Design your own babyfur product

Do you wont to design your own babyfur product? On CafePress have you the chance to make your wish come to? Way not order a T-shirt whit your babyfur character on. Or maybe have it on a mug or something else that you wont to have your character on. You have lots of different items you can choice from

When your product is finish it can look like this:

Thumb suckMug

Is it always nice to wear or use something that you like and feel comfortable with. So way not make a order on CafePress and get the special printed babyfur product that you have look for. You are not going to regret it. Maybe it is something that you can wear or use on the next Furry Fiesta?

New mug design

I decide for a couple of days ago  that is was time to order a new mug whit the print on the side so i can see it when i drink for my mug.

So i send a note to pacopanda that did my last mug and ask if i can get a new won and i get a positive respond.

And this is the design that the new mug is going to have.

Mug design

And this is going to be some relay cute mug. I going to love to use it when i get it in my hand. The print is so cute and awesome. This is relay something special and very cute pose :)

And if you wont to have a mug on you own whit some cute babyfur print on? Way dont send a note to pacopanda and ask if he can fix some cute design for your mug. And the price for it is relay great. This is something every one should have. It is a awesome thing to have in your babyfur collection :)

Pitcher on the mug


Finely the last step. The artist is going to send this mug to me weary soon. It have bean a long wait for this but soon is a going to have this mug in my hand :) Should be very nice i can barely wait to receive it..

Many thanks to:   pacopanda for the nice work :)

Drawing that is going to be on my mug Part 2

Foxy mugFinely one step closer to get my mug. The mug should be sending to me around Tuesday the next week. should be nice to have something like this in my babyfur collection :)

This drawing and the person that is going to send the mug is: pacopanda

It is going to be nice to see the pitcher when it is time for the mug to be send to me :)