Babyfur Comic: Diaper Factory

Babyfur Comic: Diaper FactoryFurrys: Arcanist_Jakko, Not_original77 and Kitsuna

Draw by tato


Poor furrys looks like they are having a little special dream about how it is to be a diaper. Good that it was only a dream but it most have been kind of scary to dream about something like this.

Lunch time

Lunch timedon’t worry everyone, Argi is still alive after this! he might not want to be but he is :3c

Order by Not_original77

Draw by operationfluff


It sure dont looks like Argi is on a nice trip this time poor Raccoon.

He sure is going to ended up at some point inside this thick soggy Abri Form X-Plus diaper butt.

Forced pamper testing

Forced pamper testinglooks like Koray got caught by a pamper testing machine. also a cuff and dildo testing machine. why someone built those right next to each other I’ll never know

Koray and story by Not_original77

Art by dumbdirtydog


Looks like someone needs a new diaper. Hope that the machine can figure this out that this diaper starting to look pretty wet now.

Izzy’s diper factory misshap

Izzy's diper factory misshapthis is a follow up picture to something I haven’t actually posted yet! wowie! But anyway, Izzy found herself falling into a tub of diaper fluff and getting sucked off to the diaper production line. She was processed and somehow turned into a diaper critter! Well, unfortunately for her the machine has detected that there’s something wrong, she doesn’t look like a normal diaper, so into the reject chute she goes, deeper into factory where who-knows-what will happen to her.

Story and order by Not_original77

Draw by tato


Yes it sure looks like something is wrong whit this diaper so i can understand that the machine is going to rejects it. The the problem is this is not a diaper. Wounder what is going to happen next?

Plushy pillow snooze

plushy pillow snoozeMammals Not_original77

Draw by applepup


Aww this is one cute drawing and look it seems like the Mammals have a very good sleep using the Plushy as a pillow and that footed pajams looks kind of comfy to but it cannot hide the thick diaper that you can find inside it.

Have some sweet dreams.

Ibai’s pail peril

Ibai's pail perilPoor Ibai is made of goo and a rogue nursery machine decided to put him in some super absorbent pampers. The little guy was quickly sucked up into the thirsty padding, mistaken for a full diaper and tossed right into the pail.

Text and Ibai by Not_original77

Draw by radioraveriot


Yes poor Ibai it seems like he have ended up whit some big trouble now when he have ended up inside the diaper pail.