Mommys Baby-Tommy Chapter 2: I ackowledge liking being a baby

She sat me down on the sofa in the livingroom and wiped my teary cheek.

But I still could’t look her in the eyes.
How could I have joined in, in this creation?
I was now Mommys Baby-Tommy!

We must have both wanted it, but then again both of us equally surprised by the outcome.
To Mom, it seemed as if teenager-Tom was “finally” gone. I was now her real baby again.

I had to admit that Baby-Tommy would in a way be easier for her to handle than the rebelling teen. Despite all the babying me…

– Good baby, she said. Sit here til Mommy comes back with your baby-toys.

I wasn’t sure at first if I was up for just that, but being found out, I complied, and suckeled my pacifier even harder.

She put a blanket around me and left the room. Soon I heard her rumbeling in the attic.

My old playing-carpet was brought down and laid out i the middle the livingroom. Then my old playpen was set on it, and wooden blocks and Duplo-lego was emptied in piles, in arms reach of it.

This struck a nerve of some kind.
I wanted to play. The colorful carpet with roads to play with, the wooden blocks, the lego. It all set me years back.

Mommy could see it.
– I knew you would like it, she said. Do you wanna play?

I nodded, and so she lifted me up by the armpits and dropped me down in the playpen.
– Can you be a good baby for Mommy and stay in your playpen till mommy comes back. I have some erands to run. It wont take long.

She gave me a baby-bottle of mango-smoothie, but I was too occupied, already deep into redescovering my old toys.
As Mommy left I was building a city of block-towers and lego-cars.

I had a blast, and forgot all about time. So when mom came back it seemed she left just minutes ago.
– I bought you some more diapers and plastic pants.

I felt embarrased. The teenager within didn’t like it.
But I kept on playing.

– Are you wet?

I shook my head.

– let me check on you.

She lifted me out of the play-pen, laid me down on the floor, unbuttoned the crotch of the sleeper, and then just stuck two fingers inside the legholes of the plasticpants and into the diaper.

She sermed surprised
– Oh, nice and dry?
She paused a little..
– Baby should not hold back. Not healthy for babys tummy. Use your diddies!

Then she made sure the plastic pants were a tight fit around the legs, and then she buttoned the sleeper again.
– We should have some lunch.
She took me by the hand and led me to the kitchen.

My bulky diaper made me waddle like a duck, and again rubbing my growing junior.
I loved it.
She helped me up on a chair as if I couldn’t do it myself. I was squirming and couldn’t sit still, so she pushed my chair tightly against the table. Then she tied a bib around my neck. I was still rocking back an forth in my seat to keep the enjoyable rubbing going.

Mommy laughed.
– You squirm in your seat just like when you were toilet training. There is no need for that now you know..

But I wasn’t listening.
I was preocupied jolting back and forth and about to come in my diaper.

Mommy shook her head and turned to the counter, where she emptied two jars of apricot babyfood in a boal.

When she came back to me I was plasure-humming quietly, ready to shoot my big-boy load, but since she turned towards me, I held it although I couldn’t sit still.

Mommy stroke my cheek with her hand and put the boal in front of me. And in a babyvoice she said
– now if mommy is going to feed you, you have to sit still.
So go ahead and wet your didies for mommy. Mommy can change you after we’ve eaten.

And as she said the words I shot my big boy juices in my diaper. I sighed behind my pacifier, and started slowing down my rocking to a halt.

– That was nice, wasn’t it?

I was glad she thought I just wet my diaper.

Mommy ruffeled my hair, and more confirmed than asked.
-ready for som baby-food?

She sat down beside me, took out my pacifier, and started feeding me with a spoon.
It was marvelous. It tasted like the best desert. Fruity and sweet, and I was being babied.
Mommy kept talking and I just enjoyed it.

