Oli got Diaper Pailed

Oli got Diaper PailedThe sleeping pills hit Oli harder than Fisk expected.

Within 10 minutes, Oli was passed out on the floor of the nursery. Fisk was getting back at Oliver, who’d tossed away all of his underwear only to replace them with diapers. It’d made Fisk’s work.. extra challenging. The otter wasn’t as amused as Oliver was.

Fisk worked fast, starting to mummify Oliver with three rolls of bondage tape. He figured it was kind of overkill, but this guaranteed Oli wasn’t going anywhere. He could feel Oliver wriggling in his sleep in response to being shifted around. The wolf let out a little groan as Fisk picked up the now-encased wolf, and he was placed down next to their new diaper pail. The otter picked him up and placed him down in it. It was already half full, so Fisk made a make-shift, squishy chair for Oli to sit on.

Fisk dragged the other pail over. With the amount of diapers Oli, Fisk and guests went through a day, it was no surprise the nursery had three pails. Fisk started filling up the pail Oli was now in. Fisk had to plug his nose at the smell; he might have been used to Oli’s, but this was pretty bad too. And that’s probably what woke the wolf up.

“F-Fisk..? w-what is that smell..?” Oli said groggily as he started to wake up. Fisk paid him no mind and continued to fill his pail with used diapers. After a few more moments, Oliver mustered the energy to move-

but he couldn’t.

Panicked now, Oliver’s focus returned and he looked around.

“wait, what aRE YOU DOING?!” Oli said, struggling against his bindings. There must have been a quarter-inch of bondage tape around him, he could practically feel how thick it was. Fisk just kept burying the wolf in used diapers, already up to his chest. He could feel the pressure grow around him as he was squished from all sides.
Fisk placed the last few diapers around Oliver’s head, making sure the smelliest ones were saved for last.

“There, that should do it! All nice and buried.” The otter said, still keeping one of his paws on his nose.

Fisk enjoyed watching Oliver struggle in his predicament. He squirmed, whimpered, and tried to bite the tape, only to bury his nose deep into the diapers to no avail. Fisk chuckled as he saw the wolf’s cheeks puff out as he tried to hold his breath.

“Anyway,” Fisk started. “It’s 11am now, I’ll be back at 10 to check on you. I’ve got to work!” The otter smiled. “And don’t worry about food,” Fisk said, shoving a hose in Oli’s mouth. “Eat when you’re hungry. I’m not sure how much lax I ended up putting in here. Tripp could tell you.”


“Oh, right! I mentioned to your friends I’d be having a little fun with you today. They definitely agreed not to help you out.” With that, Fisk turned around and walked out the door, pulling down his shirt to try and hide the diaper he had on.


Oliver was really struggling now. Every time he did, the smell got worse and he could here the squishing of all the diapers he was surrounded by. After just two hours, he was already hungry, and his diaper was soaked. Once he started sucking the food mush from the tube, it activated and started to pump it into him. Oli gulped down cheek-fulls of mush at a time, having a hard time keeping up with the machine. He figured he’d just wolf-down 2 kilos of food and spit out the feeding tube. That would keep him until Fisk got back to let him out.

After 15 minutes, Oliver could feel his bloated stomach already putting pressure on him. After 30 minutes, he couldn’t hold it back anymore, and as quickly as the mush was pumped into him, it started to pack the back of his diaper. Oli could feel the warm mush completely fill the back, and started to force its way to the front. He whimpered at it reached his crotch, over-stimulating his sensitive area as he tried to squish and hump it all around. He moaned in pleasure as he kept filling his pampers, and let out a squealed whimper when he finally reached climax.

Oli sat panting, buried in diapers and exhausted. When he finally re-cooped from the climax, there was now nothing he wanted more then getting out. “TRIIIIIIPP!” “TRIIIIPP!” Oliver shouted for his A.I assistant, who appeared as a hologram in front of him.

“Tripp, p-please let me out of this. This is gross.” The wolf said, shifting and squishing around in his pail.

The small snow leopard chuckled. “No way I’m doing that! I helped Fisk PLAN this! You’re stuck in there, kid.” The snow leopard taunted.

