Van Driver Backs Into Stroller With Child

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Police in western Michigan are trying to identify a driver who backed into a woman pushing a stroller with her child inside and dragged the stroller a short distance before fleeing.

Police have released video of the stroller being hit and dragged by a minivan in the parking lot of a Muskegon store. They’re working to identify the driver and have released images of him in the store.

The Muskegon Chronicle says the mother had a scraped knee and her 1-year-old son wasn’t injured.

Police say the 18-year-old Muskegon woman was pushing the stroller outside Sam’s Drink All on June 25 when the van backed into her. The video shows the van’s driver stopping only briefly while the mother pulls the boy from the stroller.

I have get the text from this site:

How can this man flee from something like this? This could have end up wherry bad for the mother and the baby. Good thing it dont end up that way.

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Foxy and his mom!(Gift art)

Foxy and  his  mom!(Gift  art)And what we’re seeing here, Foxy has been a bit naughty and his mother punished him.
Nothing like being comforted after a spanking…specially  for  little  Foxy!

Guest  character  invited  Foxy  and  belongs  to

Artwork  by  my  cousin/colors  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made.


Is it always nice to get a hug after a spanking. I only hope it dont hurt allot now when mom putt on the diaper. Maybe i should be on my tummy for a wile now? so it dont hurt allot from my spanked bottom.

Mom get the news

Mom get the news
When mom get the news that i need to be back in diapers for some time. she get very worry about it. But the nurse explained that it was for my own good. Its can hurt allot when the paw heals so it can be hard to focus on the bladder when you are to busy to deal whit the hurting paw.

Draw by:  tato

Bedwetting part 3 & 4

Bedwetting part 3
Bedwetting part 3

I dont seams to have any luck here. Now have i start to wet in the daytime to. Mom dont lick this thing. Wounder if mom is going to put me in diapers in the daytime to.

Thanks to   tato

Bedwetting part 4
Bedwetting part 4

Mom say that i need to be in thick diapers a long time now. Until I can prove I’m a big boy. she has put me in my old onseize and give me my old pacifier back so a can be a calm baby. Think i dont going to see my big boys clothings for a long time.

thanks to   tato

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made but i am the character in this drawing.