When mommy was done feeding me, and I was about to waddle out of the kitchen, she stopped me.
– It doesn’t look like it is sagging very much.
Then she squeezed the front of my diaper, the croch and poked the seat of my diaper.
– I think this can hold another wetting. You go and play while I grab som food myself.

She paused and got the pacifier from the table.
– Open up.

I did, and so she popped it in, patted my diaperd bottm and told me
– Off you go

I was a happy baby, waddeling my way to the livingroom.
But as I reached the playpen, I felt mommy behind me, lifting me up by the armpits, and then placing me in the playpen again.

We both giggeled.
Then she left the room.

I was back to building and playing, emptied my bottle, and had a ball. A small city was forming inside the playpen.
I could hear that mommy was back on the sowingmashine when I stopped playing.
I had been holding it for a while, and the need to go was interupting my playing. So I decided to do as babies do, and let go of the pressure. I couldn’t at first, but then the warmth spread throughout my diaper. It was warm and wonderful.
I felt like such a baby and loved it.
I grew hard again, laid back an rubbed my diaper to an even stronger climax.
I hadn’t noticed the sowingmashine stopping, nor mommy entering the room.
She was just standing there, waching with an intiguing grin when I opened my eyes.

– Don’t mind me, I was just chekking if you were ok.. It seems you are.
She was almost giggeling.
– Just make yourself comfertible..
Then she turned and left the room.

Suddenly I was the teen again.
Appalled and ashamed by my own actions.
Mastubating in a diaper in front of mom.
I wanted it off. All the babygear.
But she would still know me as the, to me now, disgusting teen Baby-Tommy.
For some reason I turned to my teddybear for comfort.
From there, it didn’t take long before I was back to humping my diaper.
I forgot all about teen-Tom, and soon I felt number two wanting out. It was turning me on.
I was baby-Tommy and wanting to feel even smaller, like a baby in his soiled diapers.
I got up on my feet, but croucing as I remember when I was making a dump while outside hiking.
I pushed.
And it was started. With a steady pace I could feel it making its way out. It was wonderful.
With one hand on my diapered bottom I felt the lump growing in my diaper from the outside too.
I felt so naugthy. So guity. But at the time so free of guilt and responibility as I was such a baby.
I wanted more, and how it felt, sitting down with a loaded diaper, and so I did. The goo spread, but I could still feel the lump parting my buttcheeks. Sort if nice and grose at the same time. Then the smell hit..
And then mommy entered the room again.

– That a baby!
She paused..
– Yes, and that actually both looks and smells like a little baby.
Again I was mortified, but mom didn’t seem to meen it in a bad way.
She came over and ruffeled my hair and stroke my cheek.
– Is it nice to feel like a real baby, she asked.
And to my surprice, I nodded confirmingly.

She lifted me up and carried me over to the sofa. Then she sat me down on her lap, held her arms tightly around me an rocked me gently to an old lullaby.

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Mommys baby-Tommy Chapter 1: Caught by desire

I guess I could be a challenge sometimes, teenager and all.
My mom and dad had just gone separate ways and I was not a priority..
At least to me, that is how it seemed.
I was told to live with mom, but to me it seemed like she had no time for me.
Always working shifts. So I often ended up eating junkfood if mom didn’t prepare something, witch to me was quite all right, but mom was annoyed. I was supposed to do chores too, like the dishes, vacuuming, laundry, and take out the garbage.
But she wasn’t around to follow up much, so I mostly skipped it.
So the few times we actually sat down together to eat, the meal was usually accompanied by a long lecture of how useless I was.
It was spring, and time of the year for the usual costume party down the street. Moms friend arranged it for her kids and friends.
And we allways used to attend.
I was a bit older than her kids, but I sort of had become the attraction. The bear, the duck, the lion or whatever the theme was.
I had become sort of the mascot of the party, bigger than the smaller kids, and always in a really well made costume.
But now, I wasn’t too sure about going.
It was not that I didn’t want to go, but wasn’t I a little old for this.. or was it the fact that just pleasing mom wasn’t really what I wanted. I sort of wanted to punish her.
So I rejected at first. At least showing a lack of interest..
But she insisted. I had an obligation to the kids, she said. Told me that there was no set theme yet, so I was told I could choose, being the mascot and all..

