Metal Gear Padded 2

Metal Gear Padded 2Rex © ReXam-1
Art by ReXam-1


A little remake of a drawing he made 5 years ago:

Its is easy to see that he have develop his drawing skills over the years :)

Arts and Crafts Mishap

Arts and Crafts MishapApparently, cutting up and making art projects our of Mr. Iakhot’s work papers was not the brightest of ideas.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Iakhot


Poor Caiden it seems like he have ended up whit a new red butt. He always seems to ended up whit new mistakes about things that he should not do.

uh.. it wasnt me?

uh.. it wasnt me?uhh ohs…. I think im in twouble

Draw and everything by Charry


Yes it sure looks like you are in for some trouble now when you have spilled the orange juice all over the floor. Maybe we should go back that you only are allowed to use sippy cup or baby bottles. Then we dont need to worry about this kind of accidents.

Onsies are hard!

Onsies are hard!Cub: cinnamin

Draw by Fenelek


Poor little cub it seems like he having a very hard time to put on this onesies over that diaper. He need a thiner diaper or a onesies that have more room in the diaper aria for thick diapers.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe MalfunctionSomeone must have spiked my bottle!

Fox tfbaxxter

Draw by Xepher777


Poor diaper boy it sure looks like he have end up whit a pretty messy diaper butt now and maybe he is right about that someone have put something special in his baby bottle that should help him messy his diaper. That is one big mess that he have made.

Christmas Snuggles

Christmas SnugglesWolf: muarauder12

Draw by Yookey


aww this is the best thing about being a cub that you can waddling around hug your favorite plush. This is a very cute drawing.

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