Onesie problem

Onesie problem

Please, help him to put his onesie again.

Draw and everything by ozzybear


Awww poor thing someone have ended up whit one kind of problem here :( Maybe the diaper is to thick for his onesie to handle?

All nice and dry – lowstar

Yes is always nice to be back into a clean and dry diaper special if the old one was soggy and sagging from the heavy load. That sure means that you have use it pretty well and should be changed before it start leaking.

lowstar sure have posted some great and good photos here :)

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 10

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 10 Draw and everything by cargoweasel


Yes it sure was a good thing that the movie has ended otherwise this mouse had end up whit a leaking diaper and some wet footed sleeper. And that should not be any fun :(

But it sure seems like someone leave them all in a hurry. Wounder way he seems to be so upset?

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 9

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 9These characters watch movies and go to work and do all the regular stuff any of us do, but they also wear diapers and get cubby whenever they can.

Draw and everything by cargoweasel


Looks like they have a fun night together watching movies :)


Pirate.exe Mieko finds out that if you keep downloading too many movies, songs, and games illegally, you may forget to check ALL of them carefully enough for virus’ before you click “Download”.

It’s fine though, he’ll have the next 5 years to think that over….Oh wait…Maaaayne noooot so much “THINKING” it over…


Order by mieko

Draw by Kit_Kiama


Aww poor Mieko looks like he have found one special program here that is hiding inside the things he have downloaded.

Looks like the virus is going to mental and age regress him back to a cub state. Only hope someone can tack care of him during this time.

Poofy Dragon may need changed

Poofy Dragon may need changedThe cute little dragon belongs to Lil_Dragon_Draco

Draw by cuddlehooves


Awww looks like this cute little dragon is in need of a diaper change. Good thing that his diaper not have start leaking yet and destroyed his cute toothless pjs :)