Babyfur comic: o sonho da regra 63, página 8

Babyfur comic: o sonho da regra 63, página 8Draw and everything by Yure16

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Aww poor cat looks like he have to wear a dress to school now :( Looks like the transformation into a girl also changed the stuff in his wardrobe.


Carrot!Draw and everything by Skelbely

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Awww poor rabbit it seems like the thick diaper that he is wearing cannot hid how exited and horny he is now. Look the diaper have a little mountain :)

The final countdown For Remi!

The final countdown For Remi!
The final countdown For Remi!

1)Remi:”Sammy, Sammy, you gotta help me!”

Sammy:”In what trouble you been now?”

Remi:”I don’t want to take a bath,and it’s too early to do so!I still want to play video games, but dad wants me to go to bed early! But first he wants me to take a bath! No way!Hide me, please! Until his anger is over!Daddy wants to punish me with his belt!”

Sammy:”Okay,okay! Hide behind this couch and leave the rest to me!”

Remi:”Thanx bro, I owe you one!”

2)Later, an angry Matt asked:
“Have you seen your brother? It’s late and he has not bathed yet!”
And Matt cried aloud:”You better not hide for so long,Remi! I’ll give you only five seconds to get out, and and bring your stinky butt to me , right now!I started counting … five, four, three, two …!”

3)But before Matt came to count the last number, Sammy pointed his finger where Remi was hiding!

4)Matt:”There you are!After the bath you will sleep tonight on your tummy, because I will leave your little bottom very sore and sorry!”

Remi:”You’re a traitor!”

Sammy:”Sorry bro… all’s fair in love and war!”

Lineart by Victor/colors story by: nelson88

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Seams like it is the final countdown now for Remi. I bet his daddy is going to spank him allot now and the toasted butt is going to hurt allot when he is down. I think he is going to revenge on Sammy the next day.