A soggy MyDiaper Animal diaper – findiaper


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This is one soggy MyDiaper Animal diaper that this boy have end up whit. It really look close to it breaking points so i bet it can be a good thing to change this diaper now before it start to leak.

Lazy sunday – diaperdguy


Source: diaperdguy.tumblr.com

Yes you maybe have had a lazy sunday but it sure looks like your diaper have had allot to do this day when you was lazy.

MyDiaper Night ANIMAL Print

MyDiaper Night ANIMAL Print

 Thick night diapers with print for adults.
With plastic outer layer, side leakage protection by indoor anti-leak cuffs system, 4 strong tapes and additional suction pad for fast Absorption.
Mydiaper has a very good fit because of many years of experience in medical incontinence product preparation.
Use for moderate to severe incontinence.

Absorption approximately 4000ml

You can order the MyDiaper Night ANIMAL Printed from ABDLFactory.



Received Two Package Today

I received this two package today from two different online diaper store.

A little package that i received from ABDLFactory today that included this two items:

1 package ABU Space Diaper
1 package Maxi Slip Inlay

A package from Save express that include following items:

2 package  MyDiaper Animal
1 package Abri-Let Maxi

A closer lock on the MyDiaper Animal package.