“Can’t you do ANYTHING?” Oli pleaded, his ears splayed down.

“Hmm… –right!! There is one thing! What time is Fisk back?”

The wolf’s eyes glimmered with hope. “22:00! So..?”

Tripp smiled deviously, and before Oliver knew it he heard a more primitive-robotic voice announce: “Permanent Seal Activated: Set to 22:00.”

“What is–“

“Your lab assistant, Oreo, was getting a little tired of the smell you two left behind. She modified this pail to seal the diaper bag, permanently. It’d take a hell of a lot to tear it, because steal just won’t ‘cut it’.”

Oliver went pale.

“Don’t worry! CO2 and O2 are completely permeable~! I can’t say the same for the… other gasses. But hopefully, Fisk comes home early!” With that, Tripp’s hologram disappeared. Oliver gulped.


Through the rest of the time, Oliver could hear little warning beeps from the pail, followed by: “1 hour remaining.” “30 minutes, remaining.” which he could only guess were for checking if you’d accidently dropped something in the pail, like you phone… or your significant other.

At about 15 minute remaining, Oliver heard the front door open. It was Fisk. He took his time getting undressed and settled in. Oliver shouted out for him.

“Fisk? Let me out!”


The otter opened the door to the nursery, immediately bringing his paws to his nose.

“Oh gosh, Oliver! You really stink now, don’t you!” He said, walking behind him and rubbing his headfur. “It’s been a long day for me, but don’t worry, I got you something!”

“Fisk, you have to let me out now!” Oli heard the sounds of tapes ripping.

“Please! Fisk, Tripp activated a setting on the p–” Before Oliver could finish, Fisk wrapped his well used padding around the wolf’s head with a big *SQUIIIISH*.

“MMPH?! MMMNPH!!” Oliver’s headfur was now completely soaked, and his highly sensitive nose was buried in the squishy padding material. Oliver shook his head as Fisk secured the tapes tightly around him. It wasn’t coming off.

“Oh, sorry; what did you say? You didn’t really finish.” Fisk taunted, squishing his paws into the diaper and muffling Oli. Oliver tried shouting through the diaper, but it was secured, tight. Two minutes were left on the timer. Fisk hadn’t seen it.


“Oliver, you should really learn how to talk properly one of these days. I can’t understand a word you’re saying!”


“I’m going to go watch some TV now, I’ll get you out in an hour!”


With that, the door shut, and the wolf was left buried in squishy diapers, his own completely packed with mush, and a well used one secured around his head. It really did come back to bite him in the end.

Oliver heard a long beep. He could now feel himself sinking deeper into the diapers as they started to squish around his face more and more, until his head was completely submerged. There was a brief pause, and he heard a faint crinkling from above him;
the bag had sealed shut.

Draw and everything by Oliver_AD

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27243981/

Poor Oliver wounder if he now is forced to spend the rest off his time inside that stinky bag of soggy wet and messy diapers. That sure is not a nice fate for him :(

This isn’t even half

This isn't even half“Glad I can’t smell you, too bad you can’t say the same. When this unlocks in 45 hours, you’re going right in the diaper pail. Maybe I’ll transform you back before garbage day~!”

“m-mMMPH!” >////<

Draw and everything by Oliver_AD

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26192438/

Poor Oliver it sure seems like he is going to be force to smell that stinky diaper for a very long time :(

I only hope he is going to be transformed back to his old self before garbage day. But before that he is going to be force to spend some time whit the used diaper in the diaper pail. That sure is going to be pretty stinky place to be in.

Stuck as a Diaper

Stuck as a Diaper“We’re all out, Oli.” The Otter said, leaned over checking under the bed.

“Out of what?” Oliver came up beside him to see what he was talking about.

“Diapers. I think you took the last one..” Fisk said, a little nervously.

Oliver snickered. “Aww, do you need a change, puddlepup?” He said, reaching over and groping the front of his soaked diaper, giving it a big *SQUISH*. He’d been in it for 12 hours, all the paw wetness-indicators were gone. “Jeez, it sure SMELLS like you do too.” Oliver taunted.

