Diaper Test: Bambino Magnifico – myleniumhealthstuff.info

The user behind myleniumhealthstuff.info recently posted a review of Bambino Magnifico diaper.

After some disappointing experiences with printed diapers I try to restrain myself and try not to spend too much of what little cash I have on these kinds of products anymore, but of course every now and then something comes along and I can’t resist the temptation. The Bambino Magnifico is one such case.

To read more about his thought about the new Bambino Magnifico i suggest that you click here.


Diaper Test: Kolibri Comslip – myleniumhealthstuff.info

The person behind the blog myleniumhealthstuff.info post allot of diaper reviews on his blog and this time he have done a review of the Kolibri Comslip diaper. So if you are interesting to know a little bit more about this adult diaper i suggest that you click on the link below.


Have some nice reading and i hope this review helps you to decide if this is a diaper product that you wont to test :)

Diaper Test: ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition – myleniumhealthstuff

The person behind myleniumhealthstuff.info have posted a diaper test about what he think about the ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition. If you are interesting to know what he think about this diaper you should head over to this post on his site to read his review on this diaper.


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I come across this blog post today on one of my blogs that i follow and i recommend you to read this interesting commands that Mylenium have around absorption/ absorbency ratings for incontinence products.


You should even check out his pdf file that he have created on the responds that he have received.


I wish you a happy reading :)