I was a little mad, cus i knew she would be able to set aside time for this, and her busy schedule never had such openings for what I asked for the rest of the year.
However, theese 14 days leading up to this annual party, accompanied by the cabintrip, were usually a period of laying down weapons and being nice to eachother.
– Whatever.. You choose, like you always do anyways.. I said and left the room.

A couple of days went by with her not mentioning the party.. Then thursday she said that we might not be able go to my uncles cabin this year.. She had to delay her vacation two weeks due to several sick-leaves at work..
We always went to the cabin, every year.. Right after the party, at the beginning of summer vacation.
So I was mad at first.. .
But then a new thought hit me.. Maybe I could go alone?
– what if I spent the first two weeks alone? I asked. I had to try.
She laughed.
– You never do any chores around here, and making your own food? There are no takeaways for miles.. And how should I trust you to manage and take care of the cabin all alone?

She sort of was right, but I didn’t want to admit it. so I pleaded.
– pleese Mom, Its just that .. You know .. It wouldn’t be summer if ..

She looked at me, like measuring my size..
.. in witch I have to admit wasn’t very big.
– actually Tom.. You act, .. I meen, you are more like a little baby than a teen. You crave and demand.But you show no sign of contributing or taking responsibility.

I froze for a second. Did she know?
No she couldn’t.. Could she?

But she had hit the spot.
I really was ..
Or at least i did fantasize about being treated as a baby. Many a home-alone-night I would secretly wear my makeshift diaper, a folded white fleece blanket.
If she only knew how right she was in that baby-assumption..

– But this is what we do every year.. I’ll do anything. I promise I can change.. pleese mommy, can’t I.. ?

I stopped myself… what was I saying?
I hadn’t called her “mommy” in years..

She smiled at me and ruffeled my hair
– You know Tommy,..

Ouch.. She used my baby-name.. What she called me up until I started in second grade or something..

She continued
– I can try to get out of this extra shifts, but I can’t promise anything.
at least I’ll get the weekends off now that I am working the normal shift, so I could drive you up there and go back to work..

She stopped… Measured me again, as if she hadn’t seen me in a long time.
– I’ll make you a deal..
My mind spinned. I had won the lottery ticket. I was going to the cabin alone while she worked.
That ment I could play baby in diapers 24/7 for almost two weeks.
A new thought occurred. This was my chance. I would finally have the space and privacy to try on, wear, and USE disposable diapers. I had to get hold of some disposable diapers. lots of them!

But mom continued with her proposition,
– If you can prove yourself..
She almost giggeled. But she smiled, and looked at me like she hadn’t done in a long time.
– if you can be a big boy.. Take this challenge as an adult.. That means serious changes around the house as well..

I didn’t let her finish, cause I was going to do this. I needed this.
– Of course mom. I’ll do the chores and whatever..

I threw myself in her arms and gave her a big hug.
– Thanx mom

– Hold on.. She said, obviously needing me to understand the whole deal.
– The deal includes the party too

I just nodded my head.

She continued
– Ok, you prove yourself doing chores and a little initiative doing so as well. And you accompany me to that costume-party.. Then Ill drive you up to the cabin myself right after that.
If I can’t get out of the vacation-shift, I’ll have to go back for work during the weekdays, but you could stay the whole 14 days if you’d like..
Would you like that?

– Yeah.. Of course!
Thanx mom.

All of a sudden things had changed.
I was going! I was overwhelmed by anticipation.
Then mom continued;
– But the final piece of the puzzle.. She said.
She obviously raised the stakes.. and her eyebrows rose as well.
– No nagging, no fuzz! By showing me you actually can show some distance and find it fun to dress up as a ..
She waited a second..
– As a big BABY in the costume party..

