Onesies Problem – blazylazy

Aww poor girl looks like the onesies could not handle the sagging diaper :( But it sure was good it was there to handle the accident :)

Never Make It

Never Make It

Order by thefurryboat

Draw by MonsterBunny


Aww looks like his caretaker was right about that. But at least it is good that he wearing a diaper that can handle that sort of things :)

But he sure dont look so happy about the situation.

Sooo sleepy – crinklepupster

If you are kind of super sleepy it sure can be good to be wearing some good diapers. And it sure seems like that is what this boy decided to do. This Cuddlz Nursery printed diaper sure looks thick. But i sure think he have added a couple of boosters to the diaper to make it look this thick.

Have a paci-ed kitten in a rather saggy onesie

Yes it sure seems like this cat have ended up whit one very sagging diaper butt here. Maybe it is time for someone to do a diaper check on this cat and understand that it is time to change this cats diaper before his onesies end up whit from a leaking diaper.

Who is ready for his diaper change? – Anmerkungen

I bet this adult baby boy is ready for a new clean diaper. And it seems like he is in need of a new diaper to. Now when his mommy is checking his diaper to see if she needs to change it. Good thing he is having such a good mother that’s know how to handle and care for here baby boy :)

Messy sparky

Messy sparkyThe poor blushing wolf sparkypup

Draw by Pidgopidgey


Awww poor wolf it sure seems like he have released one big stinky load into his diaper. The diaper have expended so match so the onesies can not handle it any more and have snap wide open exposing his soggy heavy diaper :(