The otter turned bright red. He was quite musky.
“H-HEY! It’s not like you’re any better…” He started. “How many days have you been in that underwear?” He shot back, pointing at Oliver’s briefs.

“Not important; still smell better than you~!” He said cheerily.

Fisk grumbled. He’d gotten rid of all of his underwear after he decided he was going to be in diapers 24/7. Usually that would mean he’d have a huge stash for use, but he didn’t realize how fast Oliver was helping him use them. Oliver was definitely not going to lend him a pair of underwear either; this was too fun.

“C-could you, uh, head to the store and get me some more? My online order won’t get here for another 5 days.” Fisk asked, desperate.

“No way, if you want them, go get ’em~!”

“This is way too thick, people are either going to see it, hear it, o-or smell it…”

“Guess you’ll have to use some critical thinking, bud~!” Oliver teased.
“And you might want to hurry up, because you’re leaking down your leg.”

Fisk looked down. The diaper was soaked, and there was a small puddle at his feet.

“S-SHUTUP OLI.” The otter’s face lit up, and he tried to cover his padding from view with his hands. “Just get me some diapers from the corner store!”

“Nahhh~” Oli sat back in his chair, flipping channels on TV. Fisk let out a whimper before waddling back to their bedroom.

He let out a sigh. Groping his front, his paw was met with the warm squish of his soaked padding.


He moaned in pleasure as he continued to rub and squeeze the front.

“S-stupid Oliver, I don’t smell… Stealing my diapers.. If I could, I’d turn YOU–“

he was cut off as his gaze fixed onto Oliver’s corner table. He’d left his ‘TF collar’ on it. He used it frequently to turn himself into a red panda, or a snow leopard. Really, any animal he could think of, as long as it’s been scanned. He’d used it once to turn him into a–
well, literally a jet, which gave the otter an idea.

He grabbed the collar and scanned his diaper.


“Hey Oliver!” He said happily as he came into the livingroom.

Oliver chuckled, “I’m not getting a change for you, smelly.”

Fisk smiled back. “Don’t worry, you won’t have to!” The otter said, coming up behind his chair. Faster than Oliver could react, Fisk wrapped the collar onto Oliver’s neck, and it secured with a *click!*.

“h-HEY! What was that abou–“

The computer from the collar cut him off: “Voice recognition complete, wearer confirmed: OLIVER WOLF.”

Oliver had set up a voice recognition system, so that the collar could only be used by him. Now that the security was deactivated, the collar was locked on so the TF process couldn’t be interrupted.

“F-Fisk, what did you–”
Fisk let out a chuckle as Oliver started to shrink. He pulled at the collar, but the material was heavily reinforced to make sure it could not come off during the transformation. Oliver whimpered as he slowly started to turn into thick, shiny plastic. His limbs shortened and he started to flatten out. He now realized what he was being turned into. He let out a yelp.


He was now unable to speak. He was now completely transformed into a very thick, very absorbant diaper. Oliver sat folded on the chair, letting out whines and pleas to be changed back. Fisk picked him up and smiled.

“Wow! Who would have thought your TF Collar would come in handy when we ran out of diapers!” He said cheerfully. “You’re the thickest one I’ve ever seen, by a LOT!” Oliver glowed bright pink– literally.

“MMMMPH–” Oliver pleaded.

‘You’ve had your fun, now change me back!’ He thought.

As if he knew what he was thinking, the otter responded:

“Not a chance, Oli. You’re replacing THIS.” He said, squishing and pawing at his soaked, musky pampers.

‘H-he couldn’t be serious, he can’t–‘

Fisk started untaping his old diaper and it plopped to the floor. He brought Oliver to the bathroom where he reapplied baby powder and lots of diaper rash cream. He picked Oliver up, and saw the look of horror in his face.

“Oh, the diaper transformation has you… right over my butt. Well, that’ll be a bit unfortunate… for you.” Fisk teased.

Oliver still had most of his senses, especially smell.

“Alright, how’s that feel? Comfy down there~?”


