Morning Feedings

Morning Feedings
Victoria smiled looking out the window brushing off her dress as she looked over at the clock, her little pup would be waking up soon. She walked over to the crib seeing her baby boy sucking on his pacifier and wolf plushie tucked tightly under his arm. She reached in and gently picked him up carrying the sleeping Naru over to the couch laying him across her lap. Naru’s ears flickered slightly as he slowly began to wake up his pacifier falling out of his mouth, “M-Mommy?”. She smiled softly picking up the warm bottle of milk she had just made testing the temperature on her finger before pressing it up to her cubs lips, “Good morning baby boy Mommy is here now”. Naru Smiled softly opening his maw as she slipped the nipple of the bottle into his mouth. He cooed softly as he suckled looking up at his Mommy feeling warm and safe in her arms. She leaned down and kissed his forehead softly petting his head softly as he drank his bottle, it was going to be a good day.

Mummy, cub and text by Naru-n-Victoria

Draw by wen


This is a awesome way to wake up to a baby bottle that is ready to be drink right away. When you are lying down in your mommy’s lap and relaxing and have it so cozy.

This is one very cute drawing :)