The New NorthShore Supreme Lite Briefs

Information about the brand new NorthShore Supreme Lite Briefs.



Same extra-wide coverage and rustle-free plastic exterior as Supreme Briefs with 20% less absorbency and reduced bulk for better comfort during day. Includes stand-up leak guards, refastenable tape tabs and soft, super-absorbent lining.

The product can be order on NorthShore Care Supply Website.

Northshore Supreme Briefs absobency test

NorthShore Supreme Briefs are an adult brief featuring wide coverage, maximum absorbency, leg leakage protection, and odor control.

In this video I test the absorbency of this diaper.

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Text and video created by: diaperman89

Today did i receive my order from NorthShore

20141006_193522Like you see on the photos above i receive my order from NorthShore Care Supply 1 package of the NorthShore Supreme Briefs and one package of there booster pads. It should be weary interesting to see how the NorthShore Supreme Briefs are for type of diapers. I have heard many good things about them so it should be weary interesting to see how they are. The only bad thing is they are kind of expensive special if you ship them from US to Sweden. I dont think i going to do it again when it cost this match money. But i always like to try out new things so that was the reason way i decide to order this diapers and the pads.

I really love the design on the packages . It have thous kind of things that i miss on the regular and bigger brands like Tena and Abena.

May only hope to get this diaper in the future is that SaveExpress make a deal so they can sell this diaper.