“Great! Now enough waiting, let’s see how much you can hold…”


The otter gave a big push, sending what he’d been holding all morning, and started wetting. Oliver whimpered as he started to absorb it all. The warm liquid began making the diaper nice and squishy, and it didn’t stop. He went on for another 30 seconds before he emptied his bladder.

“How’s THAT, Oli~?” He said as he began pawing at his inflated wolf pampers. “You hold so much! You absorbed all of that, it doesn’t even feel wet!”

“HMm–ghmMM–” he moaned between the paws rubbing over this face.


“Oh, and I haven’t even started yet. I’ve been holding THIS for quite a while too!”

The otter let out a grunt, and before Oliver knew what was going on, he was filled with a warm, squishy mess.

“Nnnngph-, there we go!” He said, pawing and kneading around the mess he just made.

“GMMMMMPH!!” Oliver pleaded as the otter pawed the mess around.

“Let’s get comfy~!” Fisk started to crouch down, then before Oliver could protest, he landed on his rump with a big *SQUIIIISH*.

“HMPH—” Oliver grunted as his face splatted onto the ground.

“You’re going to get SOOO stinky, Oli~!” He said, squishing Oliver’s face. “When I’m done with you, I’m locking you in the diaper pail with the rest of my smelly diapers.”

The otter squeezed the back again and chuckled. “You hold up so well! You’ll have NO problem staying like this for at leeeast 24 hou–” He stopped.

He hadn’t even checked how long the timer was set to for the TF. He squished Oliver around with his paws, trying to find the time it would transform him back. Behind him, on Oliver’s diaper band, the numbers glowed clear: 1 week.

“U-Um-” Fisk stammered, “I maaaay have not set the timer for your diaper transformation…”


“I-it’s no problem, all I have to do is take you off and–“

He pulled at Oliver’s tapes, but they weren’t un-glueing. He tugged harder, but they didn’t come off. He looked down to see a lock symbol over both tapes: The reinforcement lock must have stayed engaged after the diaper TF, and wouldn’t likely unlock before Oliver TF’d back. Oliver didn’t know what was going on, he couldn’t focus on anything but how stinky and mushy it was, and the otter’s paw in his face.

“Well, Oliver, looks like you’ll be stuck like that… for the week.”


Draw and everything by Oliver_AD

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24650303/

Look like they both is going to have a special week together :)

That diaper sure going to be pretty stinky by then ;)

Spacesuit Testing

Spacesuit TestingOliver’s been given a very important job; he’s testing the new spacesuit prototype for his space company! Some of his friends convinced him that he’d have to test it if he designed it, so he took the challenge. His colleagues seemed to have designed the test though, and changed the programming to activate the prolonged-use mode.

For experimental validity, they made sure Oliver wouldn’t be able to remove the suit before the 72 hours was up; he was locked in good.

Oliver pawed at his helmet, trying to twist it off, but it wasn’t budging. And he had another problem; his stomach was starting to gurgle. The suit was air-tight, and used an carbon dioxide scrubber for breathing. This would be one long, smelly, mushy experiment for Oliver.

Oliver and text by Oliver_AD

Draw by ??

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24311641/

Poor Oliver this sure is going to be one stinky terrible experiment for Oliver. It sure going to start to stink pretty good inside that spacesuit.

Unloading Cargo

Unloading CargoSketch by boredomwithfriends

Coloring and everything else by Oliver_AD

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23572476/

Yes it seems like whe have nothing to forry about here it is only the plane that decide to unload some messy cargo :)

He’s his own Night-Light!

He's his own Night-Light!Hey, I technically went a day without sinning, I should get credit for that! Well, here’s a messy version.

I just got a clean change too! D:
It’s not my faaawlt ;/^/; !!

Draw and everything by Oliver_AD

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22761112/

Looks like someone already is in need of a new diaper :) It sure seems to have start to stink pretty bad from that big mess he recently released into the waiting diaper.

It sure seems that he still needs his diapers pretty bad. Hope someone find out about his stinky messy accident so he dont need to sleep whit that big messy but the whole night. I dont think that should be pretty good if that happen. I sure think that could lead to one big diaper rash.