Getting ready for bed – babyjamey

Looks like this diaper boy decided to get ready for bed and put on his clean and thick Rearz Lil Squirts diaper :)

Now when he have that and his onesies on he is all ready for bedtime :)

Stinky Present

Stinky PresentSometimes when a cub tries to help you by changing themselves they have a hard time asking for help. least he is honest about it.

Draw and everything by Xepher777


Aww looks like this little Cub manage to take his own diaper off. I only hope that he dont end up whit a accident now when he is standing there holding his soggy diaper in front of mommy to show here that he needs a new diaper.


ooohh~funny thing about magical items you can find them in the most strange places or what littles would call magical as it makes them go in to the head space hehe in this case the item is a lava lamp X’3

The cute furrys in this drawing Charry and Jayferret

Draw and text by Charry


It looks like this two furry s having some nice and fun time when they are watching this lava lamp :)

Public bathroom diaper change – matte20

Looks like this diaper boy needed to make a public bathroom diaper change and change his wet ABU PreSchool into a clean and dry one :)

Big diaper leak – craigysaurus

It sure looks like the diaper could not handle any more wetting. Look how match it have start leaking. This diaper really need to be changed.

Babying machine

Babying machineafter having been successfully diapered, clothed and fed by the babying machine, it seems like Viscra’s husband is ready to pick her up from where she’s being held. hopefully the machine will change her before being turned over though. :P

Horse and text by Shei-La

Draw by CuddleHooves


Yes maybe the baby machine decide to change this little horse diaper after the bottle all depends how soggy it is.

Seems like it checking that out during the bottle feeding.