MurrekiFoxfloof – My ABDL Life

Heavily wet diaper is awesome – MurrekiFoxfloof

I sure agree whit MurrekiFoxfloof. When your diaper is like this it is kind of amazing to wear and squish :)

One soggy ABU Lavender – MurrekiFoxfloof

Yes it ssure seems like MurrekiFoxfloof have ended up whit one soggy ABU Lavender diaper here.

AB Universe Baltimore warehouse


Most be awesome to have a workplace like this. Special a workplace that have its own changing table :)

Change time before bed – MurrekiFoxfloof

Yes it sure seems like someone needs a diaper change before bed time. Maybe he should wear something thicker then ABU Super Dry Kids ?

Long day of play!

Yes wearing diapers is a good thing when you are playing. You have nothing to worry about and if you do end up whit a accident your diapers (LittlePawz) is there to handle it so you can continue whit the thing that you are doing.

MurrekiFoxfloof getting help whit a diaper change

Always nice to get some nice help when you need a new diaper :) Wish i could have that sort of help sometimes.