

Diaper wetting Tykables Overnights

Looks like this diaper boy needed to go wetting his Tykables Overnights diaper :) What a good boy he is using his diaper instead of the big boys potty ;)

Diaper girl really needed to go potty – onlydiapervideos

It really seems like this diaper girl needed to go potty. Looks like she really empty here bowel into the waiting diaper.

Close up messy butt – loveablediaperboy

Poor diaper boy it looks like he needed to go stinky in his diaper. Look how saggy his diaper butt seems to be after that messy load he released into his diaper. Now he need to go and find mommy or daddy and ask if they could change him.

Diaper boy waddling around – diaperfag-waddlebottom

aww looks like this diaper boy waddle around showing everyone that he is wearing a thick and cozy diaper :) (ABU Space diaper)