Trevor-fox sissymouse setup

Trevor-fox sissymouse setuptalk about a full restart… He never expected the game to manifest on himself… it’s bad enough that he’s been stripped of control over his faculties and been turned into a mouse, but by did the game recognise him as a girl on top of it! despite the pink fur… he is still male… must be a glitch in the code…

Maybe there’s a way to fix this? poor mousie…

Mouse Trevor-fox

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Poor mouse. It looks like it is back to the beginning for this furry.

Hope he found a way out of this mess before it is to late.

Abdl Bianca Tickle attack

Abdl Bianca Tickle attackDraw and everything by ConejoBlanco

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Looks like this little babyfur/diaperfur have ended up whit a tickling attack.

Good thing she is diaperd if she end up wetting herself during this ticklish attack.

Why is the bathroom door always locked?

Why is the bathroom door always locked?
Why is the bathroom door always locked?

Why is the bathroom door always locked!?! …

Draw and character by: Zen_Fetcher

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Yes it is because you dont need to use the bathroom you have your diaper that you can wet and mess. That is what diaper is for to handle so you have nothing to worry about. You cannot hold it back forever sooner or lather you are going to be force to use your diaper like a baby do. Way try to hold back? just let go in the diaper like a good little boy. The door is going to stay locket to the time you need a diaper change like all little diaper boys needs to have some time. You have nothing to win on your little fight whit your bladder. So just let it come into the diaper like a good boy.