Happy New…

Happy New...New Year’s Eve. A time of celebration, often punctuated by lots of drinking and eagerly counting down to the new year! It seems I may have partied a little too hard this evening though, and passed out. I didn’t even get to watch the ball drop! Maybe next year…

Fox and text by TyTheFoxie

Draw by Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18650414/

Poor Fox it seems like he party little to match this New Year’s Eve and did dent have the strange to be awake for the new years. It also seems like he have bean drinking allot to so it is a good thing that he is wearing some thick diapers if he wet in his sleep. I bet his thick diaper could handle that if that happen.

Pichuboy’s new year belly

Pichuboy's new year bellypichuboy asked for another new year’s pic patting his belly. He may plan to get rid of it with exercise and a better diet XD.

Pichu: pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12495625/

Aww he maybe have a thick tummy right now after all this new years eve food. But another way he look kind of happy right now whit all this food in his tummy and he is a growing boy so i think all this food that he have in his belly now is going to get in good use for his growing body. I only hope that his parents is prepare for what will come out in amounts at the other end and land in the back of his diaper.