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Looks like this boy woke up whit a leaking diaper this morning :( waking up whit a leaking diaper is sure not fun :(

Cloudies NyteTymes (Clean and messy version)

Cloudies NyteTymes (Clean and messy version)Furlock O’Donnell, who is a big baby who needs diapers a really cool guy who is totally not a baby, wants parents everywhere to know that Cloudies NyteTymes are the best diapers for your little one’s bottom when it’s time for bed.

Art by airwolf1987 featuring furlock

Text by diaper_furries

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27030262/

Yes it sure seems when you read about this diaper that it should be the perfect fit for this wolf.

Cloudies NyteTymes MessyThe morning diaper change is a big part of your routine, so you deserve the best that Cloudies has to offer. After all, the best mornings have dry beds and happy cubs!

Art by airwolf1987 featuring furlock

Text by diaper_furries

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27030337/

Yes it sure seems like we was right about this diaper. Look how well used it is this morning. This wolf sure know how to putt his nighttime diaper to some pretty good use.

Comic: Discovering Doddey Chapter 2


Source: omorashidonney.tumblr.com

I think that Doddey is doing a very bed move here. He is differently going to end up in some soggy wet diapers.

That glorious weekend

That glorious weekend

That glorious weekend feeling when you wake up and remember you are wearing a diaper. You just let your morning pee go, knowing your nappy will hold it. Then you can snooze as long as you want.

Text by: nappiesandchains

Photo by: hardkinkymind

Yes this can be one of the best thing when you wearing a night diaper that you can use the diaper instead of the potty and go  quicker back to sleep when you are done. And when you wake up the diaper feels so thick and soggy between you legs and that is a wonderful and nice thing to wake up to.

Time to get the Pikachu ready for bed

Time to get the Pikachu ready for bed
Time to get the Pikachu ready for bed.

Now when Foxy have his clean and thick night diaper on. He think his plushy`s need to have a night time diaper to before they cuddling down in the crib. So he talk to his mom about this and she had some smaller diaper over from the time foxy was newborn. So she hand over the newborn diaper to Foxy and some baby powder that Foxy have ask for. That is what you always use on me when you change my diaper so it should be good if i use it on my plushy to.

So he lay down his plushy on a little blanked. Lift his legs so he can put the diaper below him and grab the baby powder and say. We need to use allot of powder so you dont get a diaper rash for wearing a wet night all night. So he cover the diaper area whit powder and start to put the diaper on him. When he was done he gave his plushy a gently pats on his diaper butt and say now are we finish for the crib.

Draw by: cyberpikachu

And i would like to thank babysonicthehedgehog for the inspiration to order this drawing.