I must have turned pale white.
I was mute.

– all the kids have picked out a costume to show what they want to be when they grow up.
It would be so funny if you came dressed as a big thickly diapered baby. Wouldn’t it?

I mumbled a
– well.. That would be..

Then I realized I had to show some enthusiasm. So I put up an act, and enthusiastically said

– yeah, that ‘d be so funny!

I had agreed to the whole plan.
I was terrified at first.
Mommys baby-Tommy was to go on display.
I was going to be a baby, out in the open.

Actually this couldn’tbe funnier.
Was Mom going to make me a babycostume?
I was going to enjoy my baby-costume, while everybody would think i was being cool about it. Ironic. I had to seem calm about it.
– Sure i can do that, I told her.

Mom seemed to buy my cool acceptance.
But she also seemed thrilled about it.
She went on about the costume, and how I would have to act as baby Tommy, and call her mommy, never letting the pacifier out of my mouth while at the party.
– unless you’re given a bottle..
She almost seemed more thrilled than I was.

We had a nice evening together, and I guess the sease-fire-season had started a week early.
She made dinner and we ate in front of the TV.
– I cant decide on how to make your costume.
You cant just be in a diaper.. That is too obvious.. But a huge bulky diaper under a sleeper, or toddler shorts with the diaper and plastic pants showing in the back.. what do you think?

A sleeper was perfect. Comfy and hiding the obvius.. But I really wanted the bulky diaper and plastic pants…
– you could just buy a footed one-piece, that could go for a sleeper..and then just make a buttoned opening in the crotch. That way you could check my diaper several times, revealing a onzie and big diaper wrapped in plasticpants..
That would make me pretty babyish.

Mom looked at me as if she said wow!
But then she also did.
– Wow! You know.. You are absolutely right.
A light blue one-piece, maybe a bib with some white lace.. And a white onesie over the plastic pants and diapers.
Imagine when I check on you..
You’ll be adorable!

The next few days felt like a new start.
We got along better than in ages.
Her workdays fit a little better with my schedule at school. She made me breakfast and dinner, and I didn’t really mind doing the chores.

She had done some measurements of me and looked around for one-pieces, but decided to sow one herself.
Friday was shopping day, and since my best friends James and Ella were both out of town I decided to go with mom to do the baby-shopping.
All of sudden i was afraid kids from school might see me. But mom must have noticed my nerves.
– you are still up for this, arent you?
You still want to go to the cabin after the costume-party?
– I am up for it, I said and braced myself trying to build up the courage.

We stopped at a store full of rolls of cloth.
She took some more measurements and bought white cotton fabric for the onsie, thick blue chenille for the sleeper, buttons, lace and zippers, velcro,

Then we headed for the baby-store in the super-mall.
Mom stopped and looked at diapers.
I must have blushed.
– These are so cute. It would be perfect if they have them i your size.. Wouldn’t it?
– Mom, please.. You dont have to shout.
– oh, sorry honey..
But it was too late.
A clerk had caught on to the potential sale, and politely asked
– so the boy is in need of diapers?
Mom almost burst laughing, but held it back.
-Yup.. Actually we are looking for some cute thick really baby-looking diapers for him.
She held the moment for a few seconds, then
– For a costume party. .. Might as well get the real deal, if you have in store?

The clerk looked at me and said
We’re gonna make you a big baby, aren’t we?, And then she grinned a big smile

She showed us the largest childrens diapers. – They might fit, but i would suggest the larger adult diapers, she said. But mom stopped her.
She insisted on me trying the babydiapers with the babyprint, and so the clerk helped us.
She opened one of the bags and gave mom one of the diapers.
– He can try this one without bying, as long as he keeps his underware on.. They have velcro instead of regular tape.

Mom passed it on to me and told me to try it on.
I headed for the changing booth.
– call on me when you have it on, so I can see how they fit.

