Still Mommy’s Little Sissy

Still Mommy's Little SissyStrapped in a highchair, force fed disgusting baby mush, plugged and in chastity, all while mommy’s friends tease and torment me? Mommy wouldn’t have it any other way.

Looks like Mommy has kept me in chastity and diapers me whole life. I will always be her sissy baby, no matter how much I wish I wasn’t.

The poor blushing wolf muarauder12

Draw by ?


Awww poor wolf it sure seems like he is having one blushing moment here when mothers friends is teasing him.

Looks like this wolf is going to have one special life.

Ready For Playtime

Ready For PlaytimeLooks like we now know what Daddy had planned for me after our public walk to the naughty toy store.

Gift art from sicle_family to muarauder12

Draw by charry~


Yes this wolf boy seems to be ready for playtime but he also seems to be ready for a diaper change to. His diaper seems to be pretty soggy now and close to start leaking to.

Come Along Sissy

Come Along SissyWho knows what Daddy has planned for me when we get home. All I know is that we walked to the adult toy store and Daddy is making me carry the mystery bag home.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by charry~


Yes who knows what daddy have planned for this wolf. But one thing i think he have planned is to change this wolfs diaper. It sure starting to look pretty wet now.

Babyfur Comic: The Proper Way To Treat A Sissy – Part 2

The Proper Way To Treat A Sissy - Part 2Things have settled down a bit since the dominant ladies caught me being naughty and decided to make me their sissy baby slave. Kept in diapers and dresses 24/7 now and treated like their baby girl whenever they aren’t using me for kinky purposes, I can only try my best to be a good girl and hope they go easy on me.

Today I was bundled into my stroller and taken down to the Adult Boutique where I was told that my new mommies needed to stock up on some things for my “Coming Out” party. I didn’t like the sound of that but a pacifier gag quickly put an end to my complaints. Now I can only sit here in my stroller and helplessly wet my diaper as my mommies slowly find everything on their naughty shopping list. Each check mark fills me with dread because with a list like that, my coming out party is bound to be quite an experience that I am sure to remember.

Furrys in the drawing sicle_family, fauxhammer and muarauder12

Text by muarauder12

Draw by Babystar


I think that someone soon is going to experience his first public diaper change. I think that sure is going to be one blushing moment for him.

Out of Reach

Out of ReachSome big meanie took my Riley bear and put her just out of my reach. Not much longer until I break down crying.

Text and wolf muarauder12

Draw by Babysteps


Poor wolf wounder who was so mean and decide to put your favorite teddy bear out of reach for you :(

That sure was not a nice thing of that person to do.


Wetting Contest

oh goodness!!Having an argument over whose diaper is the wettest. Can’t really tell so I guess we have to wait until we get changed to figure out a winner.

Babyfurs milofops and muarauder12

Text by muarauder12

Draw by charry~


Giggle looks like this two is having a wetting contest but who is the winner? Hard to tell they both have kind of soggy diaper that is badly need of a change before the diaper start leaking :)