Good sissy attitude adjustment

Good sissy attitude adjustmentDraw and everything by Charry


Poor boy it seems like he have ended up in some special sissy training here.


Hypno-sissyohh poor charan… I get the feeling he loves it really.

Draw and everything by Charry


Poor little boy it seems like someone have decide to learn and educate him to be a little baby girl instead of a boy.

First Day

First DayCharacters in this drawing belongs to sands24 and meiabeau


Looks like sands24 get some special diaper change treatment from his friend meiabeau during his diaper change.

Time for a Change!

Time for a Change!These machines sure are… Handy.

Husky BestSage

Draw and text by Fen.


Yes maybe this sort of machine can be to some good use some time but i dont think that this Husky agree that she wont to use it.

But she looks kind of cute bondage to this changing table.


BreakfastRaccoon diezelraccoon

Wolf meiabeau


Poor little raccoon it seems like this wolf have decide to force feeding him whit cum when he is bondage in this high chair.