I was totally embarrassed while still growing a boner in antisipation of putting the diaper on.
I could see mom and the clerk head over to the cloth diapers as I closed the curtain on the changingbooth.

I dropped my pants and undies to the floor. The diaper fit just barely, but looked good. I patted my baby-bum and the front.
It was snug, and I felt really babyish looking in the mirror.
Having a real diaper on though, was too much.
All of a sudden I lost it. I loaded the diaper with my cum. almost half a minute I spasmed. I sighed in releaf. And felt dizzy.
It must have been my very first orgasm, cus I had never felt such strong forces move within. And I had never felt so good either.
I was almost panting.
I sat down on the chair in the stall, and to my luck I could already feel my erection fading. In a minute or two it wouldnt be noisable.
I dried off some sweat on my forhead.

I peeked out and saw they were still busy. So I waited.

They came to the changingbooth with a big cart full of babystuff and a bag of cloth-diapers.
– Let me look at my little baby, mom called.

I opened the curtain.
There I was in a t-shirt, tennis socks and a diaper.

Mom clapped her hands, but stopped and turned to the clerk;
– I think you are right. He needs a much more bulky diaper. We’ll go for these cloth ones you found for me.
Mom turned back to me
– give the diaper back to the clerk..

But the clerk stopped her.
– I am sorry, but I cant take it back once he has worn the diaper with nothing underneeth.
You have to buy the opened bag.

I blushed for screwing up. I had been so ready to try the diaper on that I had forgotten what the clerk said.
Mom raised her eyebrows at fist, but then didnt seem to mind.
– Ok, I guess we’re keeping this, Tommy.
Get your pants on so we can finish up here.

I waited for them to go out of the changingbooth so I could change. But they didnt leave, and so I was dumbstruck. They looked at for a while. What probaby was just seconds seemed an eternity.
All of a sudden mom kneeled down and picked up my underware.
– if I have to help you, she said.
So as a little baby I stepped in and she pulled them up over my diaper. Then she continued and put on my jeans. Buttoned them and tied my snikers on as well.
She patted my bum.
– No bulk here, but I know my baby is safe until we get home and can try on the really bulky stuff.

The clerk smiled and helped us at the checkout.
– You look relly sweet together. It must be so nice to be able to share that mommy-baby relationship again. Who wouldnt want that..
As she greeted us goodbye, she bursted out;
– if you ever need a babysitter for the new big baby I hope you will call me.

Mom looked at me as we headed out.
– Maybe I should call her, what do you think?

She was joking. But I was torn from the inside. How I wanted this! And how at the same time, emabarrasing!
I played along and nodded, pretending to suck on my thumb. She laughed.

When we came home though, the sharade continued.
Mom talked to me in a babyvoice.
– Now mommy is going to dress you up in your nice and big cloth diaper. Just so that mommy can take some measurements for the onzie and sleeper that I am going to sow for you.

She knelt down in front of me, in the middle of the livingroom. Then she unzipped my pants and stripped me of everyting but my tight baby diaper.
She layed out a blanket and told me to lay down. I did as she told me while she found the cloth diaper and pins. Then she diapered me.
It was nice and thick and comfy. But then she went on and doublediapered me.
My legs were forced apart due to the thickness as she pulled the second cloth-diaper up between my legs and pinned it.
She pulled me up and helped me into the plain blue plastc pants as well.
– you ok? She asked.
I nodded.
– thats a good baby!

She leaned forward and gave me a big hug.
– You know, You are such a good baby for mommy. You will be the shining star of the costume party.

She brought me my old tigerpaw-slippers, and a t-shirt to wear for when she wasn’t measuring and test-pinning the cortonfabric on me for the onezie she was about to sow.

