Come on it’s only milk

Come on it's only milk¨Come on it’s only milk. Here, I’ll show you how to drink from it¨ Chase said as he placed the teat in his muzzle and started to nurse the milk from his adult sized baby bottle.

¨O-okay…¨ Daryl said as he took the baby bottle from Chase.

Daryl hesitated for a second before placing the teat in his muzzle. He carefully squeezed the bottle. Warm, slightly sweet milk started to flow into his maw. Realising that it was actually milk, just like Chase had told him. He started to nurse his bottle, satisfied and smiling. Chase noticed this and couldn’t help but smile as well.

Maybe, just maybe he could try few other things with Daryl since he was taking all of this surprisingly well.

Daryl and text by axel1456

Draw by emeritus_terciel


It is nice of Chase to learn Daryl that it is okay to be nursing milk from a baby bottle again :)