Northshore Supreme Briefs absobency test

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NorthShore Supreme Briefs are an adult brief featuring wide coverage, maximum absorbency, leg leakage protection, and odor control.

In this video I test the absorbency of this diaper.

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Text and video created by: diaperman89

The New NorthShore Premium Youth Briefs

Uniquely designed tab-style diaper for children, teens and adults, who have outgrown the baby diaper sizes and have trouble finding an adult size brief that fits properly. While this brief will fit similar sizes as adult x-small or small briefs, it features leg openings more suited to skinnier legs to prevent leakage along with one large refastenable grip-tab per side, similar to baby products; ideal for people with shorter torsos. Premium features including diamond-quilted absorbent core, quick-wicking Microsorb gel technology and the extra-soft top-layer all combine to keep the wearer dry and comfortable to allow for extended use even all through the night. Additional features including four-strand elastic leg barriers and rustle-free, white cloth-like exterior provide discreetness, dignity and peace of mind. 100% waterproof backsheet, unisex design and Latex-Free. Made in USA.



  • Youth Size: Unique size for growing bodies, with discreet soft and rustle-free cloth-like exterior.
  • Fast Wicking: Moisture absorbs quickly to keep skin dry then channels and locks in wetness along the diamond pattern.
  • Extra Thick Top Sheet: The top acquisition layer is incredibly soft and dry to the touch, even after multiple voids – no “wet diaper” feeling.
  • Single Tab: One refastenable grip tab on each side makes it easy to choose the correct angle for a snug fit around growing legs.
  • Latex Free: An ideal option for those with allergic reactions to natural rubber proteins and spina bifida patients.

You can order the New NorthShore Premium Youth Briefs on NorthShore Care Supply website.

Wounder how many parents is going to order this diaper for there children?

NorthShore Supreme Briefs And NorthShore AirSupreme Briefs Now On Amazon


Now is both NorthShore Supreme Briefs and NorthShore AirSupreme Briefs available on Amazon if you wont to shop the product there instead of NorthShore Care Supply ordinary website.

Rude message from NorthShore Care Supply

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