She treated me more as a baby too, giving me milk and cockies and making sure I was all right all the time.
That whole evening I was kept in the diaper as she took measurements. Soon I was even wearing her first babycreation in many years, a white onzie with buttons inn the crotch.
Mom was really satified with her own work.
– You really do look like a baby, Tommy.
Really cute!
I ended up playing along and forgetting about the supposed fact, that I was not into playing baby.
Mommy had put on an old childish Disneymovie she knew I loved. And now I really wanted to see the end if the movie.
Mom said it was all right, being friday and all, altough it was really late.

I settled in the sofa again, diapered and in a onezie, and wrapped a blanket around me.
She offered me some cinnamonbuns along with hot chockolate milk in a sippycup.
– Hope you don’t mind, baby. I just get a little carried away seeing you as a baby again.
– no, thats all right. You’re the best, Mommy!
– awh.. You know I’ll do anything for my baby she replyed.
I quickly emptied the plate and the zippycup, and called mom for more.
She came as I called, but there was no more hot buns.
– I think that will do for this evening. You’ve had pretty much both to eat and drink this evening.
She ruffeled my hair again.
– But I have something else for you.
She picked up a large pacifier from her pouch and popped it in my mouth.
I felt really small, as she left the room.
Diapered, sucking a dummy, waching a cartoon movie. I loved it!
But I must have drifted off.
All og a sudden I was awakened by mom, who found me sleeping in the couch.
She led me to my room and helped me to bed, just as if I was a baby.
I was still suckeling my pacifier, and mommy tucked me in.
– Good night baby, she said, and turned off the lights.
– Goo nite, I replyed from behind my dummy.
Then I fell a sleep.

As the dawn arised, I woke up to the usual morning-urge to pee.
I wadeled out in the hallway to the bathroom, but the door was locked.

I didnt quite understand.. Cuz mom had her own bathroom with a door from her bedroom. So she wouldnt use this bathroom at night. I waited thinking for some reson she occupied ‘my’ bathroom. The urge to pee building up quickly.
After a few minutes i knocked the door. But still no reply..
– mom?
I called gently..
– Mommy, I need to pee, a little louder.
I even rattled the doorhandle before I understood she wasn’t there.

Tip-toeing, and crossing my legs I headed down the hall to her room and bathroom.

I was close to letting my bladder go but still coping when I opened her door. Slowly peeking inside, Icould see her sleeping in her bed. Heavy steady breathing.
I felt a few drops escaping as I entered her room, but I managed to stop. then I reached for the doorhandle.. It was locked too.
I was loosing the battle.
Half whispering i called for her to wake up.
– Mom, I need to go to the bathroom.
And as she woke up and turned her head, i felt my bladder letting go, and a warm sensation filling my crouch.

– Are you ok Tommy?
I felt tears filling my eyes, and was quickly sniveling.
She sat up in bed
– whats wrong baby?

I couldn’t get a word out.
But she understood too well.

– Awh.. Did you wet your didyes?

I nodded my head.

– I am sorry honey, se said.
I should hace told you about the plummer fixing the municipal pipes outside tonight. Thats why I locked the door.
But how lucky you wore a diaper.

Her voice changed from comforting to cheering.
– good thing you had a diaper on.
Now we know that they work. That they can hold you dry and..

She paused for a second.
Do you want me to change you out of those wet diapers to something dry?

I didn’t reply, so I guess she interpeted it right, that I ment Yes..

She took my hand and led me to the livingroom. My snivelig receding.
– I’ll clean you up. I have some wetwipes along with the rest of the babygear. Give me a second.

She laid me down on the changingblanket.
Undid the snaps on the onzie, pulled off the plasticpants, and undid my diapers.
My disposable babydiaper had leaked into one of my cloth diapers.
– Good thing we had these cloth ones on, she mumbeled, and then started humming an old song I vaguely remembered from my baby/toddler-years.

Jokingly she rubbed one of my old teddybers on my chest, and then tucked it in my armpit.
Then she wiped me clean with some baywipes.
The sensation of being a baby was profound as she toweledtryed me and sprinkeled talk all over my private parts.

