Long Day Of training

Long Day Of trainingAlthough it seems the little pup might have been a little too distracted learning the shadow clone jutsu he forgot to go to the bathroom :P

Jackal and text by Naru_Skyrise

Draw by Aito

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21087422/

Way focus on a simple thing like potty when you are wearing a diaper that can handle your wet little accident. So you can focus on the shadow clone learning 100%

School Lesson

School LessonNaru smiled as he entered the class room up to his usually mischievous self. He glanced at the teacher tilting his head slightly, she was very attractive she returned his glances and they locked eyes for a moment, Naru smiled this was going to be interesting. As the students took their seats the teacher walked to the front of the classroom, “My name is Ms. Victoria and I will be your new homeroom teacher for this year now if you will…. Naru began to tune her out and look her over more thoroughly he noticed a zipper along her skirt running horizontally across, moving along her body his tail began to wag slowly. He folded a paper airplane on his desk and put it into his tail and thew it aiming straight for her chest. The teacher noticed this and smacked it out of the air with her tail, “who is responsible for this childish behavior?” her eyes drifted slowly landing on Naru who had already resumed looking out the window leaning back in his chair acting innocent. Her ears flickered slightly annoyed as she continued the class, soon it was the end of homeroom. Naru began walking out the door when he was suddenly stopped by Victoria, “and where do you think your going little boy?”. Naru stepped back shocked as the door was shut infront of him, “huh Ms. Victoria what are you doing?” he shuffled his legs slightly knowing his diaper was soaked he need to get out quickly before he leaked. “Tell me honestly” she asked with a sincere tone in her voice, “why do you feel like you need to be such a naughty little boy Naru?”. He grabbed onto the teachers desk blushing bright red looking at her, “why are you calling me that let me go!”. She smiled softly and put her finger to his lips while her other hand poked his crouch revealing a loud crinkle, “oh I think its quiet obvioushow little you are sweety” she smiled softly. He gulped his ears folded back as he was suddenly flipped over on the desk bent over stomach down, “H-Hey you cant do thi….! mmph!!” she slide a pacifier gag into his mouth and secured it behind his head. “Now little boys aren’t supposed to talk back to their Mommies are they?”. She pulled his pants off slowly his wet diaper now exposed making him blush bright red. “now this hurts Mommy way more than it hurts her baby boy, but I think someone needs to learn their lesson”, She swung her hand back spanking him hard on his thigh right beside his diaper. Naru squirmed around as she continued to spank him harder and harder till both of his thighs were bright red. He whimpered softly starting to tear up gripping onto the desk looking back at her shocked to see that the part of her skirt that unzipped revealed a diaper of her own. She smiled at him blushing slightly her self as she leaned forward,”now everyday after class you are to come straight her so that I can give m precious baby boy lessons on how to properly behave understand?”. Naru gulped nodding looking back at her knowing how the rest of his senior year would play out. She smiled at him a slight smirk on her lips, “such a good baby boy…”

Text and Naru Naru_Skyrise

Draw by babysteps

Source:  http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20814898/

Poor Naru it looks like it was not a good day at the school today. Cannot be so match fun to be punished in front off his classmates like this.

Change Time!

Change Time!Naru was just sitting by the TV watching Paw patrol huggling his teddy bear when his Mommy came in. She smiled and got her knees beside him pressing her hand against his diaper smiling, “awww is my widdle diaper buns wet?”. Naru went wide eyed his face turning bright red scooching away from the hand, “h-huh! I am not wet Mommy honest I’m….”. He yipped as she pressed her finger against his lips, “Now what did Mommy say about big boy words?” she gave him a slightly stern look. He gulped and folded his ears back putting his thumb in his mouth. She smiled and took his hand pulling him along with her, “That’s much better babby boy” she pinched his cheek “now come on Mommy need to change you now doesn’t she?”. He followed his Mommy still holdign on to his teddy as she pushed him back onto the changing table, she stood over him smiling, “hmmm something doesnt seem right… oh yeah!”. She left the room and came back with a warm bottle of milk placing it infront of Naru’s mouth “Now open up mister soggy pants”. Naru blushed bright bright red opening his mouth suckling on the bottle holding it to him. She smiled and began to change her little baby boy…

Order and text by Miss_Victoria

Draw by babysteps

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/20830086/

Aww poor little boy it seems like he found diaper change to be a little bit blushing. Good thing he is having his teddy close by during the change that can keep him company together whit his baby bottle of nice and cozy warm milk. This is going to feel good for his little tummy :)