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Dakko’s Nursery – page 1/11

Dakko's Nursery - page 1/7

Finally got myself to finish coloring the first page, yaay xD Hope you like it!

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8881722/

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Can this be a dream or is it real? What do you think is going to happen in the next pitcher? Should be nice to see that.

Of forts, maps, trees, and misogny

Of forts, maps, trees, and misogny

Just  onecho and my lil bro, akastus, enjoying some play time in the nursery! ^_^ I may use a big boy bed, but I still prefer to stick close to my younger brother and the fort allows me to do that often…as long as Momma is okay with it! :)

Please, direct all your gratitude to the master of all things littlefur, reva_the_scarf. I am merely the one who came up with a few ideas; he made them live! ^^

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8717118/

Playtime is fun special in the nursery :)

Nursery page 1-3

Nursery Nursery page 1

1. I remember this place. Think may mom have left me here when i was a baby.
2. I think i should check this place out and see how it is. Look like no one is here any more.
3. what? i dont remember this machine. I think i should turn it on and see what is happen.

Nursery page 21. What diapers, I dont wear diapers any more. What is this machine talking about?
2. What? no i dont wont to be naked at this place. I wont to wear my cloths.
3. Spanking? I have not tacking of my diaper, What is this machine thinking i am not 3 years old. This spanking relay hurts allot.

Nursery page 31. A diaper? i dont wont ot be back in diapers again. And how can the have diapers that fit me?
2. what is this? locking devise on my diaper? How should i have the chance to take it of now?
3. Looks like this crib is going to be my prison. But how is a going to be able to get back home now?

This is the last page that i have for now. But what to you think is going to happen to me now?

Draw by:   astolpho

Comic suggestions

I have come up whit an id to a comic.

Pitcher 1: I discovered an abandoned nursery.
Pitcher 2: I decide to brake in to the nursery to check it out.
Pitcher 3: When i finely have brake in to the nursery i discover a strange machine and decides to check it out.
Pitcher 4: I found the on switch on the machine and decide to push it.
Pitcher 5: The machine started to scanner me and a voice say: Male and no diaper continue with the spanking and diaper procedure
Pitcher 6: The machine starting to take off my clothe.
Pitcher 7: Machine starting to spank my butt.
Pitcher 8: Time for the diaper to get on.
Pitcher 9: When the diaper is on the machine put something over the diaper so i dont can take it off by my self.
Pitcher 10: The machine place me in a crib leak cage and lock me in so i dont can escape.

To be continue.

What do you think about this? No do i only need to find some one that can draw this to a good price.

Mirror of Youth comic Page 5

Mirror of Youth comic Page 5
Mirror of Youth comic Page 5

Commissioned by

The final page of the comic commission! Suddenly, Hysi finds himself back where he started, but with a few changes. I think the other museum patrons *might* have noticed, too…

I think this is the fastest I ever finished a comic page, but i’m extremely happy with the end result. It’s been a great project, and I hope everyone has enjoyed it!

source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6216523