– Bum up, she said, and I complied without thinking.
Then she slid two new clothdiapers under me, pulled them up between my legs, and pinned them.
– I thought I could finish your babycostume today. So you’ll just have these diapes on a little longer, till I am done sowing, ok?
She was more telling, than asking me.

Then she tucked my feet in the legholes of the plastic pants, and pulled them on

– And since the toilets wont have water back till noon, I suggest you do your business your diddies, Like now, Ok?

– But, I am am not a baby..I replyed, as I felt tears flling my eyes again.
I was abot to protest, but was cut off with a warm comforting-like hug.
– Actually Tommy, I really like this babying of you. Diaperchanges and all.
She laughed an patted my diaper.
Then she buttoned my onezie.
– And back to bed. Too early to rise and shine just yet.

Then she helped me to my feet, and guided me to my room, where she handed me my teddybear and popped pacifier back in place.
– Now you get nice and comfy in bed, and a few more hours of shut eye before breakfast.

Then she giggled
– And call for mommy if you need anything.. Especially if you need a changing.

She shut the door, and I was almost in shock.
Totally embararrased, but then again.. This was also a dream come true.
But was it too obvius that I enjoyed it?
Should I have protested more?
I couldn’t decide. Was I all right? No covers blown, or?
I couldn’t think straight.

I curled up under the sheets, suckeled the pacifier and cuddeled the teddybear, and then I was out.

I woke up to mommy gently stroking my cheek.
– Did baby sleep well?
– M-hm, I comfirmed. Embarrased by suckeling the pacifier in front of her, but I didn’t dear spitting it out either.

– I am making some rols for breakfast, they’ll be ready in about half an hour. I brought you some applejuice until then.
She placed the babybottle with the juice on my nightstand. Ruffeled my hair and left the room.

Eagerly I grabbed the bottle, switched from the pacifier to the nipple of the bottle, and started suckeling eagerly.

I was mommys baby-Tommy, sucking on a baby bottle and wetting.. Yes, I was wetting my diaper again. In a moment of self indulging baby-Tommy, the urge to letting go had become too strong. I was the most baby I could be.
I felt joyus shivers down my spine as the warmth spread throughout my diaper.
I was even kicking my feet like a little baby.

After half an hour she called from the kitchen,
– Breakfast, Tommy!

I pulled on some sweatpants and a comfy hooded sweater, and then my tigerpaw-slippers.
You could still see the diaperbulge and hear som plastic crinckle, but it was less obvius in such baggy clothes.
I went down to breakfast.

– Good morning baby, she said and patted my diapered bottom
– all nice and dry?

I just smiled as if saying “ofcourse, and went over to the table”,
– uh-oh, she said and stopped me.
– It actually smells a like someone has done a litte wee-wee?
She looked at me as if to say she was disappointed in me.
– You must tell mommy if you’ve wet your didyes, ok?
I embarrasly nodded and went into defence mode
– But you told me, if I had to go, to use the… I almost swollowed the last word in shame.
-.. Diapers..
– hush baby…
She hugged me again
– Ofcourse I did. That is what I intended. I just don’t want you to get an ichy rash.
I’ll change you once we’ve eaten breakfast, ok?

