Nintendo DS – My ABDL Life



Any cub need to be distracted with anything, some play with balls, others cubs, hide-and-seek or with their carer or daddies and mommies, in my case, I play Pokémon with my Pokéball themed DS sometimes x3

Text and Pikachu: -Pikachu-

Draw by: Fangthefox

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11152055/

I agree cubs need to be distracted and it is fun to play Nintendo DS or any other games special when you are padded like we know all cubs are. It is not so match fun to need to stop playing only because you need to visit the potty. When you wearing a diaper you can use the diaper instead and get it change when you have the time or when it is to wet or messy. But when it is to wet i bet you are done whit your playing or need to have a break for some food or sleep time.

Pokemon Kid – Destroys Game Store


This is a video based on a real kid that used to come into my friends Game store. This was shot at a real store in Wisconsin.

Things you need to know about this kid
Favorite Food – Mushmelon
Favorite Saying – Thuper Cool
Favorite Color – Harry Potter
Favorite Thing to Do – Play video games for free at game stores.

Video create by: UWcollegelife

This is some very special Pokemon Fan :) do you not agree to that? Most have bean a very special clip to film. You are going to love it and watch this clip allot of times. I have seen this clip more then 10 times.

Commission – Betowolf

Commission - BetowolfA commission done for betowolf that I thought came out cute. Watching movies on his DS in a blanket fort on his bed. <:

Draw by: Kalida

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9154278/

Seams like betowolf have a nice time in his blanket fort. Wounder what it is for type of movie that he watch on his Nintendo DS? I hope it is a cartoon movie that he watch. Thats is something very nice to watch.