Breakfast buns

breakfast buns

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Aww looks like Ellie breakfeast manage to calm him down :)

It sure even seems like he find it to be pretty tasteful to :)

Morning Ritual

Morning RitualFinn is early for his favorite cartoons, he can take care of himself while mama is still sleeping

The cute dog and above text belongs to Finn_Dreemurr

Draw by spiffyart


Looks licks someone starting to act as a big boy now :)

But someone needs to have been up and change his diaper? Because the diaper he is wearing now seems to be all dry and clean. And i bet his night diaper when he woke up this morning was all soggy and wet ;) 

Wet Undies Again? Looks Like it’s Back to Diapers

Wet Undies Again? Looks Like it's Back to Diapers

Looks like someone’s getting put back into diapers after soaking their big boy pants.

Characters belongs to ALittlePrince and lulukitten

Text by ALittlePrince

Draw by Wen


Awww poor looks like ALittlePrince have woke up whit another night time accidents and this time his mother think it is time for him to get back into diapers again. Special during his sleep so the diaper can handle his bedwetting problems and the diaper helps his bed to stay dry and soft instead of being wet and cold. That most be match more nicer :)

Wants some inspiration?

Wants some inspiration?Here is Kat Giving some inspiration to his drawings.

Everything belongs to ConejoBlanco


This sure is one kind of inspiration that Kat is giving here friend David. But it seems like David need something more then only inspiration. His diaper sure seems to starting to get pretty wet. Look how wet his diaper butt starting to be. His diaper front sure most be pretty soggy and squishy right now. Someone sure needs to come and change it before it starting to leak on his bed.

Kat sure seems to be in need of a new clean diaper to :)

Not Ready


Im still embarrassed to post this but I had to post it X3

Basically, at the age of 7 or 8, Tonio thought he was ready for pull-ups and wore one last night. But by morning he woke up in a heavilly soak pull-up, leaked, and wet the sheets. He began sobbing and cried out for his big brother Raven.
Well this pup will have to be back in diapers so he can be back in pull-ups and become a big pup
(also his shirt is buttoned wrong)

Character ©
Art ©

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


Seams like you have a very long way to go to be out of this bedwetting thing. And i agree that you should be back in to more thick diaper then this thin pull ups that it seams that you are not ready for yet.. But dont worry lots of boys have trouble to keep the bed dry when there sleep. But it is beater to have a wet diaper then a wet bed. I think you agree to that to.