ItchyAaaaah… The season when the mosquitoes come out to hunt me is finally here… :`D

I have the bad habit of scrath the wheals the this little monsters leave until they start to bleed… xD So this idea came out of that.

Text, Draw and Husky by CuddleHooves


Yes the mosquito season is really bad it can lead to allot of itchy problem. Good that your parents have put some mittens on your paw so you dont scrath the skin so it starting to bleed.

What you dont wont to happen whit your kids on vacation

I found this two scary story’s in a Swedish newspaper cold Aftonbladet and i decide that i should translate it so i can share it on my blog.


Together with his wife and three children went Mattias Sörsjö to Turkey on May 5 this year through travel company Nazar Nordic AB.

But once in place was not air conditioned hotel room.

– It was like walking into a wall of heat. We were down and complained a number of times, but nothing happened, says Mattias.

The second night the family opened the balcony door to cool off – with catastrophic results.

In the morning, woke up the couple’s one-year son up with 70-80 mosquito bites all over his body.

But only three days later, the family change room. The son received penicillin and allergy medicine against the itch but two months later still not restored.

– We had a discussion with the tour company, but it was No. They argue that there was something wrong with the AC set, says Mattias.

The family has now turned to ARN for compensation.

Nazar Nordic AB mosätter the claims and says that the family did not contact the staff at the time.

Travel The Company also believes that the family was contacted by the staff, but no one answered.

The case is still pending.

The children were poisoned by narcotics pizza.

The family from western Sweden booked a family trip in Asia through World Travel. But in Cambodia, it was significantly wrong.

A week before the trip home the family arrived to the port city of Sihanoukville – and a hotel full of mold.

When the family visited a local restaurant shared two of the kids on a pizza.

– When I went in to wake my daughter the day after I had no contact with her. She fell down, just rolled his eyes and then she became unconscious, said the mother of the family.

The daughter drove the ambulance to the hospital and was later violent vomiting.

An hour later, the son who ate the pizza too bad and had to go to the hospital.

When the mother contacted a representative of the travel agency he must have said that the destination is common for backpackers – and the pizzas are sometimes laced with drugs.

– My daughter got some kind of oblique lighting, the mother says.

World Travel is prepared to compensate the family for the sub-standard hotel with 1,000 per person.

The family has taken the matter to the ARN requires the organizer totaling SEK 1 000 per person per day for the last four days in the country before his family would go home to Sweden.

– Last week was completely destroyed, the mother says.

“Your stay in Sihanoukville have included hotels and breakfast and more became sick after eating out in the evening is of course regrettable, but the outside world Resor control,” answers now.

The case is still pending.

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