The breakfast was nice, and afterwards she brought me to the bathroom to change me.
She gave me the baby-treatment, and I let her. She undressed me, and unpinned the diaper. Then she used a warm washcloth on my diaperarea, toweldryed and powdered me.
And then
– Bum up! She said, and slipped the folded diapers underneeth me.
I guess we were sort of playing house, where I was the baby, and to mom I was sort of accepting it.
But actually I was really enjoying it.
She popped the pacifier in place again.
I was loving it.
As she pulled the double cloth-diapers up between my legs I could feel my member grow. I was terrified if she might notice.
But it was inevitable. As she was about to fasten the pins, the diaper looked more like a tent, than anything else. She almost giggeled as she tried to push it down.
– Well, well, Tom.. So nice soft diapers, huh?
And then she gave me fout rubbs on the front of my tall diaper.
I culdn’t look her in the eyes, so I just stared at the ceiling, trying to do mindcontrol on my erection to no vain.
But mommy knew how.
– You know, diapers are not for Big boys(referring to my obvious erection).
– Diapers are for tiny little babies.
All of a sudden I could feel her lifting the front of the diaper and then she gave me a hard smack with her hand, making my member shrink to babysize in seconds.
– Thats my baby, she said. Then she finished my diapering.

Back in plastic pants and the baby onesie, she helped me with my slippers.
– Now off you go, and watch some tv or something. Then mommys gonna finish up here and afterwards we’re gonna make you a really nice baby sleeper.

I sat down and watched some cartoons while mommy cleared the table.
When I heard her walk upstairs I popped my pacifier back in place.
I was rocking back and forth in the couch, and soon I was jolting my juices into the soft warm diaper.

I had to stand up and step into the unfinished sleeper a couple of times before lunch.
Slowly I could see it turn inyo a very sweet baby sleeper.
Mom did her magic as allways. This time she had turned me into a baby.

When she called me to the kitchen for lunch it was all done. She had even made a bib for me to wear..
– for lunch today, she said.
– let us try it out, I want to feed you, and see how this looks.
I was seated by the table, and then she fed me oatmealporrage.

In sweet babyvoice she demanded me to open up for each spoonfull.
– open up, baby!
Of course it was messy.
We both laughed. She continued and wiped my chin clean with a wipe each time. And giving me sips of applejuice from the bottle inbetween every 3-4 spoons.

– Good baby, she said. Then she actually lifted me by my armpits from the chair to the counter.
I felt so little.

Then she popped my pacifier, and cleared the table as I was watching.

– You were perfect. What a baby!
I smiled as she again ruffled my hair.

– Well, now we are done. Made a baby!
She laughed and went out if the kitchen.
I wasn’t sure what was next, so I stayed seated, sucking my pacifier on the counter.

Then after a minute or two she cane back.
– oh did mommy forget baby on the counter? She asked i a babyvoice.
I was blinded by the babyfeeling and didnt understand the mocking.
– Do you maybe want mommy to put you in your old playpen, while mommy goes out for an erand?
I really didnt get her joke, so I just nodded eagerly.

Mom was silent for a second.
– So you want mommy to get your old babytoys, so you can be mommys baby all day?
Her voice was more serious in the follow-up question, but I was still blinded by being in baby-nirvana.

Again I nodded my head and reached for mommy.

It was first in that moment that I comprihended what was happening.
Mom was done whith the babyplay, and thaught I had played along for her up until now. Now she knew I loved being a baby.

Instnctivly she stepped back.
– Oh my god! You really want this dont you?

I was so embarrassed. What a fool! Cover blown! Stupid!
I pulled out my pacifier and tried to deny.
– No, no.. I.. I just palyed along.. I.. Dont like diapers or..
I was about to jump down from the counter but she stopped me.
– Oh yes you do! You are mommys big baby. That is Who you are now.
– No.. I dont. I mean..
– Mommy understands, she said and looked me in the eyes, but I looked away.
Then she stepped into the counter, between my legs. hugged me, and with one hand under my diapered bottom and one on my back, she lifted me up, and I instinctivly closed arms and legs around her.

– Mommys gonna let you be baby as long as you want. Mommy loves baby!

I was tearing up. Torn apart inside. Both hudgely embarrassed, though also touched and releived.

As mommy carried me out in the livingroom with my head over her shoulder, I slipped the pacifier in my mouth myself.

I was now mommys little baby Tommy.
Soon to sit in a messy diaper, in my old playpen, playing with wooden blocks and duplo lego.

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