The soggy sailor need a diaper change

The soggy sailor need a diaper changeKiba whimpers and pouts*Can someone plz change my diaper I am weally wet right now

Kiba and text by onikiba

Draw by MarciMcadam


Poor little sailor it seems like it is not only his bot that can end up leaking if something happen to it. It seems like his diaper can end up whit some leaking problems to if it gets to wet. This seems to be a pretty big leak to.

Mud play

Mud playKiba onikiba

Draw by MarciMcadam


It looks like the wolf cub Kiba have some fun playtime whit his friends. But he should problem thinking about to had back to his mother pretty soon. His diaper looks to be kind of well used and need to be change before he starting to leak.

Happy Birthday Little Kiba

Happy Birthday Little KibaHAPPY BIRTDAY,KIBA!” all shouted at once!
Little Kiba was very excited and apart of that, it was a very great day too!After the birthday party, and when all his friends are gone to their homes, Kiba looked at his many gifts that his friends had brought him!

Kiba:”I will open this! No, better this one! Not yet! This will be better!”

Poor little Kiba!He never decided by which birthday gift he was going to open,because he was so exhausted and he fell asleep on them!^^

Happy birtday,Kiba!^^

Kiba belong to onikiba

Lineart by Victor/colors by Nelson88 and story writer as well


Looks like the birthday party was to match for Kiba. He fall asleep before he could open his presents. Hope he have some sweet and nice dreams now :)

What was that?

What was that?Foxys mother have recently change Foxys wet diaper into a clean one before his nap. When Foxy was walking over to the crib from the changing table he heard a loud plop. Foxy end up weary surprised when he heard that sound so he decide to look back at the changing table where his mother still make some clean up after the change.

But he could not find the source for it so he decide to turn around and waddling back and ask his mother about it.

Draw by: Brevity

This is a cute comment from a friend about this drawing: pop go’s da onesie. Posted by: onikiba

You looking at me?

You looking at me?why are you looking at me like that ^^;

Wolf: onikiba

Draw by: artikai


The reason that i look on you this way is because its smells like you have a messy diaper. Did you have a messy accident in your diaper?

Tears in Heaven

Tears in HeavenA late Sun night A good friend of Kiba Pass away,

Kiba: onikiba

Artist: fredvegerano


Poor Kiba this remember me of something that happen when i was a kid. One of my neighbors that i was kind of close to and always love to talk whit suddenly past away in a heart attack youst like that. That night and day after i was kind of sad to and was easy to tears so i understand how you feels and how sad it is to lost someone that is close to you. But remember as long as you remember him, he will always be in your heart.